TDCM Chapter 143: Don’t Talk To Those Men

That warm breath was blown onto Yuan Chu’s ear. Feeling an indescribable tingle, she quickly escaped from Ye Chenyuan’s arms.

“I-It’s alright! Ah……I’m feeling a little hungry. I’ve yet to stop by the Empire’s cafeteria! Let’s go and take a look!”

Ye Chenyuan nodded, “We’ll do as master says.”

It was only then that Yuan Chu realised that her dignity as his master was still intact. Look, Little Yuan Yuan was still as obedient as he’d always been!

However, what they didn’t expect upon their return to the academy was running into a group of searchers before they could even go to the cafeteria. Because Ye Chenyuan and Yuan Chu had disappeared shortly after their admission and their disappearance coincided with the Silent Lotus Throne going missing, the academy had dispatched people to keep watch and await their return.

“You’re Ye Chenyuan?” A person in gold uniform walked towards them. Gold was the inner academy’s uniform.

Ye Chenyuan nodded, and like they’d previously agreed on, Yuan Chu feigned cowardice and hid behind him.

When he saw that Ye Chenyuan’s cultivation was at late stage Foundation Building and Yuan Chu’s was at the greater perfection of Qi Condensation, he recalled that Yuan Chu was from the Mu family and couldn’t possibly be the thief, so he spoke directly to Ye Chenyuan.

“Please come along with us for questioning. The academy has lost an important treasure and any suspicious persons cannot be let off.”

Ye Chenyuan couldn’t refuse him, “I’ve already heard of this matter. Alright, I’ll come with you, but can you give me a moment?”

The other party nodded. After all, there were so many of them and Ye Chenyuan wouldn’t be able to run away even if he wanted to.

Did Ye Chenyuan intend to escape? Of course not. With the Sky Pearl present, they could dream about investigating the matter.

“Qingge, I think I’ll be gone for a few days, so please take this.”

Saying this, he handed her an interspatial ring. When he recalled how Yuan Chu had gotten jealous over a single cloud swan egg, he found it amusing.

He stroked Yuan Chu’s head, “Inside are all your favourite foods, take good care of yourself, also……”

He lowered his head and said beside Yuan Chu’s ear, “Also, you’re not to speak with those men that have ulterior motives.”

His last few words sounded gentle, but Yuan Chu detected strange hints of a warning. Was this little disciple trying to rebel? He even dared to warn his master?!

But this scene looked suspicious to the senior so he raised a question, “Can I take a look at that interspatial ring?”

If Ye Chenyuan was the thief, he might be trying to transfer the Silent Lotus Throne in this manner.

Feeling that this person was being rather rude, Yuan Chu was about to flare up when Ye Chenyuan good temperedly handed him the ring for him to inspect.

That person was momentarily speechless after he looked at it. It really was filled to the brim with good food. He hadn’t been able to tell, but this new student’s family was rather rich? No wonder he was able to pick up a junior sister so quickly!

He returned the ring and gave his apologies before bringing Ye Chenyuan away.

It was at this moment that Venerable Li returned, and surprised by what he saw, he asked, “……Where are you going? Little Yuan, did things go smoothly?”

Ye Chenyuan smiled gently, “I’ll work hard.”

Yuan Chu sighed as she looked at their retreating figures. Little Yuan Yuan won’t be found out right? What was this worry that she was feeling?

Ye Chenyuan didn’t return for the rest of the day. Yuan Chu felt like she had only avoided the search because of her “Mu” family name. It seems like she’d have to thank Mu Qinghan when he returned from his task.

She had just gotten out of class. The Empire’s method of education was very different from the immortal sect’s. In the immortal sects, after the master accepts the disciple, the training and cultivation will depend on the disciple’s own efforts, and they’ll inquire with their master if there’s anything that they didn’t understand. Although there were also Dao discussions within the immortal sects, it wasn’t like the Empire where things were taught in so much detail and explained so thoroughly.

Although there were cultivators in the Empire, they were all bound by interests, power and influence, so it’s no wonder that they were like that. Within the immortal sects, no master would be so attentive.

Lessons were only taught once, and one could only blame it on their own stupidity if they didn’t understand it. Don’t hinder others from becoming an immortal.

She couldn’t refrain from smiling at this thought, but she had just exited the academy’s gate when her path was blocked.

Su Heyue had been waiting for Yuan Chu for many days, but Yuan Chu hadn’t been around previously and it was only today that she finally managed to catch her.

With a whip in hand, she jumped out from behind the rockery at the side. She slapped the whip onto the palm of her hand as she walked closer.

Others made a detour when they saw that it was Su Heyue the witch. Even the teachers didn’t bother themselves with her because Su Heyue was from the Su family’s Pill Sect, someone whom the average person cannot afford to offend.

As Yuan Chu looked at her, she could sense that there were four Golden Core masters protecting Su Heyue. It’s no wonder that she could act so fearlessly and come here alone.

“Hey! Have you been scared silly? Where’s your man? Tell him to come and save you!”

Su Heyue had an evil smile on her face because she could finally teach this woman a lesson today.

Yuan Chu asked bewilderedly, “Why are you here again? I didn’t even offend you.”

Really, she had already been so well-behaved everyday, why had someone still come to look for trouble with her?

Su Heyue raised her whip, her delicate and pretty face filled with anger, “You rub me the wrong way, won’t that do? Know your place and receive a round of beating from me before changing your family name, then I’ll let you go! Otherwise, I’ll give you a beating whenever I see you in the future!”

Yuan Chu was oh so scared. But with so many people coming and going, plus the people that were backing Su Heyue, she was truly unable to make a move. That’s because if she did, and others were to find out something, she might be brought away for questioning. What should she do?

It seems like of the thirty six stratagems, the best thing to do right now was to run!

Just as she had that thought, Su Heyue sneered and swung her whip towards her. Yuan Chu was about to run when an ice wall appeared in front of her and blocked this menacing whip.

“Su Heyue! What are you doing?”

Wen Liang’s angry voice travelled over. Yuan Chu turned to look, and when she saw that it was Wen Liang and Mu Qinghan, she gave up on running away and instead lowered her head and pretended to be delicate.

“Are you alright?” Mu Qinghan walked to her side and asked. Upon his return, he had wanted to find his “little cousin” to play with but didn’t expect to come across such a scene.

Yuan Chu shook her head. She was alright, it seems like it’d be Su Heyue who wouldn’t be alright now.

Su Heyue smashed the ice wall and stomped her feet.

“Mu Qinghan!”

When Mu Qinghan didn’t even spare her a glance, she felt wronged and indignant, “Don’t forget that there’s a marriage agreement between our families! How can you help an outsider?”

Mu Qinghan shot her a glance, but he continued to ignore her. It was Wen Liang who was by the side that said angrily, “It’s just a verbal agreement and there hasn’t even been any talks of marriage yet! Can you be any more shameless?”

Su Heyue paled when she heard this, feeling bitterly disappointed when Mu Qinghan didn’t refute Wen Liang’s words.

She looked at Yuan Chu as she sneered, “Mu Qinghan, I bet you didn’t know this. You’ve only been gone for a few days but this girl has already embraced someone else! How pure do you think she is? She’s a vixen!”

Mu Qinghan finally reacted to her words. He looked at Yuan Chu dazedly, not believing that Yuan Chu was like what she had said.

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