TDCM Chapter 129: Encouraged To Get Married

But with this step, she realised that she had been surrounded by the male seniors. There were stunned gazes, but most of their gazes were eager.

What’s going on? What are they trying to do?!

Just as she was feeling confused, a killing intent broke through their encirclement and in the next second, a slender and tall figure grasped her waist and she was pulled into his embrace. It turned out to be Ye Chenyuan!

Yuan Chu looked at him wide-eyed. What was he doing here instead of attending classes at the earth court?!

Ye Chenyuan looked at the crowd of people with a smile, but that smile of his gave them a strange feeling of wanting to stay away.

“Sorry, she’s mine!”

Everyone looked at him. So she already had a partner……although they still felt rather reluctant, they could sense the murderous aura that was emanating from Ye Chenyuan and they instinctively retreated.

Yuan Chu was feeling quite speechless, and she couldn’t help but to ask, “What’s going on?”

She was just a new student that had enrolled with the school, why did so many people have their eyes on her?

When he heard this, Ye Chenyuan said with a smile, “Didn’t your family tell you before you entered the school?”

“Tell? Tell me what?”

The moment she said this, Yuan Chu felt like she’d exposed herself, so she quickly changed the subject, “They did say something, but I wasn’t listening carefully!”

Ye Chenyuan let out a muffled laugh, then he reached out and hung a silver token around Yuan Chu’s neck.

“This is a devotion token. They won’t harass you if you keep this on.”

Yuan Chu still didn’t understand, so Ye Chenyuan held her hand as they entered the court and he explained things to her on the way.

It turns out that the Empire was different from the immortal sects, in that the Empire encouraged males to get married as quickly as possible. As long as they had a male offspring that had a spirit root, they would receive a reward from the Empire.

Because it wasn’t easy for cultivators to conceive, in order to have male offsprings earlier, most males will marry before they’re twenty years of age.

And the number one academy was an important target for the Empire’s encouragement of marriages.

That was because those that had enrolled were considered to be outstanding, and when two people that had spirit roots united, the odds of having a child that had a spirit root was higher.

So the kingdom encouraged them to date among themselves while they were studying in the academy, to provide the Empire with more outstanding combat-worthy troops.

Therefore, the students who were going to graduate soon and who had no prospects of advancing to the inner courtyard would hope to find a suitable partner. But besides the yellow court, the female students from the other three courts either already had a partner or had made the decision to concentrate on their cultivation. So, their only chance was with the new students from the yellow court.

On the other hand, the female students at the number one academy, especially the ones who had entered using their connections, already had the intention of finding an ideal husband of high social standing.

However, there were also students who only wanted to focus on their learning and become stronger. So that they wouldn’t be bothered, these students will collect a devotion token when they first enter the school, to show that they wanted to concentrate on their cultivation and had no intention of marriage discussions.

The academy was also protective of these girls and no one dared to harass any of the girls who had the devotion token, unless they wanted to be expelled from the academy.

Everyone in the Empire knew of these explicit and implicit rules, but Yuan Chu hadn’t heard of them because she was an outsider. After learning of this, she only felt that her outlook on the world had been overturned. Regardless of how much they wanted to promote childbirth, they shouldn’t have reached their hands into the academy, right?

Encouraging the strong to marry the strong……what was the Empire planning? Why did she feel like there was more to it than meets the eye?

She glanced at Ye Chenyuan.

“Right……didn’t you skip two ranks because you came in first among all the new students? What are you doing here!”

A faint smile appeared in Ye Chenyuan’s eyes. He caressed Yuan Chu’s head, “I was worried that my foundation isn’t stable so I’ve already applied with the academy. I won’t be skipping ranks and will learn things one step at a time. In the future, we’ll be advancing together, are you happy?”

Yuan Chu slapped his hand away. She was in despair, she had thought that she’d be able to avoid him!

Did Ye Chenyuan like her that much? For her sake, he didn’t even care about his future prospects anymore?!

She glanced at Ye Chenyuan’s side profile, and when she saw that he seemed to be in a good mood, with the corners of his mouth slightly raised, Yuan Chu became even more unhappy.

“Hey……are you really going to court me?”

Ye Chenyuan nodded and looked at her earnestly, “I want to marry you.”

Yuan Chu panicked!!

“You’re so outstanding, my family won’t agree to it!”

Ye Chenyuan laughed softly, “I’ll work hard to make them agree.” Although this would be a long and arduous road, he will not give up.

Yuan Chu wrapped her arms around herself when she heard this, “Your family won’t agree to it either!”

Ye Chenyuan said confidently, “It doesn’t matter on my side, because my only family is my master and she’ll definitely be very happy when she finds out that I’ve fallen for a girl.”

Yuan Chu was so angry! She wasn’t the least bit, not in the least bit happy!

Both of them arrived at their classroom. Their first day comprised of a simple roll call, but their teacher turned out to be Zhao Lingyu, the one who had assessed Ye Chenyuan.

She felt a little embarrassed when she saw Ye Chenyuan. After all, this student had seen her in such a sorry state.

Therefore, when Ye Chenyuan expressed that he wanted to sit with Yuan Chu, she agreed without much thought.

Yuan Chu didn’t agree to this!

Just as she was going to voice this, Ye Chenyuan lowered his voice and spoke beside her ear, “Say, are you an enchantress?”

Yuan Chu nodded her head earnestly, “I am!”

Ye Chenyuan questioned again, “What’s your criteria for choosing the men you seduce?”

Yuan Chu replied without the slightest bit of hesitation, “Good looks and a nice figure!”

Ye Chenyuan let out a soft laugh, “Then, do you think that I fit that?”

Yuan Chu couldn’t refrain from pursing her lips and shooting him a glance. Wasn’t that nonsense?

Ye Chenyuan asked, “Since I’m good looking and I’ve even delivered myself to your doorstep to let you seduce me, shouldn’t you be happy?”

He narrowed his eyes and said, “But why do I feel like you’re rejecting me? Enchantress.”

Yuan Chu was shocked. What? Her character had fallen apart?!

Alright, she didn’t have any experience in being an enchantress and she’d had enough of her character constantly falling apart!

Yuan Chu could only swallow this bitter pill and say with a forced smile, “No, I’m very happy. I even wish that we can stay together at night!”

Ye Chenyuan smiled mysteriously at the sound of her gnashing her teeth, “Don’t worry, your wish will come true.”

Yuan Chu: “!!!” She was joking! Young man, you mustn’t take it seriously!!

Upon returning to her residence, Yuan Chu realised that the person staying in the house next to hers had moved out. Strange, hadn’t it been a senior sister that lived there? Why is it that the other party had moved out when she’d just arrived?

The living quarters in the Empire weren’t tall storied buildings but a large area of green hills and clear waters where many small buildings had been built. Moreover……to promote the happening of illicit love affairs, males and females didn’t live separately, and you can even choose to live together or be neighbours with a certain senior sister as long as there wasn’t anyone staying beside them, or if there was, you could always drive them out.

Then, Yuan Chu watched as Ye Chenyuan entered the house next to hers. Immediately, she was completely disillusioned with this evil high school!

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