TDCM Chapter 138: I Want To Return It

Although he hadn’t died, his injuries were grievous and his pale face made Yuan Chu feel very upset.

Ye Chenyuan must’ve blocked it for her because he thought that she was only at the greater perfection of Qi Condensation and that she wouldn’t be able to withstand the attack. In fact, with her mid stage Nascent Soul cultivation and the Myriad Power Vajra Incantation that she was cultivating, this attack would only cause her serious injuries, but on Ye Chenyuan……

Yuan Chu summoned up her energy and nursed his injuries. After feeding him a dozen top grade medicinal pills, she finally stabilised his injuries.

Fortunately, it was quite spacious inside the giant clam. It was about the size of double beds. Using the glow from the Luminescent Pearl, she treated the remainder of Ye Chenyuan’s injuries.

That vice-principal was very close to Astral Realm indeed. Even though he had attacked with needles formed from the water, it didn’t melt away after hitting Ye Chenyuan, and Yuan Chu had to pick them out one by one.

Under the pearl’s silvery white glow, Yuan Chu tore open Ye Chenyuan’s clothes, only to see more than ten or twenty deep holes on his chest, with blood still oozing from them. She cursed the old b*stard in her heart.

After the Thousand Needle Technique’s needle entered a person’s body, it’d become very small, so Yuan Chu was lying on top of Ye Chenyuan as she searched for them with her spiritual energy.

Her face was tense, and the more she picked at the needles, the more she was unable to hold back the distress and guilt she felt.

If she’d known earlier, she would’ve battled it out with him! Even if others came, even if she would probably lose, all that was better than Ye Chenyuan lying here lifelessly!

The river brought the giant clam into the depths of the forest, but Yuan Chu didn’t have time to bother about this because she was helping Ye Chenyuan to remove the needles. She worked throughout the night, and it was only around dawn that all the needles were removed and crushed into nothingness by Yuan Chu.

Ye Chenyuan’s brows finally smoothed out, but because his spiritual energy was extremely weak, the illusion he had put over his face disappeared.

Ye Chenyuan had previously transformed his face into a normal looking one so that he wouldn’t be recognised. Now that the illusion arts had disappeared, his actual face was even paler, and with both eyes tightly shut, he looked lifeless.

When Yuan Chu saw this, she transferred spiritual energy to him nonstop, hoping that he would wake up sooner. There’d be people searching for them and they couldn’t keep hiding in the giant clam.

Finally, after Yuan Chu had been transferring spiritual energy to him for a day and a night, the giant clam stopped because it had become stuck on something, and Ye Chenyuan also woke up.

“You’re awake?!” Yuan Chu was so happy that she threw herself on him and hugged him, “You scared me! I thought that you wouldn’t wake up again!”

The space inside the giant clam had been silent, and Ye Chenyuan had looked lifeless. After a day and night of this, she had gotten quite scared……

Having a little darling throw herself into his arms once he woke up, Ye Chenyuan wanted to smile and tell her that he was alright, but Yuan Chu was hurting him……

Yuan Chu noticed this immediately and she quickly got up. She then fawningly retrieved her secret stashes from her storage space.

Such as the Hundred Flower Spirit Wine that had been kept hidden for thousands of years, the very delicious Thousand Year Vermilion Fruit that could help one to regain strength quickly, and the very rare hind leg meat of the grade eight spirit beast, the Apsara Winged Beast. Even Ye Chenyuan hadn’t known about Yuan Chu having stashed away so many good things, and they all looked very tasty.

Yuan Chu first poured a cup of spirit wine. Although she had a regretful expression on her face, when she thought of Ye Chenyuan having lost excessive amounts of blood, she poured him a full cup. She then helped Ye Chenyuan up and fed him.

Ye Chenyuan had wanted to decline it because he knew that all of this was good food that master herself couldn’t bear to even eat, and master wouldn’t have any left if he were to eat them. However, he was unable to refuse it because he couldn’t move his body, not to mention doing anything else.

When Yuan Chu saw that his mouth was shut, she thought that he didn’t have the strength to open his mouth so she held his chin and poured it into his mouth.

Because she had never looked after someone else before, she ended up pouring it a little too hastily, and because Ye Chenyuan’s throat was numb, half of the spirit wine was spilled.

Yuan Chu was distressed by this. One must know that she had risked her life to steal this from Myriad Sword Sect’s Ancestor’s residence while he was in seclusion! Not a single drop must be wasted!

So she gritted her teeth and said, “Please excuse me!”

Then she took a sip of the wine, and as Ye Chenyuan looked on in disbelief, she covered his lips with her own……

Ye Chenyuan’s hand that had been by his side, the hand that hadn’t been able to move, suddenly twitched.

The warm liquor was fed into his mouth, then it travelled down following the spiritual energy that she had blown in. Finally, it not only burned in his dantian, but a fire was also lit in his heart, and there was no stopping it.

Ye Chenyuan was totally in a daze. Although he was always thinking about taking advantage of master, this was the second time that master had treated him like this and his heart was beating so quickly that he felt like it was going to jump out of his throat……

But that wasn’t the end. When Yuan Chu saw that he was able to swallow after she blew spiritual energy in, she took another sip of the spirit wine before lowering her head and feeding it to Ye Chenyuan.

It was only after her worry gave way to relief that she realised what they had been doing……

There was a woody fragrance on Ye Chenyuan, and although the scent of blood had yet to dissipate, she could still smell it clearly. With this thought, her face started to burn but she told herself that she was just saving someone, and that there wasn’t anything to be embarrassed about. So, she tilted her head back and finished the last sip of wine before covering Ye Chenyuan’s lips for the third time.

In fact, Ye Chenyuan had been able to move after the first mouthful of spirit wine, but it was only until the third that he finally recovered from the shock. All the injuries on his body were recovering right in front of his eyes. The Hundred Flower Spirit Wine was highly effective in treating external injuries. But none of that was important. The important point was that master had kissed him three times!

As Yuan Chu was feeding him the third time, she noticed that Ye Chenyuan’s gaze was fixed on her. Despite her perfect mental state, she was burned by his gaze that was on her.

His lips were very soft, making one yearn for it, but his body was simply too hot.

After feeding him for the last time, she got up to move away but before she knew it, Ye Chenyuan had flipped them over and she was pressed underneath him.

His hot breath landed on Yuan Chu’s body. She panicked and quickly pushed Ye Chenyuan with both hands, saying in shock.

“What are you doing? Your injuries have yet to heal!”

How could Ye Chenyuan hear anything else at this moment? All he could hear was the rushing of blood in his ears as his handsome face turned red. His gaze was fixed on her, as if he was restraining something, and as if something was on the verge of falling apart.

“You kissed me.”

There was a slight tremble in his voice, and this tremble caused a quiver in Yuan Chu’s heart.

“But……I’d done that to save you!” she said nervously.

Ye Chenyuan suddenly smiled. Amidst the pearl’s glow, he lowered himself, and both of their wildly beating hearts collided.

He said earnestly.

“I don’t care. You’ve kissed me three times, I want to return it.”

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