TDCM Chapter 126: I’ve Fallen For You At First Sight

She frowned, then she asked in a charming voice, “Hey, I’m talking to you. Having saved me, what benefit do you want? My family is very wealthy, we have everything that you could wish for.”

When she saw that Ye Chenyuan was looking over at her, she immediately shot him a coquettish glance.

“Anything is fine……”

She felt slightly suspicious when she saw that Ye Chenyuan’s expression had become even more forbearing. She then put her arms around his neck and exhaled into his ear.

“……You can also have me……”


That was the sound of the room’s door being kicked open. It turned out that Ye Chenyuan had actually teleported her back to his room.

Yuan Chu realised that things were getting out of hand, but before she could respond, she had been pressed onto the bed by Ye Chenyuan.

“I can also have you?”

He raised his brows slightly. He had definitely looked cold and unfriendly just now, but there was an aura of wickedness about him now.

“Then……I want you!”

Saying this, he lowered his head as if he was going to kiss her. Yuan Chu was frightened and quickly rolled out from underneath him.

What happened to his image? The male lead’s character of not interacting with women had fallen apart?! What about liking men?!

When he saw that Yuan Chu was looking at him in shock, Ye Chenyuan’s heart also raced and he forced himself to calm down. Just now, he had truly been unable to restrain himself any longer, and he’d voiced his heartfelt words……

He looked at Yuan Chu’s frightened appearance. On that bewitching face was a large pair of clear and bright eyes that were looking at him nervously. That nefarious blaze was ignited within him once more.

Why? Why was she always able to make a mess of him so easily?

For the first time in his life, he felt that he was at the limit of his patience. He wanted this little vixen that went around provoking others as she wished, and he wanted her right now! He’d see if she still dared to speak so carelessly!

He raised his hand, but in the next second, he shut his eyes tightly.

No……he mustn’t! Master was still young. Although she had become larger, at her essence, she was still very young! No, no way, that was out of the question, he had to calm down, calm down!

He had persisted with being patient for so many years and he must not scare her away at this juncture!

The room fell silent. Even after a long time had passed, Yuan Chu didn’t dare to say another word……Ye Chenyuan’s previous response was too strange. Why did he suddenly say something like that to a girl he had only met twice?

That wasn’t in line with his character at all!

After the huge shock he had received, Venerable Li suddenly burst into laughter.

“Hahaha! That’s great, Little Yuan, I’d been worried that you liked men, there’s no need to worry now! It turns out that you like this type, not bad, she has even more assets than my senior sister!”

Ye Chenyuan was about to go crazy because of these two devils……

He internally circulated the heart purifying spell before he slowly opened his eyes.

He looked at Yuan Chu. Although he didn’t know how he’d managed to recognise her, the moment he laid his eyes on her, he had felt that it was her, and he became sure of it the moment he came into contact with her. Regardless of what identity she took on, and what appearance she had, his heart will only beat for her. This point will never change.

Fancy him believing this little rascal when she’d told him in all earnesty that she would be leaving, then she ended up turning around and catching him off guard.

What should he do? He couldn’t bear to hit or scold her, and he was worried that he’d scare her if he even raised his voice slightly. This was so frustrating……

It was only when Yuan Chu saw Ye Chenyuan kneading his brows that she dared to ask.

“You……what’s wrong?”

Ye Chenyuan finally regained his calm and he looked at her with a deep gaze.

“Sorry, I’ve frightened you……I must’ve been too rushed with my training recently, and I haven’t been able to get rid of this burning impatience. I’m sorry for offending you.”

Yuan Chu rejoiced when she heard this, so he hadn’t recognised her! He had suddenly become so scary because he had encountered problems in his training! Like she’d said, how could the male lead’s character fall apart? Even if he went from devoting himself to cultivation, to liking men, he wouldn’t become affectionate all of a sudden!

Yuan Chu patted her chest. However, she started to panic when she recalled the character she was playing.

What should she do……she was playing the role of an enchantress like Ji Hongyan! When Ye Chenyuan had pushed her down just now, she should’ve pouted her lips, why did she run away? Was it too late for her to remedy things now?

At this thought, she composed herself and promptly threw him a coquettish glance as she said with a smile.

“It’s alright, I’m not offended. I like you treating me like that……”

She suddenly realised that the look in Ye Chenyuan’s eyes had become very scary again!! Mummy! She had just said it carelessly!

Ye Chenyuan took in a few deep breaths before he managed to restrain the feeling of wanting to seize her and bully her relentlessly.

At this point in time, he should’ve exposed Yuan Chu and thrown her into the Sky Pearl or forced her to return to Myriad Sword Sect.

But he had just acted in such an offensive manner towards her and if he were to expose her right now, if master were to find out that he had done all that even after he had recognised that it was her, she would find out!

Besides……he looked at the lively expression on Yuan Chu’s face, and he recalled her lively character. Ye Chenyuan ended up losing.

If she wanted to play, he’d let her play. If she were to be found out, worst comes to worst, he’d bring her into the Sky Pearl and they’d never come out again.

Yuan Chu could’ve never imagined that Ye Chenyuan was harbouring such a scary thought. When she saw that Ye Chenyuan had finally calmed down, she didn’t dare to provoke him anymore. Was Ye Chenyuan going to Qi deviate soon? If she’d known, she wouldn’t have given away that heart essence pill[1]!

Yuan Chu really felt like grabbing Venerable Li and asking him about this, but she couldn’t, so she asked nervously.

“Umm, can I go back now……”

She didn’t dare to remain here any longer because she was feeling very constricted in this place.

Ye Chenyuan pursed his lips, a complicated expression on his banished immortal like face.

“Are you staying alone?”

Yuan Chu nodded. Thanks to her identity that had dropped down from the sky, she had the privilege of having her own room although she was a new student.

Ye Chenyuan nodded. He had yet to figure out how he would get along with his master’s current identity, so he wasn’t in a position to stop Yuan Chu from leaving.

He stood up and walked Yuan Chu to the door, saying earnestly.

“Don’t forget to set up an array at the door before sleeping at night. Also, don’t talk to people who have ulterior motives, especially men.”

Yuan Chu was baffled when she heard this. What did Ye Chenyuan mean? For him to suddenly show concern for a person that could be considered a stranger, was he perhaps making advances on her?

Could it be that after she accidentally bent the male lead, she somehow turned him straight again?!

Enough, she mustn’t think about this anymore. If she did, she wouldn’t understand this world anymore!

When Ye Chenyuan saw that Yuan Chu wasn’t saying anything but her gaze was distracted, he knew that this rascal’s imagination was running wild again. He suddenly realised that it was pretty good to pretend not to have recognised her, because in this way, the things that he didn’t dare to do or say in the past, he didn’t have to hesitate any longer……

He reached out and touched Yuan Chu’s face with a kind and pleasant smile on his face, but in the next second, his words made Yuan Chu panic.

“You must be wondering why I’m telling you all these right?”

Yuan Chu nodded her head blankly, watching as his smile instantly took on a wicked aura.

“It’s because, I’ve fallen for you at first sight.”

1. Yuan Chu gave them to Wen Liang as a meeting gift and as thanks.
(For easy reference because it’s been a week since this was last mentioned)

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  1. Oh dear, ML with a raging hormone and a teasing vixen loli, rofl. I wish FL would grow up soon so it won’t feel so perverted for ML to lust after her though.

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