TDCM Chapter 124: Start Of A Beautiful Campus Life

And ice martial techniques were even rarer! The martial techniques that Mu Qinghan cultivated were mostly high grade black rank[1], but this girl had just given him a mid grade earth rank technique, she was such a……nouveau riche!

The two looked at each other, and for a moment, neither of them spoke a word. Seeing that they weren’t accepting it, Yuan Chu said with a smile.

“Those who treat me with sincerity, I’ll treat them with sincerity too! You were the ones who helped me out first, if you don’t accept it, we won’t be friends anymore! Also, please be assured that I didn’t investigate you, it’s my special skill to be able to look at people’s spirit root.”

The girl smiled very genuinely, lying without needing to make a draft first.

When the two saw her clean smile, they felt that they were being too paranoid and accepted her gift. They were suddenly curious about her background.

They found a place to sit down and eat their meal and as they ate, Wen Liang moved closer to Yuan Chu and asked.

“Hey, what’s your real name? You were so extravagant with the gifts, do you perhaps come from some major hidden clan?”

After all, besides the hidden clans, who like the immortal sects, had devoted themselves to cultivation and had no regard for things of the human world, they were familiar with all the large clans that were active in the Empire. However, they had never seen Yuan Chu, and they would’ve remembered such an outstanding girl after meeting her once.

Yuan Chu was busy eating her food in small bites and when she heard this question, she quickly swallowed her food and put on a lovable appearance, “All the people in my family have devoted themselves to cultivation and don’t like to be talked about by outsiders. So……I cannot tell you my identity, but I’m not a bad person!”

This point had to be emphasised because they had so many strong fighters following them.

When Wen Liang saw Yuan Chu voice that she wasn’t a bad person in such a serious manner, he suddenly felt that she was so adorable.

He also felt strangely regretful that it would’ve been nice if this little sister didn’t look that bewitching, because he felt that she would be more suited to cute features.

Her face was so tender, he really wanted to reach out and touch it!

It’s a pity that he only managed to reach his hand out midway before Mu Qinghan slapped his hand away. He shot Wen Liang a glare before saying.

“Did you come out alone? Won’t your family be worried?”

Yuan Chu recalled Venerable Sect Master’s stoic face. Ever since a few years ago when she had gone to offer birthday greetings but ended up ruining the whole family, Venerable Sect Master didn’t intervene much in her affairs anymore. Apparently, he feels that she has the ability to protect herself and that it’ll be good for her to venture out.

In Venerable Li’s words……it’ll be good if she didn’t bring disaster to others, but if others tried to harm her? Then they’d be on their own!

Yuan Chu smiled and said rather sheepishly.

“I had actually sneaked out, but……even though I’m only at the greater perfection of Qi Condensation, I’m still very strong and ordinary people won’t be able to bully me!”

Mu Qinghan guessed that Yuan Chu should still have some other secrets so he nodded and said earnestly, “In the future, with me here, no one in the academy will bully you.”

“Really?” Yuan Chu looked at him happily and said sweetly, “Cousin is so great!”

At that moment, Mu Qinghan felt like he had a piece of candied fruit in his mouth, the sweetness travelling from his mouth to his heart.

Although they wanted to continue chatting with their cute newly gained cousin, Mu Qinghan and Wen Liang had a task on hand and couldn’t delay it for too long so they left after helping Yuan Chu with the admission procedures.

Yuan Chu watched their back figures, feeling very pleased with herself as she thought about the connection she had just made. At this time, her little disciple should’ve just completed the tests right?

Hmph, she definitely won’t panic the next time they met. Right now, be it her appearance, voice, age or aura, all of them were different to her original self, so what did she have to fear? As long as she didn’t reveal her cultivation techniques, Ye Chenyuan shouldn’t be able to recognise her even if she was standing right in front of him.

On the contrary, behaving sneakily and being overly cautious will raise others’ suspicions and she must not make this mistake again. She clenched her fists determinedly.

At this moment, Ye Chenyuan was becoming restless the more he thought about it. That girl clearly didn’t hold the slightest resemblance to his master, but he firmly believed that she was his master. As it happened, she was the Mu family’s young lady and during the tests, he had questioned someone and learned that the Mu family was a large clan. Such an identity couldn’t have been easily arranged.

“It’ll be great if I could have a few words with her……” Ye Chenyuan muttered to himself. Regardless of how powerful master’s illusion arts was, he’d be able to ascertain it after engaging with her.

Even in his absent-minded state, he had passed every assessment with full marks. Be it the literary or combat tests, they were all at his fingertips, especially the literary tests.

All the candidates in his courtyard had been held up for an hour, and with a hundred questions in the literary test, they didn’t have enough time.

And so, besides Ye Chenyuan, all the other outer students that had been held up didn’t finish the questions and were eliminated.

In the end, thirteen outer students were accepted, with Ye Chenyuan coming in first. If he was just the first among thirteen people, no one would’ve paid him any attention.

But in the divine senses test and essay test, Ye Chenyuan had achieved outstanding grades. What surprised people was that he had done even better than the inner students that had been referred by the various kingdoms.

With the highest grades among all the new students, Ye Chenyuan ended up skipping two ranks and was assigned to the outer courtyard’s earth court.

The number one academy was divided into the inner and outer courtyard. The outer courtyard was further divided into four courts – heaven, earth, black and yellow. Regardless of whether they were inner or outer students, all the new students will enter the yellow court after passing the assessments. After that, they’ll be able to advance by a rank after passing the yearly assessments. There are four years of studies in the outer courtyard and they’ll be able to graduate after passing the heaven court assessments.

But this was just for the normal people. Those that were truly outstanding would be able to enter the inner courtyard after passing the heaven court assessments. There, was where the experts really gathered, a gathering of talented individuals.

The biggest difference between the inner and outer courtyard was that the outer courtyard looked at one’s ability, and more importantly, one’s family background. So, in terms of ability, there were bad people among the good.

But the inner courtyard was different. This was a place that only looked at one’s ability. Moreover, the inner courtyard also had a Elite Chamber that comprised of only thirty spots and there were terrible fights for those spots every year.

But none of this had anything to do with the current Ye Chenyuan. He appeared very calm, having no concept of what skipping two ranks meant. The thing that concerned him was, where is that little thing!

At this moment, Yuan Chu was still unaware that her disciple had his eyes on her. After reporting at the yellow court, she headed for her little home, feeling very pleased with herself.

This number one academy was so huge! The whole place was imposing, and just like an imperial court, it exuded a feeling of nobility.

It was unlike the ten immortal sects, where the buildings were elegant and beautiful, and where such large areas of imposingly tall buildings were very rare.

Yuan Chu was holding onto the little snack she had just bought, eating as she walked, when a group of girls suddenly blocked her path.

“You’re Mu Qingge?” The other party asked this because this was the name that Yuan Chu had filled in during her admission.

1. Recap: (Previously mentioned in Chp 103)
Cultivation methods can be classified into four ranks – (In descending order) heaven, earth, black and yellow. Every rank can be further split into three grades – high, mid and low.

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