TDCM Chapter 139: Inside The Giant Clam


Yuan Chu was wide-eyed, and before she could resist, Ye Chenyuan’s lips had gently landed on hers……

His movements were very cautious, for fear of indulging himself and doing something irredeemable, but he couldn’t possibly give up the delicacy that was within reach, so his kiss was gentle and affectionate, and he especially cherished it.

Yuan Chu was melted by this gentleness.

So scary……what should she do? She should probably push him away, but when she thought of the fact that Ye Chenyuan’s injuries had yet to heal, she hesitated……this kiss……should she let it continue?

When Yuan Chu didn’t push him away like he’d expected, Ye Chenyuan’s mood turned splendid. Besides, with Yuan Chu staring at him like that, he could see himself in her clear eyes, as if he’d already become the entirety of her world. He felt a contentment from the depths of his heart.

So, for the second kiss, he dropped a light kiss on her eye. Thank you for looking at me like this.

Yuan Chu involuntarily closed her eyes, her heart jumping to her throat.

It’s just a kiss! He had gotten injured because of her, she wouldn’t lose anything from just a few kisses anyway. But seeing that Ye Chenyuan liked her so much, Yuan Chu decided not to study at this academy anymore, she mustn’t let Ye Chenyuan fall for her.

She must also cover up this identity well. No one must ever find out that Mu Qingge was her disguise, otherwise it’ll become a permanent dark history!

Seeing that she was tense, Ye Chenyuan smiled, and dropped the last kiss on her forehead.

This was the spot that master had kissed him before. Although he wasn’t as nervous as when it was on the lips, there was a warmth that reached the apex of his heart.

“Y-You’re done right?” Yuan Chu asked drily as she warned him with her gaze. No more kissing! Anymore kisses and she’d fall out with him! She’d really fall out! She was very fierce!

Her sullen appearance was very adorable, and after taking advantage of her, Ye Chenyuan was in no rush to get off, and instead pinched her nose as he asked affectionately.

“What’s your name?”

Yuan Chu panicked.

They had actually experienced a narrow escape from death, then lain inside the clam’s shell and kissed, all before they’d even exchanged their names?!

Yuan Chu was worried. She hadn’t called out Ye Chenyuan’s name unknowingly, right? She’d decided. If she had, she’d say that she had seen it on the admission list.

After deciding on this, she replied, “I……I’m Mu Qingge.”

She didn’t know which word she had said enraged Ye Chenyuan, but Yuan Chu realised that Ye Chenyuan’s gaze had become very scary.

“Mu, Qing, Ge?”

Ye Chenyuan paused after every word, but the flames in his eyes roared.

If he wasn’t wrong, the Mu family’s young master was called Mu Qinghan. His little thing was very brave, not only taking on some other man’s family name, but even using a similar name?

Yuan Chu was a little scared. What’s wrong, why did she feel like the space had suddenly become stifling?

“I-Is there something wrong with my name?”

Ye Chenyuan scoffed.

“Change it.”

“Ah?!” Little disciple, are you sure you’re not kidding? If she were really from the Mu family, how could she just change her name like that?

But she was unable to open the clam’s shell and Ye Chenyuan had gotten injured because of her, so she endured it and said amiably.

“Um……Childe Ye, names can’t be changed just like that.”

Then you can just choose any random name? Ye Chenyuan stared at a certain someone who wanted to flee and yet couldn’t. The anger he had previously suppressed surged forth again.

“Cannot change?”

“M-hm! Cannot change. How can one forget their roots?” Yuan Chu made a show of being very earnest.

Ye Chenyuan’s exquisite eyes narrowed, and his banished immortal like handsome face suddenly had an aura of evil because of his slightly upturned lips.

He held Yuan Chu’s chin and gently raised it, saying in a soft voice.

“I’ve heard that……in the mortal world, girls will take on the family name of their husbands. So, if you refuse to change it, we’ll get married right away, and you’ll take on my family name.”

What kind of strange logic was this!! It seems like she really couldn’t stay on any longer, something bad would happen if she did!

Seeing that Yuan Chu didn’t reply, Ye Chenyuan asked, “You’re not willing?”

