TDCM Chapter 135: Contracting The White Tiger

What should they do?

Yuan Chu and Ye Chenyuan exchanged glances before Ye Chenyuan abruptly said, “Close your eyes!”

Yuan Chu quickly closed her eyes, then Ye Chenyuan’s fingers dotted the space between her brows and a fate-bound contract exclusive to divine beasts appeared in her sea of consciousness.

What did he mean by this?

After transferring the spell to her, Ye Chenyuan said in a rushed manner, “I’ll divert the Heavenly Demon Jellyfish, you have to contract the White Tiger before someone comes!”

Ye Chenyuan had already thought this through. Although Yuan Chu wasn’t of Divine Emperor Blood, her physique was innately special and this White Tiger must be able to sense it, sense that it would benefit from forming a contract with her.

Besides, this White Tiger was on the verge of death, so its willpower will be weaker and it’ll also be easier for Yuan Chu to contract it.

Once the contract is successful, the White Tiger will gradually be able to heal with Yuan Chu’s blood. At that time, he wouldn’t have to worry so much about Yuan Chu’s safety anymore.

Before Yuan Chu could refuse, Ye Chenyuan had already teleported away. When she thought of the fact that Ye Chenyuan was trying to fight a Rank Six Jellyfish underwater with his Golden Core cultivation, Yuan Chu was so worried that she wanted to stomp her feet, but it was too late to stop him!

Moreover, they’ve travelled so far to find this White Tiger so they must not give it up! Since that’s the case, she’d give it a try!

Yuan Chu bit her finger as she thought, since the White Dragon liked her blood so much, the White Tiger should also like it right?

She reached through the bars to put a drop of blood into the White Tiger’s mouth, then she casted the spell that Ye Chenyuan had taught her.

A circle of light suddenly appeared. It gradually enveloped the both of them and numerous complicated inscriptions revolved around the ice prison. Whether it was the effect of that drop of blood or something else, the White Tiger still couldn’t move, but its divine sense that had been dormant for many years awoke.

“Who is it! Who dares contract I, the White Tiger!”

Yuan Chu was shocked by this voice and was overcome with a bout of dizziness, but she gritted her teeth and said in a loud voice, “If you don’t form a contract with me, no one will be able to break this ice prison. Do you want to be locked up in here till your death? If you don’t, hurry and accept the contract!”

The White Tiger paused when it heard this, then it said something that agitated Yuan Chu so much that she felt like spitting out blood.

“Such a tiny little Nascent Soul like you dares to form a contract with a divine beast like me? Even if I die, I’ll never form a contract with an ant!”

Yuan Chu started to hurl curses in her head. Why was it that when Ye Chenyuan was forming a contract with the White Dragon, it had taken the initiative to do so but when she wanted to form a contract with a dying Tiger, it actually disdained her, preferring to die than accept her. Was this the difference between a main character and a supporting character?

Yuan Chu felt indignant. In her last life, she had dedicated herself to defeating the male lead and becoming the ultimate big boss. When she decided to risk everything, she dared to even kill the male lead. Would she be scared of a sick tiger?

“You’ll have to agree even if you don’t want to! Since you refuse to accept my proposal, don’t blame me for using force!”

“You dare?!” The White Tiger’s soul raged, almost causing Yuan Chu to pass out. However, Yuan Chu knew that it was just a paper tiger and wouldn’t be able to win her when it came to endurance, so she endured the pain to her mind and said unyieldingly.

“See if I dare! You dying tiger, I’ll have you! After contracting you, I’ll use you as a mount!”

Saying this, the beams of white light turned red and Yuan Chu’s contracting force instantly became stronger. She gritted her teeth and withstood the White Tiger’s repeated counterattacks on her mind, intending to contract it by force.

The White Tiger looked down on Yuan Chu so it resisted intensely and both souls fought as the entire ice prison swayed.

Soon, blood flowed from the corner of Yuan Chu’s mouth. But it’s alright……this d*mn tiger had been locked up for many years and was extremely weak. She didn’t believe that it was feeling any better than her.


On the other side, the entire area of waters had been covered by beautiful starlight.

It’s a pity that it wasn’t real starlight but the Heavenly Demon Jellyfish’s body. Its tentacles extended out endlessly in the dark and fourteen eyes were fixed on Ye Chenyuan, bringing with it a sinister chill.

It didn’t have any blood, and its body was pretty much transparent. Only the dots of starlight marked its silhouette.

But after Ye Chenyuan cut off more than ten of its tentacles, the starlight on the Heavenly Demon Jellyfish’s body disappeared, and their surroundings fell into darkness.

The situation had become even more troublesome now, because the Heavenly Demon Jellyfish could very possibly appear at any area of the waters, and even if it were right in front of Ye Chenyuan, he wouldn’t be able to see it.

Under these circumstances, Ye Chenyuan decided to close his eyes and give up his sense of sight. Instead, he relied on the flow of currents around him to determine its location.

At this moment, Venerable Li asked rather confusedly in Ye Chenyuan’s sea of consciousness, “Little Yuan, wouldn’t it be better to help White Dragon devour the White Tiger? In this way, the White Dragon might even be able to transform. Why did you choose to give someone else the advantage?”

Seeing that Ye Chenyuan didn’t reply, Venerable Li urged him again, “Silly child, although you like that girl, you’ve yet to marry her! You can’t just push every good thing to her! Besides, even though the White Tiger is extremely weak, it still isn’t something that a girl at the greater perfection of Qi Condensation can challenge. You might even be harming her!”

Ye Chenyuan had put his whole heart and mind into confronting the Heavenly Demon Jellyfish and didn’t have time to pay attention to Venerable Li’s grumblings.

After exchanging a few blows, he realised that being unable to see had caused him to lose the initiative, so he used dragon language as he slowly spread his hands apart.

“Piercing Light!”

Suddenly, a yellow light appeared on his body and it grew increasingly brighter, just like the sun. With him at its centre, it lit up the waters until there was nowhere for anything to hide.

Venerable Li immediately shut up, because after the place was lit up, he finally saw that the Heavenly Demon Jellyfish had already cocooned Ye Chenyuan.

All around him, the tentacles were close together and thick, like numerous pythons entangling Ye Chenyuan and swimming in front of his eyes.

This scene made one’s scalp tingle!


Meanwhile, Yuan Chu was at a deadlock with the White Tiger.

A battle between souls was extremely dangerous, where the slightest mistake could end up with both sides suffering losses.

Yuan Chu’s soul force would usually be no match for the White Tiger, but it was on the brink of death.

She retrieved various replenishing pills from her space and stuffed them into her mouth like they were candy as she exchanged insults with the White Tiger.

“D*mn Tiger! I’ll fight you to the end!” Then her soul force pressed down on it.

The White Tiger sneered, “I will not allow my pride as a divine beast to be stepped on! You ant, go and die!” Saying this, its soul force pressed down on her again. Like a tug-of-war, neither of them was willing to retreat.

Two intangible powers were locked in a seesaw struggle under the deep waters, and it wasn’t ideal to continue on like this because Ye Chenyuan was still risking his life outside.

Yuan Chu had an idea. She suddenly sneered, “Bah! Divine beast’s pride? I bet you aren’t aware of this. Divine beasts are now everywhere, and Golden Cores are the lowest of the lows! Do you still think that you’re very valuable? If you weren’t an antique, I wouldn’t want to contract you either, don’t make me force you to give in!”

The White Tiger froze, its imposing manner weakening for a moment before it soon became tyrannical again.

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