TDCM Chapter 142: Discuss Dao Techniques

Taking advantage of the time whilst the White Tiger was still recuperating and had yet to awaken, Yuan Chu’s face lit up as she told him about the process of contracting the divine beast. Of course, she omitted some parts and emphasised on how it had begged to sign the master and servant contract with her.

She grinned at the end, “Say, when that White Tiger wakes up and realises that the world is exactly the same as it was before it had fallen into a dormant state, and that it had signed a master and servant contract with me for no reason, will it get incredibly upset?”

It was a divine beast after all. Although it had been on the brink of death, and although its soul had been very weak at that time, having formed a master and servant contract with someone, Yuan Chu felt that that Tiger wouldn’t be able to raise its head anymore.

She waved her tiny fist as she said huffily, “Who asked it to act so unruly, who asked it to bully me, I’ll dig a giant pit for it to jump into!”

Ye Chenyuan looked at Yuan Chu’s lively appearance with a doting look in his eyes, saying earnestly.

“That won’t happen. It’s its honour to be able to become master’s servant.”

Yuan Chu felt a little embarrassed when she saw that he had said this so seriously. Although she always went around acting like she was the best, she knew that she was wronging the divine beast by making it her sidekick.

Seeing this, Ye Chenyuan smiled gently.

What he won’t tell her was that being able to stay by her side was three lifetimes of blessings. This was what he truly felt from the bottom of his heart.

The master and disciple pair avoided their prior awkwardness, then Ye Chenyuan opened the clam’s shell, intending to walk right out.

Yuan Chu heaved a huge sigh of relief when she saw that Ye Chenyuan wasn’t too disappointed.

After all, the person that Ye Chenyuan liked had ended up being a fake person, and she had been worried that Ye Chenyuan wouldn’t be able to accept this. When she saw that he was so calm, the guilt that she was feeling lessened, and she returned to being her lively self.

“Little Yuan Yuan! Do you think they’ll be able to recognise me?”

Ye Chenyuan shook his head, “They won’t. Venerable Li was unable to see past master’s illusion arts and Venerable Li’s soul force is already at Astral Realm, so they definitely won’t be able to tell, but as for me……”

He smiled, “The illusion arts that I’m cultivating is also a high level illusion art. With the fight having happened underwater, I don’t think that they’ll be able to recognise us.”

Yuan Chu was reassured.

They ended up running into the searchers once they left the forest.

“Wait, stop!”

Yuan Chu and Ye Chenyuan exchanged glances. Although Ye Chenyuan’s internal injuries had yet to heal, thanks to Yuan Chu’s spirit wine, his wounds were no longer visible so they weren’t worried about getting inspected.

“What is it?” Yuan Chu asked this group of people with a frown. Seeing that they were all dressed in the academy’s uniform, she said with a raised brow, “We’re also the academy’s students, what right do you have to stop us?”

One of the older seniors asked, “Students? Why haven’t I seen you before?”

Logically speaking, if they’d seen these two outstanding people before, it was impossible for them not to have any impression of them.

Ye Chenyuan held Yuan Chu’s hand and pulled her behind him before saying with a smile.

“We’re new students. We were just admitted the day before yesterday.”

They became even more suspicious. New students! There were even more similarities to the two people that the vice-principal had mentioned! The vice-principal also felt that the people who had stolen the Silent Lotus Throne were either outside spies or the academy’s students. However, they knew the background of most students in the academy and it was only the new students whom they didn’t know anything about that were the most suspicious. Besides, having come out of the forest so early in the morning, what had they been doing?

He then took out a token, “Here, the both of you, channel your spiritual energy in!”

That was a token that could test one’s spirit root, and it was of a higher grade than the crystal ball. With this, all hidden spirit roots will be revealed.

Ye Chenyuan chuckled. That person must think that he had variated thunder spirit roots right?

So he channelled his spiritual energy into it, and the beams that represented five spirit roots appeared. Yuan Chu also channelled her spiritual energy into it, and hers was the variated gold spirit root.

They weren’t the ones?

When the few of them saw this, their suspicions towards Yuan Chu and him were slightly dispelled, but the leader of this group of seniors still didn’t believe them.

He asked, “The both of you have just entered the school, why weren’t you studying in the academy? What were you doing in the forest?”

He felt doubtful the more he thought about it. After all, someone who could escape from the vice-principal would definitely be gifted, and they might have some magic treasure that was of an even higher grade than the token, which was how they managed to conceal it.

Just as Yuan Chu was about to speak, Ye Chenyuan beat her to it.

“Senior, although we’ve just entered the school, we felt a natural affinity with each other. So the day before yesterday, we went into the forest together to study some Dao techniques and we ended up forgetting about the time.”

“Discuss Dao techniques?” The leader of the group said with a frown, “What Dao technique requires such a long discussion? Entering the day before yesterday but only coming out today? And it’s just the both of you, there’s no one else?”

Ye Chenyuan smiled wordlessly. Yuan Chu was confused.

A young man behind that senior thought of the crux of the matter and he spoke a few sentences into his ear rather embarrassedly. That senior’s expression immediately became rather interesting when he heard it.

Ye Chenyuan said in a timely manner, “Senior, for a lone male and female to enter the forest together, what Dao technique do you think we can look into for two days?”

When he saw that Yuan Chu was also looking at him curiously, Ye Chenyuan couldn’t stop himself from lowering his head and dropping a gentle kiss on her hair. Love was practically oozing out from his eyes.

Having suddenly been fed a mouthful of dog food, the people that were blocking their path came to a realisation and their expressions turned ugly.

This guy wasn’t just handsome, but his ability in that aspect was too good! He could actually dual cultivate for two days and one night?!

And when they saw how Yuan Chu suddenly blushed, they started to believe him.

These two were like dry firewood indeed. They had only met for a few days then……then they’d already done it? Indeed, public morals are degenerating with each passing day!

“Cough! Alright!” The single dog senior couldn’t bear to see others show affection so he said rather impatiently, “Although the academy doesn’t prohibit students from getting married, you best not run around in this period of time. Something in the academy has been lost and the thieves were exactly two persons. If there’s any Dao to discuss, it’s all the same if you just do it on the bed, why do you have to go into the forest to study it, these young people, really……”

Yuan Chu felt thoroughly embarrassed and could only stare at the ground.

But Ye Chenyuan was very calm and he said in a serious manner, “Many thanks for senior’s reminder. In the future, we’ll try to resolve it in our rooms to avoid creating trouble for senior.”

The seniors felt resentful as they looked at Ye Chenyuan’s handsome face. He had an unfair advantage with his good looks, being able to get together with a junior sister so quickly when all of them were still single!

“You may leave, go on.” they felt regret whenever they looked at this junior sister.

Ye Chenyuan nodded and pulled Yuan Chu away. Yuan Chu had her head lowered the whole time, fully playing the part of a shy girl.

A gust of wind blew, the weather was getting colder. Ye Chenyuan retrieved a cloak and draped it over Yuan Chu. As he lowered his head, he purposely chuckled as he asked into her ear.

“Master, I had only kissed you because there was no other choice. Master won’t blame me right?”

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