Yuan Chu paused, then she tried to persuade him, “Give it up……I’m the young lady of a distinguished family, you……you’re from a poor family, it’s impossible between us! My parents will not agree either!”

Ye Chenyuan smiled, then he said as if he were embarrassed, “You’re right, it seems like we have to use some extraordinary means in order to receive your parent’s consent.”

Yuan Chu became alert, “What means?!”

Ye Chenyuan smirked, intentionally scaring her, “It’s easy, I’ll just cook the rice[1]!”

Oh my god! Help! This rebellious disciple is going against his master!

Yuan Chu wanted to run away, but it was at this moment that the giant clam suddenly shrank. The double bed space suddenly became a mini single bed and they would have to pile up on top of each other in order to stretch out their hands and legs. Wanting to push him away was an impossible thing to do.

Ye Chenyuan had trained this giant clam in his free time, so it listened to him well, turning big or small according to his will.

The excessively narrow space made Yuan Chu’s sense of touch unusually sharp. Unable to push Ye Chenyuan away, she started to panic.

What should she do? This rebellious disciple wouldn’t actually want to cook some rice with her right? She can’t let Ye Chenyuan commit an act of bullying his master unknowingly!

Venerable Li who had been rattling on nonstop suddenly became silent when he saw this. He sealed himself away to respect Ye Chenyuan’s privacy, but that sinister laugh before he sealed himself away was horrifying.

Meat! Little Yuan was starting to eat meat! So envious……bah! This manner was similar to him when he was in his youth!

Ye Chenyuan had only planned to scare Yuan Chu for being so disobedient, but when the space shrank and Yuan Chu had nowhere to escape, his expectation started to grow like wild grass.

When will his master grow to be as large as she was right now? When will he be able to have a full meal and not keep starving as he was doing right now? The hunger that came from the depths of his soul was difficult to bear, and perhaps it’ll only be satisfied when he swallowed her fully.

Yuan Chu said nervously, “C-Childe Ye! Please reconsider this! If you dare to do anything to me……I, my brother will not let you get away with it!”

It was fine if she didn’t bring it up, but once she mentioned this brother of hers, Ye Chenyuan felt the vinegar jar in his heart overturn and he didn’t like this feeling.

His eyes were slightly red as he looked at Yuan Chu and asked with a smile, “Cannot do anything to you?”

His finger gradually moved downwards, “I can’t do this? Or……I can’t do this?”

Yuan Chu was burning red. Panic-stricken, she finally used stern words.

“You you you! Stop this right now!”

Her body was ramrod straight as she put on a brave front and said, “If you touch me, my brother will beat you up till even your mother can’t recognise you!”

1. 生米煮成熟饭 – Literal translation: to cook ‘raw rice’ into ‘cooked rice’. An idiom that means ‘What’s done cannot be undone’, because cooked rice cannot be turned back into raw rice.

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6 thoughts on “TDCM Chapter 139: Inside The Giant Clam

  1. My yandere loving heart is fulfilled by YC, he is just undeniable possessive! 😍 Also since I’m reading it as you release it, I totally forgot that they haven’t even told each others name yet 😂

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  2. Also, random question, what does it mean when she refers to him as ‘Childe’ Ye?

    Thanks for the chapter, it was so hilarious 🤣


    1. It’s an old way to refer to young noblemen or a male child of a nobleman. The modern equivalent is the title Master even though you don’t need to be nobility anymore (random tidbit: the bank addressed all my younger brother John’s correspondence as ‘Master John’ until he reached 16). Personally I get goosebumps when I read ‘childe’ coz my brain sees ‘child’. Would much prefer ‘Young Master’ or ‘Young Lord’.

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      1. Goosebumps? Oh my 😅
        Honestly, I don’t quite agree with the translation of ‘Childe’ for 公子, but there isn’t an english translation for this because this term of address was only used in the ancient times. On the other hand, I’ve seen many translators use ‘Childe’ for 公子 so…yeah.

        Anyway, ‘Young Master’ would be more appropriate for 少爷, and YCY is too young for ‘Young Lord’.
        Headache 😂

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