TDCM Chapter 127: For The Sake Of Food

On the way back, Yuan Chu was still in a dazed state.

Just now……Little Yuan Yuan had confessed to her, saying that he had fallen for her at first sight. So scary! Had he forgotten about Yue Chengou so quickly?

Also, didn’t he dislike Ji Hongyan’s type? Why is it that he had still fallen for her even after she had acted so bewitching and provocatively?

Ah ah ah!! She couldn’t figure it out!!

Yuan Chu rolled around on her pink princess bed after she returned to her little home. When the administrator had brought her around to choose a room, she had chosen this pink princess room without any of the shame that an oldie like herself should’ve felt.

The Empire’s buildings had an ancient European feel to it so this princess bed felt very familiar to her. It was so comfortable to roll around on!

Hold on!!

Yuan Chu sat up from the bed and started to pull on her hair anxiously. This wasn’t the time to discuss whether the bed was comfortable or not! Her disciple had fallen for her at first sight!! Could she have some sense of a crisis?

Why did he fall for her at first sight? What was it about her that he liked? She hadn’t done anything besides touching and teasing him a few times! Wasn’t Ji Hongyan shunned by Ye Chenyuan after she did this to him back then?

Could it be that……

She looked down at herself……the only thing that was different from Ji Hongyan would be that this area was particularly large.

Could it be that the reason why Ye Chenyuan had treated her more favourably —— was because she had the aura of a mother?!

No! That wasn’t true! She didn’t believe it!

Yuan Chu forced herself to calm down.

Actually, it was understandable that Ye Chenyuan’s tastes had changed.

After all, when Ji Hongyan had appeared, Ye Chenyuan had only been fourteen and although boys started puberty when they were thirteen and will start to develop feelings for girls that were older than themselves, Ye Chenyuan might be one of those whose puberty started later!

Moreover, before they start to develop feelings for girls, boys preferred to play with other boys. In this way, Little Yuan Yuan’s prior feelings for Yue Chengou could be explained.

Now that Ye Chenyuan was a year and a half older, his delayed puberty had finally arrived, and her voluptuous figure happened to satisfy all the young man’s fantasies! Everything could be perfectly explained by science!

But why did she feel like crying?

Man proposes but God disposes!!

With all these strange thoughts, Yuan Chu adjusted the waves to be a little smaller. She didn’t sleep well that night, such that her eyes were red when Ye Chenyuan came to knock on her door the next day.

“What’s wrong?” Once he saw her appearance, Ye Chenyuan knew that she didn’t have a good sleep and he couldn’t help but to ask, “Is it because you’re not used to the change in environment?”

Yuan Chu shook her head, then she stared at him wide-eyed.

“Why are you here! How did you know where I’m staying?!”

Ye Chenyuan felt like laughing when he saw her startled look. He could imagine how Yuan Chu would look like if she were in her original appearance.

He pointed to his interspatial ring and said softly, “I’ve brought some food. You’ve woken up late and I’m afraid that there won’t be any food left even if you rush to the cafeteria now.”

Unlike the immortal sects, most of the people in the Empire didn’t abstain from food. Despite cultivating the same Dao, they were unable to give up all the fine things of the world, like power or pleasure. Therefore, the academy had three cafeterias, where various kinds of delicacies were supplied daily.

Yuan Chu was in a confused state as she let Ye Chenyuan into her room and she watched as he retrieved familiar items like honey pork, spirit spring juice, and broiled cloud swan eggs from the interspatial ring that he used to specially prepare food for her. Yuan Chu puffed up her cheeks, she was unhappy!

All of these were obviously hers! Including Ye Chenyuan’s cooking, she was the only one that can taste them! But now, for a girl that he had only met a few times, this traitorous disciple had actually taken out all the things that belonged solely to her, she was so angry! She won’t be good to this traitorous disciple anymore!

Ye Chenyuan was slightly confused when he saw that Yuan Chu had yet to move. All of these were Yuan Chu’s favourites, why did she look so displeased?

Was she perhaps worried that he’d find out so she was deliberately showing disdain for the food he had made?

“Why aren’t you eating? You don’t like these?” Ye Chenyuan asked with a smile.

Fuming with anger, Yuan Chu turned her head away and crossed her hands in front of her chest.

“I’m not eating! Who eats such greasy foods so early in the morning? I don’t like these!”

Ye Chenyuan’s emotions were stirred up by her expressions and he really felt like hugging and stroking her.

“Really? I had thought that you’d like it……”

Ye Chenyuan took a spoon and broke a small portion of the top of the cloud swan egg’s shell and at once, the fragrance permeated the air. Yuan Chu couldn’t help but to take in a deep breath, and although her head was still turned away, her gaze had already drifted over……

She didn’t know how this cloud swan egg had come about, but even if it’d just been broiled casually, it was so delicious that one would swallow their own tongue if they could.

But because cloud swans were a species of mounts that were more easy to tame and they were also rank four, everyone cherished and protected them, never mind eating their eggs, even if their eggs were large and tasty.

But it was too bad that these cloud swans had run into a foodie like Yuan Chu. On Yuan Chu’s list of gourmet foods, cloud swan eggs were in the top three!

So fragrant……Yuan Chu could practically imagine the flavour of the smooth, delicious, and slightly salty egg bursting at the tip of her tongue!

Seeing that she still wasn’t coming over, Ye Chenyuan took the spoon and reached into the hole at the top of the egg and scooped out a spoonful of egg white.

That fragrance suddenly became even more tempting. The egg white had a hint of pink, and it was sparkling and translucent like jelly. Moreover, Yuan Chu was the one who had come up with this method of cracking a hole in the shell and eating spoonfuls of it, inspired by the method of eating watermelons, because this was the only way to fully lock in its deliciousness……ah, she really wanted to eat it!!

Ye Chenyuan ate the tender and smooth egg white in one bite and his lips curled up slightly. He had never had a desire for good food, only master’s soft lips, but he had just realised that this cloud swan egg tasted pretty good indeed. It was tender and delicious like her, stirring people’s greed for it.

“Mm, very tasty, are you sure you don’t want it?” Ye Chenyuan waved the small spoon.

Yuan Chu struggled about this internally, but when she thought of the fact that Ye Chenyuan had given her cloud swan egg to someone else, she turned her back resolutely. Hmph! She won’t bother herself with this traitorous disciple!

Ye Chenyuan looked at her helplessly, then he started to tuck into it in a leisurely manner.

As he ate, he said.

“I’d gotten up early in the morning to make these. Cloud swan eggs are quite rare, now that I’ve eaten one, there’ll be one less.”

Yuan Chu was internally biting on her small handkerchief. Of course it was rare! They had stolen them together!

Ye Chenyuan continued, “Oh, right. I just remembered that this is the last cloud swan egg. It’s such a pity that you’re not eating it.”

Yuan Chu immediately turned around to look at him with an accusatory look. Why was there only one left? Based on her highly retentive memory, including the one she had eaten a few days ago, after subtracting the one in front of her, there should still be seven!

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