TDCM Chapter 140: Forced Back Into Her Original Appearance

Ye Chenyuan was angered that she kept mentioning Mu Qinghan. He lowered his head and said word by word, “I want you, no one else can take you away!”

Saying this, he kissed Yuan Chu’s lips to prevent her from saying even more things that displeased him. This kiss carried aspects of a punishment, totally different from the prior gentleness and affection, as if it could swallow her whole.

Yuan Chu was frightened and immediately started to struggle, but the space inside the giant clam was only so large and she wasn’t able to break away from his grasp, instead causing the air inside to become hotter. Yuan Chu felt like she was going to suffocate soon, her lips were already swollen!

When Ye Chenyuan finally let go of her, his eyes had turned extremely red because of how much he was restraining himself. It was a very scary shade of red that showed that he was on the verge of losing control.

Yuan Chu was gasping for air. The mixture of the warmth in the air and the Hundred Flower Spirit Wine’s fragrance was a scent that made one go crazy.

At this point, Ye Chenyuan was already slightly out of control. He looked at Yuan Chu who was beneath him. Her long hair was interlocked with his, and her glossy eyes were empty, with her mouth opened. It was clear that she was on the verge of losing control like him.

There seemed to be something in his heart that was screaming for him not to restrain himself anymore. Obtain her, if he did, she would be his in the future!

Ye Chenyuan shut his eyes tightly, but when he opened them again, his eyes were completely red.

That was a colour that made Yuan Chu feel apprehensive.

Ye Chenyuan reassured the tense Yuan Chu, then he kissed her. His attitude had already changed from one of ‘restraint’ to ‘out of control’.

Yuan Chu’s mind was blank, and she finally fell apart when she felt something that couldn’t be described press against her. Her face was extremely red. It was at this moment that Ye Chenyuan’s hand landed on the swells on her chest.

He let out a soft laugh beside Yuan Chu’s ear and asked in a husky voice, “Did it……shrink a little?”

But it’s alright, he wanted her no matter what appearance she took on.

Yuan Chu’s body was as red as a shrimp and because of his words, it rose to a critical point.

She couldn’t bear it any longer! In the next second, there was a “bang”. Because Yuan Chu was too agitated, she couldn’t sustain the Thousand-Leaves Mask’s magic and was forced back into her original appearance……

The large and juicy peaches suddenly turned into small olives. Ye Chenyuan’s pupils contracted and he suddenly sat up.

As for Yuan Chu, having turned back into her original form, she was looking at her small hands as the urge to cry overcame her. She wished she could die right here and right now!!

WTF! Why was this happening to her!

Oh no……what should she do?! She had turned back to her original appearance! After learning that the girl he’d kissed and embraced, the girl that made his heart beat was actually his master, would Little Yuan Yuan be unable to accept this fact and become depressed?!!

It was dead silent. Yuan Chu didn’t dare to check Ye Chenyuan’s expression, and Ye Chenyuan didn’t speak.

Ye Chenyuan felt lucky that Venerable Li had already hidden himself away, otherwise he would’ve made a fuss in his sea of consciousness.

Why……did she suddenly turn back? He had thought that master would’ve rather died than let him know that she was Mu Qingge. Why did she suddenly turn back?

Looking at his tiny master in front of him, Ye Chenyuan suppressed all these thoughts.

……he would never let master know that he had taken liberties with her, fully knowing that it was her. So he took in a few deep breaths, then he pretended to ask with surprise.


Yuan Chu who was currently in a curled up state shivered.

Curled up into a ball with both hands around her head, she peeked out from behind the crook of her arm. When she saw Ye Chenyuan looking perplexed and speechless, she trembled again, then she curled up into an even smaller ball.

Really……how could she be so adorable?!

Ye Chenyuan could feel his hand itching to make a move again.

He restrained himself and said with surprise, “Master……you……why are you……”

Yuan Chu wanted to disappear from the face of the earth. This was such an awkward situation, can she just skip past this?!

But that was clearly not possible, so Yuan Chu took over ten minutes to mentally prepare herself, then she suddenly sat up.

As the both of them sat there, the warmth in the air had yet to disperse, causing Yuan Chu’s straight face to heat up again.


After a long while, she finally said in all seriousness.

A grave expression surfaced on her adorable face, as if she were going to discuss a major issue with Ye Chenyuan.

Ye Chenyuan was still in his pretend state of shock, looking stunned as he looked at her speechless state.

Yuan Chu let out a cough, then she looked into Ye Chenyuan’s eyes sincerely.

“Little disciple, don’t doubt your existence yet, there’s a reason why I did this!”

Ye Chenyuan looked at her quietly, “Why did you come back? Why didn’t you return to Myriad Sword Sect to……go into seclusion?”

“Cough cough……” Yuan Chu avoided his gaze and said after racking her brains, “It’s like this……I was going to return, but I couldn’t bear to part with you!”

Ye Chenyuan was moved. Yuan Chu grabbed his hands and said, “Whenever I think of my one and only disciple facing danger alone and having to go against that imposter by himself, I’ll feel very worried! You’re my last disciple! If anything happens to you, wouldn’t I be very miserable in my old age?”

Ye Chenyuan’s mouth twitched. He didn’t know where master had learned all these nonsense vocabulary from.

Ye Chenyuan asked, “Then how did your ‘good brother’ come about?”

This issue had been a thorn in his heart. How could master have gotten acquainted with such a person in such a short period of time? That person must have ulterior motives!

Yuan Chu scratched her head and said sheepishly, “That’s probably because he likes to intervene when he sees any injustices? So that’s how I managed to get an identity. Anyway, he’s a pretty good person.”

Ye Chenyuan looked at her doubtfully. That guy didn’t have any ulterior motives?

He was relieved to see that master didn’t seem to care that much about Mu Qinghan. With his lips slightly curved into a smile, he suddenly closed in on her and asked.

“Master……I’d fallen for your illusion and even kissed you, why……didn’t you stop me?”

He looked earnestly into Yuan Chu’s eyes, hoping that the reason she didn’t stop him was because in the deepest part of her heart, she was able to accept his feelings and she didn’t hate him in the slightest.

So, he couldn’t tolerate the slightest dodging from her right now.

Yuan Chu’s breath caught in her throat. She couldn’t escape from what was bound to happen……she stammered, “Because……it’s because……”

Because this rebellious disciple had already hugged and kissed her. Wouldn’t it be too awkward for her to change back?

She had only changed back because she had lost control of her spiritual energy alright? She had originally planned to hide her identity as Mu Qingge for the rest of her life!

When she didn’t answer him, Ye Chenyuan became hopeful so he acted more impudently and lifted Yuan Chu’s face, forcing her to face him once more.

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    YC is such a brat, but I love him ahahaha he is literally trying his darn best to keep his emotions under but his body betrays him! 😂

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