TDCM Chapter 153: The Genius That Died Prematurely

So scary! It was actually another ‘love at first sight’?!

Yuan Chu froze. She hadn’t forgotten Ye Chenyuan’s words about falling for her at first sight.

She cupped her face with both hands. Could it be that……although her image as an enchantress was in complete shambles, she could still captivate all living creatures just with this face of hers?

Good heavens! Did it have to be so exciting? In such a short period of time, a little cutie like herself has already been confessed to twice!

Wait a minute……the auction house family’s young master?!

Thinking of something, she rubbed her face vigorously and her entire face suddenly became expressionless. She then asked.

“……Next, are you going to tell me that you’re Ji Dao auction house’s young master, the person who will take charge in the future?”

Mu Qinghan didn’t expect that she’d ask such a question instead of answering his proposal. Was she trying to ascertain his identity?

With this thought, he smiled lightly, in that smile was immense self-confidence.

“That’s right, it’s me.”


Oh no!

Yuan Chu clutched at the hem of her clothes as she looked at him with a conflicted gaze.

That’s because, if she hadn’t remembered wrongly, in her last life, this family name seemed to have been killed a long time ago!

She had heard that he’d fallen prey to someone’s plot, his cultivation was crippled and both his legs were disabled. Even the impressive Ji Dao auction house was unable to find any method to restore his body, so……he was removed from his position as the young master.

Also, she’d heard that that young master was a genius that withdrew from worldly affairs. After suddenly falling from his place high up in the clouds, in order to regain his powers, he had taken a risk and gone to the Empire’s Transformation Pool to reconstruct his body. He had ultimately failed and nothing remained of him in the Transformation Pool……

In her last life, more than ten years had gone by by the time she learned of this incident. Because she had caused trouble everywhere by relying on her cultivation, Sect Master had brought her back and told her about this to warn her.

“One should be modest because there’ll always be someone better than themselves. You’ll never know what terrible things those people will be willing to do for their own benefit.”

Sect Master’s words were still ringing in her ear, and now……she’d actually met that fallen aristocratic family’s genius?

Looking at his early stage Golden Core cultivation when he was still so young, this aptitude could be considered a genius among geniuses. It seems like he was that unlucky child.

Yuan Chu’s expression immediately turned grave.

“Cousin, this year……how old are you?”

Mu Qinghan didn’t expect her to ask him about this so suddenly, so he instinctively replied, “Twenty five.”

After saying this, he immediately pursed his lips in regret.

Qingge looked to be only around fourteen or fifteen years of age, and with his reply, will Qingge think that he was too old? If he’d known, he would’ve told her a younger age.

“What? Twenty five?!” Yuan Chu started tugging on her hair when she heard this. Didn’t they say that that young master had both his legs crippled by someone when he was twenty five?!

Mu Qinghan paled, “I……I know that in the Empire, it’s a little late for someone of my age not to have gotten married yet, but i-in the immortal sect, it’s not considered to be late yet……”

He tried his best to explain himself, his voice was very tense and he looked so upset that even that handsome face of his had turned a pale pink colour.

“No……I didn’t mean to say that you’re old, I just……” Yuan Chu was thinking that even if she were to request for him not to leave his house for the duration of the whole year, those that wanted to harm him would just change their methods of dealing with him. If that was so, it’ll be better for her not to do anything and let things happen as per her expectations. When the time comes, she’ll just have to step forward and stop it.

She looked at Mu Qinghan……at one glance, he looked like the giftedly intelligent and good-natured kind of person.

She could see that he’d been well-protected by his parents, and he’d also been taught very well.

But in her last life, she’d heard that after Ji Dao family’s young master’s death, due to excessive “grief”, his parents also died one after another.

This was no simple matter!

Meanwhile, seeing that Yuan Chu had fallen silent, Mu Qinghan didn’t feel good anymore. Qingge’s expression was so ghastly, was it because she felt that he was very old?

But before he could say anything, Yuan Chu said earnestly.

“Mu Qinghan, I’ll only say this once, you have to listen carefully.”

“En?” Mu Qinghan looked at her dumbfoundedly.

“There’s someone that’s looking to harm you and your parents. That person should be a member of your Mu family, but most importantly, they’ll make their move on you first.”

Mu Qinghan’s expression changed. He thought that Yuan Chu was joking with him, but her expression was very grave, void of the least bit of banter.

“So, my suggestion is for you to continue as usual, don’t do anything unusual, and ask your parents to investigate this matter. I can vouch on my character that this is absolutely true! If that’s not enough, you can get your parents to ask the Tianxuan family for help.”

However, it’s said that the Tianxuan family’s Ancestor often cultivates for long periods at a time. Even if one were to search for him, one might not be able to meet him right away.

Mu Qinghan pondered over it for a moment, then he knitted his brows.

Although he had spent most of his time cultivating, he wasn’t stupid and had guessed the crux of what she was saying right away.

If there was such a person, he must be someone from inside the Mu family who was perhaps in collusion with outsiders and had been conspiring for a long time.

“I’ll definitely inform my parents about this.”

Yuan Chu heaved a sigh of relief when Mu Qinghan said this. It’s great that Mu Qinghan believed her.

However, she was still very worried, so after giving it some thought, she retrieved a piece of jade and passed it to him. The jade was a deep blue colour and didn’t look like any ordinary jade.

“If something happens, crush this jade. I’ll come and save you!”

Hearing this, Mu Qinghan suddenly relaxed from the tense mood she had brought him.

“You’ve yet to build your foundation, how can you save me?” he couldn’t help laughing, but still, he carefully kept away the item she had given him.

Hearing this, Yuan Chu smiled sheepishly.

“Anyway, hurry back and tell your parents about this! You have to let them know the seriousness of this matter. If they keep asking about who told you all these, just tell them that someone from a hidden aristocratic family said it. Understood?”

Mu Qinghan nodded. With Yuan Chu’s urgings, he turned around to leave. He had only taken a few steps when he recalled that she had yet to give him a reply on his marriage proposal.

He turned around, only to see that Yuan Chu was still standing there. Seeing that he was looking back at her, she promptly waved at him, looking as if she was bidding him goodbye, but also as if she was urging him to hurry up.

Such a cute girl……Mu Qinghan smiled. In the past, because there were too many people flattering him, he had to keep up a cold and distant appearance at all times, but ever since he met Yuan Chu, he’ll always smile uncontrollably. She was like a small sun that had the power to warm others up.

It’s all right, they could talk about the marriage next time.

With the jade pendant Yuan Chu had given him in hand and a smile on his face, Mu Qinghan left with brisk steps.

What the both of them didn’t notice was that a girl dressed in yellow was staring at them from far away. Although their conversation couldn’t be heard, seeing Mu Qinghan smile at Yuan Chu and accepting Yuan Chu’s “token of love” made Su Heyue extremely angry. She clutched the whip in her hands.

“Hmph, that b*tch!”

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