TDCM Chapter 137: Deep Water Thunders

The Heavenly Demon Jellyfish couldn’t have injured Ye Chenyuan that badly, this meant that someone else must have arrived! Someone that could make Ye Chenyuan bleed this much must be someone who was very strong.

Yuan Chu was right, the academy’s vice-principal was here.

Her heart sank as she used an invisibility talisman on herself. The vice-principal’s cultivation was at late stage greater perfection Nascent Soul, equivalent to half step Astral Realm, which was slightly stronger than that demon serpent that had been locked up. With the addition of the Heavenly Demon Jellyfish which was at the equivalent of late stage Nascent Soul, it’s no wonder that Ye Chenyuan had been injured so badly.

D*mn it, why didn’t he escape into the Sky Pearl?!

At this moment, the Heavenly Demon Jellyfish was being forced into a retreat by Ye Chenyuan’s sword. Beside the Heavenly Demon Jellyfish was a middle aged man dressed in white and gold robes, and his chin was slightly raised as he asked rather arrogantly.

“Lad, who exactly are you? With just your early stage Golden Core, you actually dare to come and steal the Silent Lotus Throne?”

Vice-principal Gu Wenshu felt rather displeased. He had previously made a move, thinking that he’d be able to take down this person right away, but unexpectedly, this intruder was very powerful. Even though he was only a Golden Core, he was equally matched with the Heavenly Demon Jellyfish. Such a monstrosity made him feel like not killing him right away.

With his sword in hand, Ye Chenyuan was currently bleeding all over as his long hair swayed in the water. Even so, he had no intention of retreating or fleeing. He raised his sword.

“Stop talking……nonsense! If you want to fight, then fight!”

When Gu Wenshu saw this, he thought of something and knitted his brows.

“Oh no! You have an accomplice?!”

His expression immediately became one of anger. The Silent Lotus Throne wasn’t any ordinary treasure, it was a top-grade immortal tool! Besides, it had the wondrous effect of easing one’s mind and preventing Qi deviation. He cannot allow it to be stolen!

So, Gu Wenshu didn’t restrain himself any longer and instead of standing by, he joined the fight, intending to resolve this quickly.

But when Ye Chenyuan thought of the fact that Yuan Chu was still inside, he had no intention of giving in and he raised his sword, it’s tip was as steady as ever.

Just as the Heavenly Demon Jellyfish and Gu Wenshu were about to strike together, Yuan Chu looked for an opportunity to carry out a sneak attack from behind.

She threw out ten Blazing Pearls. It was too late by the time Gu Wenshu noticed this and he could only control the Heavenly Demon Jellyfish to block this attack for him. The Jellyfish let out a sharp cry as nearly half of its tentacles were blown off.

Amidst the loud rumblings, the whole underwater area shook.

Gu Wenshu was furious when he saw the Heavenly Demon Jellyfish’s tragic state. The Heavenly Demon Jellyfish was his strongest defense beast and someone actually dared to injure it so severely, and right in front of him!

“D*mn it, all of you should go and die!”

Gu Wenshu ignored Ye Chenyuan because he was already seriously injured, and with his abilities, he wasn’t worried about Ye Chenyuan sneaking up to attack him from behind.

He immediately ordered the Heavenly Demon Jellyfish to tie Yuan Chu up. Having had so many of its tentacles blasted off, the Heavenly Demon Jellyfish held a deep hatred towards Yuan Chu and its remaining tentacles spread towards Yuan Chu like a net. Yuan Chu had expended a lot of soul force in her fight with the White Tiger so she was trapped by the Heavenly Demon Jellyfish. Oh no!

Gu Wenshu sneered. He was floating in the water as he looked at Yuan Chu with an arrogant and scornful expression on his face, as if he were looking at an ant. Daring to make a move on him just because she had some magic treasures, he’d show them how the word ‘death’ was written!

With this thought, he spun the jade flute in his hands and a dozen long and sharp needles appeared in the waters in front of him.

“Thousand Needle Technique, attack!”

With a wave of his hand, dozens of transparent needles flew towards Yuan Chu. The needles were very fast, and they emitted a strange green glow. With the addition of Gu Wenshu’s cultivation, the consequences would be inconceivable if one was hit.

Yuan Chu’s pupils contracted and she wanted to dodge it, but she was bound by the Jellyfish. It seemed to have endless tentacles and by the time she had cut off all of them, the needles were already right before her eyes.

She closed her eyes involuntarily. Hearing a groan, she opened her eyes in surprise, only to see that Ye Chenyuan had taken the hit for her.

The needles had pierced through Ye Chenyuan’s Dragon Shield and penetrated his chest. The glow of the Lingtian Shield on him flashed once before it dulled, then more blood gushed out of Ye Chenyuan’s body. Smelling the blood struck a nerve with Yuan Chu.

She was going to kill them!!!

But before Yuan Chu could strike back at them, Ye Chenyuan suddenly wrapped his arms around her.

“Trying to leave?” Gu Wenshu sneered when he saw through Ye Chenyuan’s intention and he immediately gave chase. It was at this moment that Ye Chenyuan took a backward glance at Gu Wenshu.

They were clearly weaker than himself, but Gu Wenshu felt fearful when he saw this look.

It was a second later that this foreboding became real. His contact type defensive magic treasure lit up, then he was overwhelmed by purple lightning that exploded in the waters.

Water was a conductor of electricity. Instantly, the entire underwater area was seething amidst the dazzling light of the thunderbolts.

The thunderbolts weren’t your usual thunderbolts, but the heavenly thunder that Ye Chenyuan had collected with his thunder meridian during his heavenly tribulation.

Gu Wenshu was struck head-on because he had been close by, and he spat out a mouthful of blood after the thunderbolts dispersed. After hundreds of years, this was the first time he had been injured so severely.

As for the Heavenly Demon Jellyfish, it had been electrocuted to death.

This power……could it be the variated thunder spirit root?!

Gu Wenshu endured the pain and gave chase. Meanwhile, Ye Chenyuan noticed that there was a green glow around the wound on his body and realised that he’d been marked.

Venerable Li said anxiously, “Remember the one-heart clam? It can cut off all aura tracking, get in quick!” Ye Chenyuan nodded and rushed out of the underwater array with Yuan Chu before going into the giant clam. The giant clam rose and fell with the river’s currents and it soon flowed away.

When Gu Wenshu finally exited from the river, he couldn’t sense any aura. He who had originally looked down on those two fellows had taken a huge loss before realising how powerful they were.

“D*mn it! Who exactly was he? He’s only a Golden Core but he’s so strong that he actually managed to cut off my tracking. This won’t do! I’ll have to inform the principal and get him to send men out to search for them through the night!”

With this thought, Gu Wenshu hurried away in search of the principal. Yuan Chu heaved a huge sigh of relief when she didn’t hear any pursuers.

She had almost started a fight with the other party.

It was fortunate that Ye Chenyuan had stopped her, because the other party was very close to Astral Realm and having just tamed the White Tiger, she wasn’t his match.

Besides, she was a Nascent Soul and once she made a move, it’ll definitely attract more people here and with so many experts in the academy, they wouldn’t be able to escape if they were surrounded.

In a semi-conscious state, Ye Chenyuan knitted his brows painfully.

His opponent’s cultivation was higher and he was also very skilled. That Thousand Needle Technique had directly cut through his Dragon Shield and if it weren’t for the Lingtian Shield in his body that was protecting him, he might’ve died after suffering two direct attacks from the other party.

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