TDCM Chapter 149: Temporary Reconciliation

In this life, she couldn’t fall for anyone, regardless of who it was. So she could only hope that Ye Chenyuan was telling her the truth, otherwise……

Feeling a headache, she pinched her forehead.

She spoke a moment later, “Alright……so you had gotten angry because I tried to make a match that you didn’t like? You don’t like Gu Qingke?”

Ye Chenyuan lowered his head, unwilling to show Yuan Chu the look in his eyes right now. He said through gritted teeth.

“I don’t like her!”


Yuan Chu couldn’t hold back a sigh. She was thinking that Ye Chenyuan might have mistook her for Mu Qingge just now, which was why he was so angry. This was all her fault!


Her face fell, and she said guiltily.

“I should also apologise. I’m sorry, Little Yuan Yuan.”

If she’d admitted early on that she was Mu Qingge, or if she’d been good and went back to go into seclusion, none of these would’ve happened.

Now that Ye Chenyuan knew that she was the girl that he had intimate contact with, and he was at the age where he tended to act on impulse, she hoped that he wouldn’t develop any strange feelings for her because of this.

So she said sincerely and earnestly, “Let’s skip over that incident……Little Yuan Yuan, let’s return to how we were before, alright?”

Ye Chenyuan tasted a rank smell in his throat when he heard Yuan Chu’s words and he almost spat out blood.

He looked at Yuan Chu as he shouted madly in his heart. They couldn’t go back anymore……from the start, from when he had stolen a kiss from her when he was ten, they could no longer go back!

But now that Yuan Chu was giving him such a distant feeling, he knew that in order for them to return to the way they were before, he had to give her a good answer. Yet the word “Alright” seemed to have ruthlessly stuck two knives into the pit of his stomach, such that when he finally spoke them, his face immediately turned pale.

It was at this moment that the setting sun plummeted past the skyline and the sky darkened, so Yuan Chu didn’t see it.

She only heard Ye Chenyuan’s voice that had regained its calm.

“Alright, as long as it’s what master wants, anything is fine.”

Yuan Chu was relieved.

She had already given him a veiled reminder on things he should be reminded of. If Ye Chenyuan really had any feelings for her, it should have been extinguished. After all, he was very intelligent and sharp, and if he didn’t have any feelings for her, then that would be for the best.

So she nodded her head vigorously as she said with a smile, “En! Then let’s return. Since you’ve successfully gotten through today’s ordeal, the academy shouldn’t suspect you anymore.”

Ye Chenyuan nodded and he walked towards Yuan Chu to hold her hand, but whether intentionally or not, Yuan Chu avoided his hand and skipped along as she walked ahead of him. Ye Chenyuan’s eyes immediately turned red as he looked at her retreating figure. At the same time, the Sky Pearl on his forehead suddenly appeared, that bright red dot was a startling vivid colour.

As he looked at his empty hand, the unwillingness that he had previously suppressed rushed towards him like tidewaters.

He had already denied it! Why has master started refusing to get close to him? Did this mean that he wouldn’t be able to hold her hand in the future, that he cannot take a midday nap with her in his arms, that he cannot feed her food anymore. All this happiness that could slightly appease his impulsiveness, was she going to take them all back?!

At this thought, he had a sudden urge to hide Yuan Chu away in the Sky Pearl for a lifetime.

She was his, in this lifetime, she was his! Did she still intend to run? Where did she want to run off to?!

Sensing strange fluctuations in Ye Chenyuan’s spiritual energy, the stunned Venerable Li quickly said, “Little Yuan Yuan, what’s wrong with you?! You’re showing the first signs of deviating! Also, what’s up with her? She’s Little Chu?”

At this moment, Ye Chenyuan was unable to hear anything else and his gaze was fixed on Yuan Chu. When Yuan Chu noticed that Ye Chenyuan wasn’t behind her, she turned around, only to see that he was still standing there with his head lowered.

The gloom around him made Yuan Chu feel a little guilty.

……Was she overthinking things? Little Yuan had grown up with her and they were already used to each other, yet she had just rejected a mere action of holding hands. Would Little Yuan think that she had come to dislike him because of that impulsive kiss?

Didn’t he already explain that he had mistaken her?

Yuan Chu heaved a sigh and walked over. The forest had become very dark so she didn’t notice Ye Chenyuan’s forehead. She reached out and grabbed his hand.

“Alright! Let’s go back! I do not blame you……after all, I’m also at fault here. I’m sorry, I should’ve admitted earlier that I’m Mu Qingge……”

That way, Little Yuan Yuan wouldn’t have fallen in so deep.

Her soft hand instantly pulled Ye Chenyuan back from the edge of the overhanging precipice that was high up in the sky. He looked up in surprise. Seeing that she had returned for him, he couldn’t help but to tighten his grasp around her hand.

He asked in a hoarse voice, “……Master, will you leave me?”

He was very fearful. At the moment when Yuan Chu had been questioning him, he had sensed Yuan Chu’s secret and her obsession. So, would she leave him suddenly?

Yuan Chu froze, then she said with a smile, “Who knows about the future. Don’t worry, I’ve already said that we’ll consider this issue to be in the past. I’ll continue to treat you well in the future.”

Ye Chenyuan wasn’t comforted by her words at all. But as she led him away, Ye Chenyuan found this warmth nostalgic.

He couldn’t say anything more. Master was already suspicious of him so he had to remain calm and restrain himself. Before he was sure of success, he couldn’t reveal his feelings too early. If he scared her away, if he could never see her again……

Ye Chenyuan was frightened by this thought and he tightened his grip on Yuan Chu’s hand, as if he were worried that she’d suddenly disappear.

Yuan Chu didn’t say anything because she was lost in her own thoughts. Then she let out a sigh.

Someone like herself didn’t have the qualifications to love someone else.

She only hoped that Ye Chenyuan didn’t hold those kinds of feelings for her……

But after she gave this some thought, she stuck out her tongue. How could Ye Chenyuan lie to her? Was she being too narcissistic? Was that how she got that misperception?

She smiled wryly at this thought, but her steps became lighter. By the time they returned to their room, the sky had already turned a dark blue colour with a trace of red in the horizon that had yet to fade away. A few bright stars had appeared above their heads.

Along the way, Ye Chenyuan’s emotions had calmed down. When he saw that Yuan Chu had regained her lively appearance, he couldn’t stop himself from looking at her with slight infatuation.

Actually, as long as master was happy, wasn’t he willing to do anything? Ever since he was young, that was what he had thought. As long as she was happy, he was willing to give his all.

And right now, he merely had to conceal his true feelings. Why did that matter?

After all, master would end up as his, definitely!

Right now, she had just yet to grow up. He shouldn’t be too anxious, he should take things slowly, he had time. As for patience, he will have it!

The uneasiness he was feeling had worn down his patience, so he had to use even more strength to restrain himself. That way, he won’t make any mistakes. He cannot make any mistakes!

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2 thoughts on “TDCM Chapter 149: Temporary Reconciliation

  1. I wondered when I first read the manga why she hadnt told ye chenyuan sher had a restriction placed on her heart that she couldn’t fall in love it would have made things so much easier.

    thanks for the chapter

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  2. Ye Chenyuan, your yandere is showing 😩

    Side note, can anyone remind me what the significance of the red dot on his forehead is? Is it a sign hes about to Qi deviate?


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