TDCM Chapter 130: Danger At Every Moment

Are you sure that this is an institute of higher learning and not a matchmaking agency? Wasn’t anyone concerned about a male like Ye Chenyuan living beside a single little cutie like herself?!

When she recalled what Mu Qinghan and Wen Liang had previously told her, Yuan Chu decided that she had to enter the inner courtyard sooner. Only there, was where the paradise of learning was!

That night, when she thought of the fact that Ye Chenyuan was in the house beside hers, Yuan Chu didn’t dare to fall asleep.

Ye Chenyuan was at the age where his hormones were raging. What if he acted on impulse and wanted to do something……she had to prevent him from going astray, right?

However, Ye Chenyuan was used to meditating instead of sleeping, and Yuan Chu couldn’t handle it so it wasn’t long before she was sound asleep on her princess bed. This was what Ye Chenyuan saw when he came in.

On the huge princess bed slept a tiny princess. She was in a white nightdress and her long black hair was spread out all over the bed. Ye Chenyuan would sometimes think, why was it just her hair that was growing, what about her height? Her original hair had also been very long.

As he silently watched Yuan Chu’s sleeping appearance, a gentle smile appeared on the corners of his lips. This rascal, he had clearly told her to activate the room’s defensive array, she had forgotten again.

He sat down beside the bed. He was very close, but because Yuan Chu had long gotten used to his presence, she didn’t wake up.

Ye Chenyuan looked at her with an especially gentle look in his eyes.

Especially in the recent years, there were many nights that he would awaken from his meditation and look up to see the starry sky, then look down to see her face. She would be curled up by his side, sound asleep, and he’d feel very happy and at ease.

When he was younger, he didn’t understand what this meant and only wished that she’d always be sleeping by his side, that he’d be able to remain by her side.

When he later understood these thoughts of his that couldn’t be divulged, every time he saw her, he would become even more reluctant to part with her.

But the reason he had come to look for Yuan Chu today was because of the dragon egg in his sea of consciousness. It had already been in a dormant state when Yuan Chu had returned it to him, but it still needed a turning point before it could finally hatch. But just prior, the dragon egg had suddenly awoken excitedly. He had restrained it and taken note of the direction, and was now here to check it out together with Yuan Chu.

After all, he was worried about leaving her here alone, although she was very powerful.

He waited for over two hours before he counted the hours, and when it was past the time that Yuan Chu would be fast asleep, he reached out to give her a push.

“Wake up.”

Yuan Chu frowned rather unhappily at having been disturbed, muttering, “Little Yuan Yuan, stop messing around……I still, still want to sleep……”

Ye Chenyuan chuckled. He had almost forgotten that after entering the academy, although they had already kissed and hugged, they had yet to tell each other their names. He didn’t know what name she’d give him this time around.

Seeing that Yuan Chu wasn’t waking up, Ye Chenyuan lay down on his side and shook her through the bedsheets, “Get up……let’s go play, alright?”

Yuan Chu was pissed. What time was it now? Play?!

Because Ye Chenyuan liked to harass her when she was sleeping, she was used to this and straight up blocked him out, covering her blanket over her head.

Her cute appearance evoked Ye Chenyuan’s desire to be mischievous and he reached underneath the blanket to pinch her face, “If you still don’t wake up, I’m going to kiss you……”

Yuan Chu remained motionless. She didn’t have a good sleep last night, don’t even think about separating her and her bed today!

Ye Chenyuan found it strange that she still hadn’t moved, so he carried her out from under her blanket, then he pinched her nose and said.

“Wake up……”

Yuan Chu thought with annoyance, why wasn’t there an end to today’s harassment?!

She suddenly flipped over and pressed Ye Chenyuan and her blanket beneath her. Ye Chenyuan didn’t think that Yuan Chu would push him down, even using her hands and feet to hold him and make sure that he didn’t move. He instantly froze.

This girl……did she know what she was doing?

Yuan Chu obviously didn’t know, and the swells on her chest were pressing down onto him through the blanket. Ye Chenyuan became silent, suddenly feeling a hatred for his overly sensitive sense of touch.

He took in a few deep breaths to suppress the thoughts he was having. Although he had sometimes pushed her into a corner, he had restrained himself a lot because he knew that it might result in an irredeemable consequence if he didn’t.

So even though it was a dark and windy night, and a single man and single woman were together, he didn’t dare to do anything to the sleeping Yuan Chu.

Unfortunately……Yuan Chu wasn’t well-behaved!

As she hugged the young man’s warm body, she was half asleep and thought that she was dreaming again.

She rubbed against him as she spoke gibberish, “Strange, why am I dreaming of Little Yuan Yuan again……oh……good thing his clothes are on.”

Ye Chenyuan’s exquisite eyes widened instantly.

Master……had dreamt about him without his clothes on?!!

Immediately, a fire was raging in his heart. Ye Chenyuan’s Adam’s apple bobbed, and he restrained himself determinedly as he tried to move out from underneath her.

In her half asleep state, Yuan Chu recalled that dream again. It had left a deep impression on her because after so many years, it had been her first time having that kind of dream.

Her lips moved closer to Ye Chenyuan’s face and brushed against it lightly. Her hands were on Ye Chenyuan’s face as she touched and patted it. That warm fragrance was all-pervasive, and Ye Chenyuan could feel that he was on the verge of going crazy.

He suddenly flipped over and pressed Yuan Chu beneath him. Yuan Chu abruptly woke up.

She looked wide-eyed at Ye Chenyuan, then she immediately put her arms around her chest and screamed.

“What are you trying to do to me?!”

Ye Chenyuan felt wronged. She was the one who had done something to him just now!

However, he only sighed, and seeing that she had awakened, he forcefully suppressed his thoughts that had been on the verge of bursting out.

He lowered his head and gave Yuan Chu a deep kiss before he got up and said in a hoarse voice.

“Get up, I’ll bring you somewhere.”

Yuan Chu was baffled. This guy had barged into her room so late into the night to take advantage of her, and even said that he wanted to bring her somewhere. Was he going to bring her to a secluded place then……

So scary!

“I’m not going, get out! Otherwise I’ll tell the teacher!”

After all, she had the devotion token hung around her neck!

Ye Chenyuan knew that she had a skewed view of his intentions and couldn’t help but to sigh as he said, “I’m bringing you there for proper matters. I’ve sensed an unusual place in the school, you……do you want to explore it?”

Yuan Chu wavered at the mention of an exploration, but she still remembered the issue of Ye Chenyuan having kissed her.

She looked at him vigilantly, “Are you sure that it isn’t because you covet my beauty and want to bring me to a secluded place to carry it out? I haven’t agreed to your courtship yet!”

Ye Chenyuan thought to himself that if she were slightly older, he would’ve done it a long time ago!

He clenched his fists and almost couldn’t keep up his gentle outward appearance. He made great efforts to smile and conceal the surging emotions in his eyes as he said earnestly.

“Don’t worry, within these three years, I will not touch you.”

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  1. “Don’t worry, within these three years, I will not touch you.” The after that, that is implied means all bets are off after that and she should just high tail it before shes eaten to the vary marrow of her bones 🤣🤣

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