TDCM Chapter 147: This Unexpected Mistake Is Too Huge

“It’s here!” Wen Liang was rather excited, “The classic scene in all plays! Just watch, that guy will say something along the lines of ‘Don’t marry him, I’ll bring you away!’”

Mu Qinghan’s cold eyes looked towards Ye Chenyuan with anticipation, but Yuan Chu didn’t even have the strength to roast them anymore.

If Ye Chenyuan really had feelings for Gu Qingke, she didn’t have any complains because Gu Qingke was gentle and understanding, a suitable match for the male lead.

It’s just that, she didn’t think that Ye Chenyuan had those kinds of feelings towards Gu Qingke?

Gu Qingke froze when she heard Ye Chenyuan’s words, but soon, she was looking at Ye Chenyuan with sparkling eyes and a bright smile.

“Chenyuan gege, why don’t you want me to marry him?”

She took another step forward. There was now less than half a metre between them, “Chenyuan gege, if I don’t marry him, then who should I marry?”

There was a hidden expectation in her voice. She didn’t know whether Ye Chenyuan had the bloodline, but she could feel that he had the Pure Yang Physique. If she could marry and dual cultivate with him, even though the results wouldn’t be comparable to someone with the Divine Emperor Blood, it would still help in prolonging her life and most importantly……

She looked at Ye Chenyuan.

When she was young, she didn’t know what love was. With her fragile health back then, she didn’t have the time to consider anyone else so she didn’t realise what Ye Chenyuan meant to her.

It wasn’t until later when the Ye family had taken advantage of her absence to chase Ye Chenyuan out that she felt pained. She had then sent men to look for him while remaining in the Ye family to await his return.

It wasn’t until a year ago that she finally met him and became certain of her feelings. It was unfortunate that Ye Chenyuan had been brought away by his master, but now that they were able to meet with each other again, perhaps this was Heaven’s plan?

Ye Chenyuan frowned slightly. He couldn’t tell Gu Qingke the reason because he couldn’t tell anyone about his plan to kill the Empire’s imperial grandson. So, what answer should he give Gu Qingke that will make her change her mind?

He gave it some thought before saying earnestly, “The one you want to marry just needs to have the strongest and most ‘Yang’ physique, but it doesn’t have to be him.”

His words carried a special profound meaning and this gave Yuan Chu an idea. Could Ye Chenyuan actually have feelings for his cousin? She just recalled that Gu Qingke seems to be engaged to that imposter. Now that Ye Chenyuan knew about his past, he definitely won’t just stand by and watch as someone who’d previously helped him, jumped into the fire pit. So, what would he do? Take her in?

Her gossipy trait started to surface. When Gu Qingke heard this, she said with a smile.

“Chenyuan gege, besides him, who else do you think I can marry?”

The suggestion was very clear in her words. Wen Liang decided that the moment Ye Chenyuan said anything crazy, he’d rush forward to catch him right there and then.

Ye Chenyuan was momentarily speechless, but he couldn’t tell her truth, so he said with a frown.

“Anyone is fine, just not him!”

Gu Qingke was motivated by these words that could very easily be misunderstood when spoken in such a situation. Disregarding the reserved manner that a girl should have, she drew closer and asked.

“What about you? Chenyuan gege, are you fine too?”

Ye Chenyuan’s pupils contracted, and it was at this moment that Wen Liang couldn’t stop himself from letting out a soft exhale.

What he had previously said about Gu Qingke being very good at seducing people was just a casual remark. He didn’t expect her to be so spontaneous, what happened to the number one goddess?

It so happened that this exhale of his was too loud so Ye Chenyuan’s attention was drawn to where they were, “Who’s there?!”

“Oh no!” Yuan Chu wanted to sneak away, but in the next second, Ye Chenyuan was already in front of them. He stared at Yuan Chu in slight surprise, “Why are you here?”

Yuan Chu felt really embarrassed……her little disciple was in the middle of a meeting with his childhood sweetheart and was interrupted by them at a crucial moment. He wouldn’t think that she had done this on purpose right?

However, Wen Liang who was beside her stepped forward bravely, “You scumbag, what do you mean? You can be here but our Little Ge’er can’t?”

Oh no! Yuan Chu facepalmed.

These two were still under the impression that Ye Chenyuan was her fiance! If Gu Qingke were to misunderstand this, Ye Chenyuan won’t have a chance anymore!

She was just about to speak up when Mu Qinghan stopped her. Mu Qinghan’s memory was very good, and if he was correct, this was the guy who had asked for Qingge’s name during the enrollment. This showed that he didn’t know her, so how was he Qingge’s fiance now?

Feeling baffled, he asked, “You’re Ye Chenyuan? You already have Qingge but you’re still acting so familiarly with other girls, what’s wrong with you?”

Wen Liang added, “It’s fortunate that it’s just an engagement otherwise Little Ge’er’s future happiness would’ve been ruined by you! It’s fortunate that I found this out in time.”

Ye Chenyuan frowned in confusion, but his gaze became stern when he saw Yuan Chu standing behind Mu Qinghan.

“Come here.”

Hearing this, Yuan Chu was going to step out and explain but she was stopped by Mu Qinghan once more, “Don’t even think about bringing her away if you don’t give her an explanation!”

Yuan Chu wept tearlessly. It was at this moment that Gu Qingke also came over. A light flickered in her eyes when she saw Yuan Chu.

“Chenyuan gege, this is?”

When Wen Liang heard this, he scoffed and said, “Speaking so intimately but you’re still insisting that there isn’t an illicit affair? Gu Qingke, you’re the young miss of a major clan, can you stop being so shameless? Asking an engaged man to marry you, aren’t you afraid that the imperial grandson will get angry?”

“Engaged?!” Ye Chenyuan was engaged? Gu Qingke looked at Ye Chenyuan in disbelief.

Engaged? Ye Chenyuan looked towards Yuan Chu.

Seeing that Gu Qingke had misunderstood, Yuan Chu disregarded Mu Qinghan’s obstruction and stepped forward.


She gritted her teeth and turned to look at Mu Qinghan as she said pitifully.

“Cousin……actually, I was lying to you just now. I had only said that I was his fiance because I liked Ye Chenyuan. But now, since he’s already met a suitable partner, so……I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have lied to you!”

Everyone fell silent at Yuan Chu’s words.

Meanwhile, Yuan Chu was thinking: She had already made things so clear, Gu Qingke wouldn’t misunderstand any longer right?

She had previously stolen her little disciple’s ‘love at first sight’ with Mu Qingge’s identity. This time around, she mustn’t cause any more trouble!

So after she said these, she feigned a broken heart and turned to run away.

Mu Qinghan and Wen Liang rushed to chase after her. Gu Qingke heaved a sigh of relief, but she suddenly realised that Ye Chenyuan who had been standing beside her had disappeared!

“Bam!” Yuan Chu ran head first into Ye Chenyuan’s arms. She looked up at Ye Chenyuan questioningly, but Ye Chenyuan was looking at her with a very very very scary look in his eyes.

So scary! What was Little Yuan Yuan doing blocking her path instead of comforting Gu Qingke?

With one look at her expression, Ye Chenyuan knew what she was thinking and cracking sounds came from both his fists that were by his side.

Master was trying to act as a go between for him and Gu Qingke?

Ye Chenyuan’s rationality went up in flames when he thought of this possibility.

Especially when Mu Qinghan nervously said, “Let go of her!”

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