TDCM Chapter 128: Can’t Restrain

What about the remaining seven? Had he given them to some other vixen?!

When he saw her shocked expression, Ye Chenyuan reminded her with a smile, “If you’re not going to eat it, I’ll finish it.”

Saying this, he scooped out a spoonful of egg white and sent it towards his own mouth……

Ah! No! It’s hers, it’s hers! All of these were hers!!

Yuan Chu was beside herself with rage, and she swiftly moved closer to him and bit down onto the spoon before it could reach his mouth.

She didn’t release the spoon even after she’d eaten it, and instead glared at him with the spoon securely in her mouth.

She had a furious expression on her face. She was extremely protective of her food indeed!

Instantly, Ye Chenyuan’s gaze became very doting. He then reached out, and with a tug, Yuan Chu felt the world spin, and in the next second, she found herself on Ye Chenyuan’s lap. With the spoon in her mouth, Yuan Chu was feeling embarrassed and at a complete loss when she heard Ye Chenyuan say with a muffled laugh.

“Don’t worry, all of these are yours……”

He gently retrieved the spoon they had shared from her mouth, and with one arm around her, he said in a husky voice, “Here, I’ll feed you.”

W-What’s this strange direction that they were going in?!

Yuan Chu was in a daze, and her innermost being had been split into two. One part was shouting: Beat that traitorous disciple to death! He actually dared to use up all the eggies[1] when you’re not around! Perhaps he had fed them to some little hussy, quick, beat him to death!

The other part was more calm: En……there’s only one egg left. Cloud swan eggs aren’t easy to steal, you should finish eating before proceeding to beat him to death!

But neither of these were the key points!

Venerable Li was yelling in Ye Chenyuan’s sea of consciousness.

“Good heavens! I don’t dare to watch this anymore! Little Yuan, you’ve made your move so quickly, you’re already embracing and feeding her so soon? Not bad, not bad, your demeanour is similar to that of my former days!”

Ye Chenyuan had long blocked out Venerable Li’s voice. He let Yuan Chu hold onto the cloud swan egg, and he had one arm around her as he fed Yuan Chu spoon by spoon with his other hand.

The soft sounds of her swallowing the food and his ambiguous actions somehow made the atmosphere heat up. Yuan Chu felt giddy as she looked at the beautiful face in front of her, so much so that she didn’t feel like herself anymore.

This direction that they were going in didn’t seem quite right……she frowned as she contemplated.

“Open your mouth.”

Ye Chenyuan’s gentle voice interrupted Yuan Chu’s train of thoughts and she opened her mouth. Then, she was overcome by the sudden urge to cry.

There was something wrong with this position!!

She looked at Ye Chenyuan……after being admitted into the academy, they had all been issued a silvery white coloured uniform and Ye Chenyuan had worn it today. That uniform was simple and slim fitting, making him appear neat, capable and experienced.

And for ease of convenience, Ye Chenyuan had tied his black hair into a high ponytail, making him appear even more imposing, energetic and strong.

“What are you looking at?”

His voice was elegant, seeming to have come from beyond the horizon. Yuan Chu said, “Looking at you.”

She was too lovely, Ye Chenyuan almost lost control. He lowered his head and moved closer to ask, “……then, am I good looking?”

At that moment, Yuan Chu could feel that her heart was pounding. This was the charm of beauty!

Ye Chenyuan wasn’t just good looking. As the number one male lead, he could instakill all the villains and gain the hearts of countless girls, before finally emerging as the mainland’s best. His looks were infatuating and made people fall head over heels in love alright?!

Yuan Chu felt that his profile had become more refined over the years. Whether it was his slightly raised brows or his profound eyes, his high nose bridge as well as his upturned lips, all of them made her realise what it meant to instakill the world with one’s looks!

Yuan Chu abruptly picked up the pot of spirit spring juice and with both hands, she raised her head and finished it in one go. Then, she said calmly.

“You’re good looking!”

Such a good looking person was her disciple. She decided to forgive his prior actions of betraying his master: Giving her food to someone else.

When Ye Chenyuan saw that her lips had become even more smooth and lustrous after being moistened by the juice, his eyes darkened and he spoke into Yuan Chu’s ear.

“Actually, I still have seven cloud swan eggs.” After all, how could he possibly give her things to someone else?

Yuan Chu glared at Ye Chenyuan furiously when she heard this. Liar!

But just as she turned her head, Ye Chenyuan saw that her lips were within his reach and he finally couldn’t resist the temptation anymore. He lowered his head and kissed her.

At that moment, there was a “crash” and the unfinished cloud swan egg fell from Yuan Chu’s hands onto the floor, and broke into pieces……

Waah! My egg!!

Yuan Chu started struggling when she heard the sound of the egg smashing to the ground. Perhaps her egg could still be saved!

But Ye Chenyuan had been thinking about it for a long time, and now that he had touched her, how could he possibly let her go so easily?

With one hand, he held onto Yuan Chu’s head, preventing her from moving. He then put more pressure into the kiss, causing Yuan Chu’s brain to shut down. This was her……hold on, this wasn’t her first kiss anymore!!!

After some time, Yuan Chu pushed him away and escaped from his embrace.

Ye Chenyuan had wanted to stop her, but he restrained himself. This little rascal was too sweet. If he continued, he might……restrain, restrain, restrain! His pretty little wife had yet to grow up!

Yuan Chu gasped for air. She could care less about the egg now. She burst through the door and ran out of the room.

D*mn it, what a skirt-chaser! This traitorous disciple had changed, he wasn’t pure anymore! Daring to kiss her when they’d only met three times, was he going to become a stud horse in the future? She’ll break all three legs of his!

After Yuan Chu left, Ye Chenyuan was feeling quite upset. He frowned as he looked at the untouched meat on the table and the egg on the floor.

If he had known earlier, he would’ve restrained himself and waited till master had eaten a little more. Having only eaten so little, would she get hungry later?

However, Ye Chenyuan knew that he couldn’t press her too much. He would only frighten her even more if he chased after her right now.

It’s better if he held back and went over later.

Ye Chenyuan smiled cheerfully at this thought. He suddenly felt that it wasn’t too bad to interact with master in this manner. After he cleaned up the smashed pieces of egg on the floor, he sighed when he noticed that in just one day, Yuan Chu’s room had become a complete mess. He didn’t use any spells and instead tidied it by hand.

Meanwhile, scared out of her wits, Yuan Chu had arrived at the yellow court in a daze. She was glad that Ye Chenyuan had skipped ranks, otherwise, what would she do if they had to spend all their time together?

Forget it! She won’t think about it anymore! She’ll put aside these feelings and welcome her beautiful campus life!

With this thought, a smile appeared on her face once more. Then, she realised that the yellow court had been surrounded by a bunch of people that were obviously not new students. What was going on? Was there a fight?

Yuan Chu quickly moved closer. Realising that the crowd of onlookers were all male students, she asked one of them, “What are all of you doing?”

The other party hadn’t intended to pay her any attention, but when he saw Yuan Chu’s face, his line of sight darted to her neck before he heaped a smile onto his face.

“Junior, you’re also a new student from the yellow court right?”

Yuan Chu nodded. The other party’s eyes lit up even more and he quickly straightened up and said.

“I’m a student from the earth court, I’m your senior. What’s your name? Which kingdom are you from? Are you married?!”

Yuan Chu took a step back in shock.

1. Basically, Yuan Chu was referring to the eggs in a cute manner.

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