TDCM Chapter 148: Who Are You Kissing

Wen Liang was also quick to get angry, “We can talk things through, you’re hurting her!”

Ye Chenyuan was even more angered to see that they were so concerned about the little thing in his embrace. He wasn’t aware of it before, but it seems like he wasn’t the only person that master had provoked?

Yuan Chu was completely clueless as to what was happening and she looked at Ye Chenyuan bewilderedly, “You……why are you grabbing me?”

Things had happened too quickly, she had already tried her best to help him…

Ye Chenyuan was angered yet he also found it laughable. Feeling stifled, he abruptly carried Yuan Chu in his arms, intending to leave without a word.

“Wait! Put her down!”

Mu Qinghan who was already at Golden Core made a move and created three ice barriers that blocked Ye Chenyuan’s path. However, a man that’s drowning in jealousy doesn’t have any rationality to speak of. He instantly broke the barrier and teleported away, disappearing right in front of their eyes.

Wen Liang couldn’t refrain from rubbing his eyes “Did I see it wrongly? Was that teleportation? But isn’t this Ye Chenyuan only at late stage Foundation Building?”

However, Mu Qinghan had already given chase, and even Gu Qingke had gritted her teeth and chased after them.

But Ye Chenyuan was too fast and they were soon left behind.

Yuan Chu’s heart was trembling. What should she do, she seems to be in trouble? But what trouble did she cause, she had no idea at all!

At this moment, the only one who knew why Ye Chenyuan was so angry was Venerable Li. He quickly tried to persuade him.

“Little Yuan Yuan, calm down. This girl must’ve only said all that either because she was jealous or because she felt that Gu Qingke is better so she’s withdrawing willingly. No matter what, she’s a good girl, you mustn’t hurt her. Calm down, calm down!”

Ye Chenyuan was also telling himself to calm down, but how could he calm down? Master wanted to push him to someone else!!

They had already acted so intimately, but master actually dared to act that way. Did she not care about him in the slightest?!

This thought made him insane, so when they reached the depths of the forest, Ye Chenyuan pushed Yuan Chu against a large tree and he asked her, emphasising every word.

“What did you mean back there? Do you wish to see me together with someone else?”

Yuan Chu was slightly confused. S-S-She had acted like a good master, was that wrong?

Or was Ye Chenyuan mistaking her for his dear Mu Qingge again, but “she” was her transformation!

When Ye Chenyuan saw that she wasn’t answering him, he didn’t hold himself back any longer and he lowered his head to kiss her lips fiercely. He bit down hard, venting the pain and anger he felt.

Yuan Chu’s pupils contracted and her whole body froze.

This time, Ye Chenyuan knew who she was, yet he had kissed her?!

The one he was kissing……was it Mu Qingge, or Yuan Chu?!

For the first time, Yuan Chu started to become suspicious……

In his anger, Ye Chenyuan didn’t realise any of this. He only felt that it was unbearable and wished that he could swallow her. That way, the indignation and fear in his heart will be covered up.

Master keeps pushing him to others. Did this mean that she had never thought about being together with him?

At this thought, Ye Chenyuan’s eyes turned red and he bit down even harder. That profound misery was conveyed to Yuan Chu’s heart through the kiss.

Yuan Chu abruptly pushed Ye Chenyuan away.

Before Ye Chenyuan could get closer again, Yuan Chu suddenly raised her head and asked, “Ye Chenyuan, the one you’re kissing right now, is it Mu Qingge, or someone else?”

She had asked this very calmly. Ye Chenyuan seldom saw Yuan Chu speak so coldly.

Ye Chenyuan froze and his rationality immediately returned. What……had he done? He had kissed master even after she’d revealed her identity?!

The faint rejection that Yuan Chu had shown pierced Ye Chenyuan’s heart. At this moment, he really wanted to tell her loudly, that the one he had kissed was Yuan Chu. That was so in the past, in the present, and even in the future. It had never changed.

But when he looked at Yuan Chu’s clear eyes, his chest rose and fell violently. His keen sixth sense told him that he’d be done for if he said that.

Yuan Chu frowned when he didn’t reply. Then she stepped forward and asked again.

“Little Yuan, answer me.”

Venerable Li was rather surprised at this sudden change, but he also felt the drastic fluctuations in Ye Chenyuan’s mood so he didn’t dare to say a word.

A long time later, or perhaps it was just a moment later, Ye Chenyuan clenched his fists and repressed the impulse to disregard everything. He spoke in a hoarse voice, pausing after every word.

“……I’m sorry……” just now, I mistook you for Mu Qingge.

Undoubtedly, it was just a few simple words, and it was also the most suitable answer, but he was unable to say it even after a few tries.

Even at this moment, he didn’t want to deny his feelings.

But Yuan Chu had no intention of letting him off, “Sorry for what?” Was he apologising for kissing her or for mistaking her?

Ye Chenyuan felt so pressured by her that he was forced to take a step back. He could feel his soul being ripped into two. One half was screaming at him to admit his feelings while the other half was telling him that couldn’t tell her right now, because it was dangerous!


It was at this moment that Yuan Chu suddenly reached out her hand and caressed his face. That gentle touch brought with it a weak and numb feeling. They were currently very close and Ye Chenyuan’s heart started to speed up at her actions.

He even had an erroneous thought. Perhaps master was willing? Which was why she wanted him to vocalise it?

“Little Yuan, tell me. Who is standing in front of you right now?”

Ye Chenyuan’s heart was pounding as he looked at her. Although the face in front of him was alluring, he would think of her original appearance whenever he saw her.

Right now, he was the only thing that was reflected in her clear pupils. In his dazed state, Ye Chenyuan felt like he’d become her whole world once more.

This misperception excited him.


His breathing sped up. I like you, I’ve liked you for a long time! For you, I can do anything, there’s nothing I won’t do……master……

It was as if he’d been bewitched by Yuan Chu and was about to tell her his sincere feelings, and it was at this moment that Venerable Li suddenly called out from his sea of consciousness, “Little Yuan! Wake up! She’s using an illusion art on you!”

Ye Chenyuan was startled and he abruptly took a step back. He was very flustered because he didn’t think that Yuan Chu would use an illusion art on him.

Why did she care so much about his answer?

The more she cared about his answer, the more it meant that he couldn’t tell her!

So after he came to his senses, he said in a loud voice, “I’m sorry master, I’d mistaken you for Mu Qingge just now, which was why I’d offended master. Please forgive me!”

Saying this, he hung his head, feeling extremely unwilling. Internally, he was refuting his words, it wasn’t a mistake, the one he loved was Yuan Chu! The one he’d kissed was also her!

However, Yuan Chu’s current state made him fear telling the truth. His sixth sense was acutely stabbing at his sea of consciousness, telling him that he couldn’t do that!

Yuan Chu frowned upon hearing Ye Chenyuan’s words. Although Ye Chenyuan had already said that, she was still feeling doubtful.

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