TDCM Chapter 125: Found Out, Or Not?

Yuan Chu crooked her head, finding it strange that this group of people were so aggressive and temperamental.

“That’s right, who are you? Why are you looking for me?”

Su Heyue gave a ‘hmph’, “Yes, you’re the one we’re looking for. Little Min, teach her a lesson and make her give up her real name. It isn’t that easy to take advantage of the Mu family!”

Beside her, a round-faced girl nodded and blocked Yuan Chu’s path together with ten other people. It seems like they were looking for a fight.

Yuan Chu froze, confused as to why someone would come so soon to create trouble with a cutie like herself. This was obviously the protagonist’s treatment, why was it happening to her?

Su Heyue felt even more scornful when she saw Yuan Chu’s terrified expression, “Don’t think that you can do whatever you want just because you have a bewitching face! As your senior, I’ll teach you the rules today! Go, we’ll start with a round of beating!”

Hearing this, her people got into their stances and rushed at Yuan Chu. Yuan Chu felt really conflicted. Should she strike back at them, strike back at them, or strike back at them?

But this group of kids were at Foundation Building and it wouldn’t be too good for a cultivator at the greater perfection of Qi Condensation like herself to strike back at them.

Yuan Chu dodged their attacks as she thought.

She saw that they were currently at a secluded area of the academy, at a garden where there wasn’t anyone else. It seemed like a pretty good idea for her to beat up all of them before wiping their memories……

With this thought, Yuan Chu had a mischievous smile on her face as she dodged to the left and to the right, before she finally took a large step backwards and jumped out of their encirclement.

First, she placed her unfinished snacks into her interspatial ring before she stared calmly at Su Heyue.

When Su Heyue saw that they weren’t able to touch the edge of Yuan Chu’s garment even with so many people, she guessed that Yuan Chu must’ve cultivated some superior movement technique and she gave them an angry ‘hmph’.


Su Heyue suddenly stepped forward and said angrily, “Get out of my way!”

When she said this, all the girls retreated to the side and Su Heyue’s mid stage Foundation Building aura burst out. She thought to herself, these good-for-nothings can’t do it, but she didn’t believe that a mid stage Foundation Building cultivator like herself wouldn’t be able to catch a cultivator at the greater perfection of Qi Condensation like Yuan Chu!

Yuan Chu smiled when she saw that Su Heyue was stepping in personally. Just as she was about to strike back, she suddenly felt a familiar aura approaching them.

Oh no, Little Yuan Yuan was coming!

She immediately retracted the move she had prepared and stood there motionlessly. So, Ye Chenyuan arrived to see Su Heyue striking Yuan Chu, and although the hit only felt like a tickle to Yuan Chu, she pretended to have been badly hurt and retreated more than ten steps.

Su Heyue found it strange. Hadn’t she been very quick with avoiding their attacks? Why had this attack landed so easily?

In the next second, a formidable wave of spiritual energy struck towards them. The yellow glow of a shield appeared on Su Heyue’s body, fully blocking this attack.

However, the people she had brought along with her didn’t have any expensive protective spirit tools like the one she had and they were badly battered. Then, Yuan Chu was carried into the arms of a man dressed in white.

“Are you alright?!”

Keeping in mind that she was only at the greater perfection of Qi Condensation, how could she be fine? As she looked at Ye Chenyuan’s handsome face, her heart started pounding from the guilt.

She didn’t expect that Ye Chenyuan would actually hold her. Just as she was feeling helpless, she suddenly remembered that Ye Chenyuan didn’t seem to like the bewitching type of girls. So, she pretended to be in a delicate and frail state, coughing a few times and tugging on his lapels as she said.

“I’m alright……it’s fortunate that childe had come to my rescue, I would’ve been beaten to death otherwise……childe, no thanks can equal your great kindness, why don’t I devote my life to you?”

Ye Chenyuan froze when he heard this.

When Su Heyue saw Yuan Chu’s act, she was so angry that she felt like spitting out blood.

“Enough! That was just a light hit. Who are you putting on this show for, pretending to be half dead?!”

She froze when she caught sight of Ye Chenyuan’s face, then she said very angrily, “Well! So that’s why you stopped dodging, it turns out that you’d seen a man coming! You’ve only just seduced young master Mu, but you’re now seducing another man! You’re such a vixen!”

This was the line that Yuan Chu was waiting for. She put her hands around Ye Chenyuan’s neck and threw her a coquettish glance.

“Is someone saying that the grapes are sour just because she can’t eat them? If you have what it takes, why don’t you go and charm one too?”


“Me?” Yuan Chu’s eyes roamed over Su Heyue’s body, then she revealed a meaningful smile.

“It turns out to be a beansprout……”

Su Heyue didn’t understand what ‘beansprout’ meant, until she followed Yuan Chu’s line of sight and lowered her head to look at herself.

“Argh! I’ll kill you!!”

“Enough!” With her in his arms, Ye Chenyuan could confirm beyond doubt that this little imp was Yuan Chu. The other party’s attack was just like a tickle to her, fancy this little imp feigning a weak appearance and leaning into his embrace……

Ye Chenyuan was utterly helpless when it came to Yuan Chu, but he wouldn’t be that nice towards others. He swept his gaze over Su Heyue, and without a word, he left with Yuan Chu.

That gaze of his caused Su Heyue to feel a chill all over her body.

What did that man mean? Was he perhaps blind and didn’t see that all of this was that girl’s ruse of self-injury?!

Although Su Heyue was intimidated by Ye Chenyuan leaving without a word, she couldn’t take things lying down and still shouted behind him.

“Hey! Don’t be deceived by that girl! She’s fickle and lascivious, she’ll dump you once she’s done with you!”

Yuan Chu felt indignant when she heard this. This girl came to find trouble with her without any rhyme or reason, and she’s even slandering her now? She leaned over Ye Chenyuan’s shoulder and stuck her tongue out at Su Heyue.

“So sour! It’s no wonder that cousin doesn’t think much of you! Ouch!”

Right after she said this, she felt the grip that Ye Chenyuan had on her waist tighten. She wanted to go off on him, but when she looked up, she realised that the look in Ye Chenyuan’s eyes was very scary and she instantly became well-behaved.

So scary……why was he looking at her like that? Has she been found out? That couldn’t be! Her status was currently that of a young lady!

Her eyes darted around as she pondered, but she couldn’t figure it out no matter how she thought it over. So, she decided to sound him out.

She reached out to touch Ye Chenyuan’s chest with a starry-eyed expression on her face.

“You’re also a new student right? You’re very good looking, I like pretty boys like you……en……your muscles are very firm!”

She had learned Ji Hongyan’s behaviour, a hundred percent.

But what she didn’t know was how provoking her behaviour was.

Ye Chenyuan’s breathing stopped, and his eyes suddenly darkened.

Having placed first, he had his own room, so he headed there with Yuan Chu without another word.

Seeing the look of displeasure on Ye Chenyuan’s face, Yuan Chu really couldn’t figure out what he was thinking. Had he found out or not?

If he had found out, she hadn’t done anything to give herself away at all!

If he hadn’t found out, then why would Ye Chenyuan carry her? Moreover, he didn’t throw her down after being taken advantage of. This was so puzzling.

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