TDCM Chapter 145: Fated Person

Gu Qingke said in a righteous manner, “Obviously I’m here to stop Uncle before you make a grave mistake! It’s just a top-grade immortal tool. Although it’s valuable, it cannot compare to the school’s students and the academy’s reputation. Do you know what you’re doing?”

Gu Wenshu seemed to fear Gu Qingke, because he finally lowered his noble head and said rather unwillingly, “But that person killed my Heavenly Demon Jellyfish.”

“Uncle!” Gu Qingke’s gaze swept past everyone in the room, “I know that the Heavenly Demon Jellyfish is your most treasured, and the strongest beast that you raised, but this cannot be an excuse for you to attack the students. Please stop this behaviour right now, otherwise when the principal returns and learns of this matter, the Gu family won’t be able to protect you.”

It was when Gu Qingke brought up the principal that Gu Wenshu finally lost. Seeing this, Gu Qingke spoke directly to the great elder who was standing to the side, “I’m sorry for troubling elder. The Gu family will compensate the student that had been soul searched. I’ll bring them away now.”

The great elder nodded. It’s fortunate that the Gu family’s young miss is a reasonable person. He waved his hand in acknowledgement.

After they left, the few students expressed their thanks to Gu Qingke, saying that Gu Qingke was indeed the academy’s most gentle goddess, and that she was so kind-hearted.

Gu Qingke remained amiable, and it wasn’t until they had left that she looked towards Ye Chenyuan who hadn’t yet spoken a word.

They were currently standing in a long hallway with lush and green trees on both sides. Amidst all these, Gu Qingke who was standing there in her green skirt looked gentle and beautiful, like a celestial being in the woods.

“Doesn’t Chenyuan gege[1] have anything that you want to ask me?”

Gu Qingke chuckled. She had grown and her features were delicate and refined. There was a kind of gentleness that was revealed with every move that she made.

Compared to her, master was like a little vixen that wore a person down!

Ye Chenyuan suddenly smiled when his thoughts came to Yuan Chu, and his gaze became very gentle. At that moment, Gu Qingke thought that this gentleness was because of her.

So, she took a few light and graceful steps forward.

“Chenyuan gege.” Gu Qingke’s eyes were like limpid autumn waters, “Back then, it wasn’t my intention to deceive you. I’m not actually your cousin, but after so many years, the feelings that I feel towards you are real.”

Ye Chenyuan chuckled, “It’s alright, I just didn’t expect cousin to have such a noble status and I’m just somewhat surprised.”

Gu Qingke hid her smile behind her hand, “Noble or not, these are all just worldly possessions.”

She looked at Ye Chenyuan with twinkling eyes.

“Does Chenyuan gege want to know why I was at the Ye family?”

Ye Chenyuan nodded. With Gu Qingke’s identity as the young miss of a major clan, he really couldn’t think of any reason why she would be at a third-rate kingdom.

Gu Qingke said unflinchingly, “Chenyuan gege, do you know that I have a marriage agreement with the Empire’s imperial grandson?”

Ye Chenyuan’s expression turned serious at the words “Empire’s imperial grandson”, but Gu Qingke didn’t notice this and she continued as she looked at the trees that were outside the hallway.

“This marriage was fixed when I was still young because I have the Celestial Winter Bloodline and it had awakened when I was born. In order to save my life, the clan needed to find someone with the strongest and most ‘Yang’ bloodline as a marriage partner for me. Therefore, when the imperial grandson was tested to have the Divine Emperor Bloodline, the Empire rejoiced, and I became engaged to him.”

“That’s not right!” Venerable Li spoke up in Ye Chenyuan’s sea of consciousness, “The Divine Emperor Blood is very rare, how could that imposter have the Divine Emperor Blood?”

Ye Chenyuan muttered some things to himself for a moment before he suddenly sneered, “Venerable Li, do you remember what my mother had said before her death?”

“About what?”

A faint glint flashed through Ye Chenyuan’s eyes, “Mother said that her child had once visited the Ye residence, but he didn’t even spare her a glance.”

Venerable Li recalled it. Before her death, Mu Jinrou had tearfully complained about her child making a secret visit but refusing to see her because he felt that she was a disgrace.

Since he had felt that she was a disgrace, the tiny Ye family couldn’t possibly have anything that the Empire’s imperial grandson fancied. If so, then why did that imposter visit the Ye family?

Venerable Li was struck with a brainwave, “I got it! Perhaps he had gone there because the Empire was going to test his bloodline and he came to retrieve your blood to bluff his way through?”

That explained everything. Major clans would test their children when they reached a certain age, to check if they had any hidden bloodlines.

Worried that the truth about him not being their child would be revealed, that imposter had gone to the Ye family ahead of the test and used a secret method to store a drop of Ye Chenyuan’s blood. After all, Ye Chenyuan got injured often back then and it would’ve been easy to retrieve his blood.

It’s also very likely that that imposter didn’t expect Ye Chenyuan to have the Divine Emperor Blood. This kind of bloodline was very rare after all.

For such an important matter like having his blood tested, that imposter would’ve made a trip here personally. But all these shouldn’t have been that imposter’s idea because he was still young back then. There must have been someone from the Ye family that was by his side and giving him advice and ideas.

Gu Qingke didn’t notice Ye Chenyuan’s absent-mindedness, and she continued.

“Although I’ve been engaged to the imperial grandson, but……he’s still young and has yet to awaken his bloodline, not to mention dual cultivating with me. However, my bloodline had awakened early on and I could lose my life at any moment.”

Although the Celestial Winter Bloodline is the bloodline that’s best suited to fighting beasts, it’s similar to the Divine Emperor Blood wherein one’s cultivation wouldn’t be very strong if it was awakened too early. It’ll cause one’s blood to coagulate until they end up dying from their entire body freezing over.

To avoid this possibility, one must continue to take medicinal pills with Yang properties and make great efforts with their cultivation to promptly suppress the icy blood.

There was no way to cure this icy blood once and for all. For her to survive, the best solution was for her to marry someone with the strongest and most ‘Yang’ bloodline, and to dual cultivate and recuperate over a long period of time.

Gu Qingke said with a wry smile, “However, the imperial grandson’s bloodline didn’t awaken so I couldn’t benefit from the engagement. My icy physique worsened, to the point that even the Scarlet Flame Pill couldn’t absorb it. Worried that I’d die young, my father had given many treasures to the Tianxuan Clan to invite them to do a divination for me using the eight trigrams.”

“After the divinatory diagram appeared, Tianxuan Clan’s elder told me to go to the third-rate Tidal Kingdom to look for the Ye family, saying that my fated person was among one of the family members and that I’d only be able to survive if I went there. My father had then found your family, and when he learned that they were in-laws with another Gu family, I borrowed their daughter’s identity and went to the Ye family to recuperate, and that was where I met you.”

At this, Gu Qingke looked at Ye Chenyuan rather emotionally.

“Following that, I really didn’t die during childhood. I worked hard at cultivating and I’m now able to suppress the icy blood. I feel that all this good luck was because I met you. Chenyuan gege, I’m certain that you’re my important person! That’s what I’ve believed ever since the first time I saw you.”

1. 哥哥 (gēgē) – Means ‘brother’, but ‘Brother Chenyuan’ sounds a bit distant because no one speaks like that irl orz

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