TDCM Chapter 144: Meeting Gu Qingke Again

Yuan Chu felt like slapping herself when she recalled the stupid things she had done previously. Why had she chosen a vixen character back then? She ended up attracting her little disciple’s heart.

But now that the situation had come to this, she came up with an idea and said calmly, “He isn’t just someone else, he’s my fiance!”

Everyone was stunned by her words.

Wen Liang clasped his heart, “No way, Little Ge’er, you already have a fiance when you’re still so young?!”

Mu Qinghan paled and he suddenly found it difficult to bear.

Su Heyue froze, then she said with a laugh, “Mu Qinghan, did you hear that? This girl courted you when she already had a fiance, she’s clearly a fickle woman!”

“Enough!” Mu Qinghan shot her a glare, then he looked at the baffled expression on Yuan Chu’s face. Still feeling disappointed, he said, “Let’s go, ignore her.”

Saying this, he brought Yuan Chu away. Su Heyue wanted to chase after them but Wen Liang blocked her way.

“Hehe, Lady Su, you’ve yet to marry over to the Mu family, it’s best that you do not overreach yourself.”


Meanwhile, Ye Chenyuan and the few other suspicious people had been interrogated and tortured, but nothing wrong had been found with any of them.

Seeing this, the great elder of the disciplinary department spoke to the female teacher that was standing to the side.

“Since there isn’t anything wrong with them, compensate and appease them before sending them back.”

The female teacher nodded, but just as she was about to lead away Ye Chenyuan’s last group of four people, a voice suddenly called out.

“Hold on!”

The smile that was on the corner of Ye Chenyuan’s lips froze, before it slowly relaxed. He didn’t expect this person to be running around when he was so severely injured, he was ‘conscientious’ and ‘responsible’ indeed.

Vice-principal Gu Wenshu hurried over. They had seized many people and these four were the problematic ones. How could he let them go without a full investigation? Stop joking!

Even the great elder was looking at him doubtfully, “Vice-principal, why have you come?” Wasn’t he injured?

The great elder continued, “Perhaps the two thieves have already run away. I’ve already interrogated these children and there isn’t a problem with any of them. They’re the academy’s students and it wouldn’t be good to go overboard after all.”

“No way, clearing them of suspicion after just inspecting their interspatial rings, that’s being too careless!”

When Gu Wenshu recalled the electric shock he’d received, and how he had yet to recover even now, how could he be content with this?

He gave it some thought, then he glanced at Ye Chenyuan and the rest before he said earnestly, “Great elder, can I try using the Soul Search Technique?”

“What?!” Hearing this, the great elder of the disciplinary department and the three teacher’s eyes widened.

One of the female teachers said, “It’s inappropriate to use the Soul Search Technique! Not to mention that the receiving party’s mind will be damaged if one is careless, just……” who would be willing to let others pry into their innermost being?

But Gu Wenshu was conceited and felt that the person who had injured him must be among the four students, so he insisted.

“Great elder, with my cultivation, I’m certain that I’ll be able to do this without harming them. Also, I won’t probe into the past, but only into the past few days. Why can’t I?”

“Of course not!” A student with the thunder spirit root said angrily, “I’m already feeling very upset at having been brought here without rhyme or reason, but now you actually want to search my soul? Even if it’s just the past few days, you’re still not allowed!”

Gu Wenshu threw him a sharp glare, “Acting so agitatedly, could you be the one that stole the Silent Lotus Throne?”

“Vice-principal! How can you slander me like that?”

“Alright, that’s enough!” The great elder tried to mediate. With a full head of white hair and a full face of white beard, he looked at Gu Wenshu with an exhausted look in his eyes.

“Vice-principal, it’s just a Silent Lotus Throne. Isn’t it too much to search their souls?”

Gu Wenshu sneered, “If it’s just the Silent Lotus Throne, I wouldn’t have brought up searching their souls. Great elder, I’ve discovered an ice prison beneath the Silent Lotus Throne. The reason why the Silent Lotus Throne couldn’t be moved was because it’d been used to suppress some spirit beast. Moreover, that ice prison is a divine tool that has lost its divine sense and grade! Who knows what was locked up in there before it was rescued? This is no small matter and I insist on searching their souls!”

The great elder and the rest of the teachers looked at each other in dismay. They all felt that even if something had been locked up in that ice prison, no spirit beast could’ve lived for more than ten thousand years, so they guessed that there hadn’t been anything in that ice prison.

But now that Gu Wenshu had said this, it was useless for them to persist because Gu Wenshu’s authority was above theirs after all.

Gu Wenshu smiled when he saw that they were no longer stopping him, and he walked towards the students. The student with the thunder spirit root turned tail and ran, but he didn’t get more than a few steps away before Gu Wenshu easily caught him.

His feet dangled in the air, and the few people that were in the room revealed shocked expressions on their faces. He shouted, “Let go of me! I don’t want a soul search, I won’t accept a soul search!”

Gu Wenshu was feeling rather impatient. He was used to being in a powerful position, so he disregarded his resistance and placed a hand over his forehead.

That person suddenly stopped moving. Ye Chenyuan closed his eyes as Venerable Li started to cry loudly in his sea of consciousness.

“This person is so vicious! He didn’t control the output of his spiritual energy at all, so he isn’t just looking at the past few days but his whole life! Little Yuan, you must not let him search your soul. Although he won’t be able to find out anything with me here, it’ll be disastrous if his control isn’t good and he injures your mind!”

Venerable Li had just finished saying these when Gu Wenshu also finished his search. He frowned when he saw that the youth with the thunder spirit root had lost consciousness. He hadn’t found anything suspicious.

His gaze landed on the next person, who happened to be a girl. Her face immediately paled, and she pleaded with the great elder, “Elder, save me!”

The great elder urged, “Let’s leave it at this. They’re all privileged kids and it’s too risky to use the Soul Search Technique.”

However, Gu Wenshu didn’t agree. With knitted brows, he skipped over the crying girl and suddenly pointed towards Ye Chenyuan, “You, come here, it’s your turn.”

Ye Chenyuan didn’t move.

Venerable Li said, “What should we do? Why don’t I just inflict serious damage on him while he’s searching your soul?”

Ye Chenyuan hesitated. With the Sky Pearl present, he wasn’t worried about anything, but he was afraid of implicating Yuan Chu if he did anything.

Gu Wenshu felt irritated when he saw that Ye Chenyuan wasn’t moving. With just a few steps, he was standing in front of Ye Chenyuan, and his next move would be to search his soul. Ye Chenyuan gathered his powers in his hand and raised it.


The door of the disciplinary department suddenly burst open and a young girl dressed in a light green skirt walked in.

After glancing at Ye Chenyuan, she said unhappily, “Uncle, how can you soul search the students?”

Ye Chenyuan was slightly surprised when he saw that person, because she was none other than Gu Qingke.


Gu Wenshu looked at her, feeling rather ill at ease, “Why have you come?”

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