TDCM Chapter 123: Peach Blossoms Are Blooming

Alternative title: The Start Of A Love Affair

Seeing that Yuan Chu was so astute, Wen Liang who was by the side said with a smile, “Alright now. We’re all friends, there’s no concord without discord. Let’s just leave it at this. Come, Little Mu, come with me, let’s skip the subsequent tests, I’ll take you to eat something tasty!”

With him acting so familiarly, not just Ye Chenyuan, even Yuan Chu felt that she was actually acquainted with him. However, this was just the effect that she needed.

Yuan Chu intentionally refrained from even glancing at Ye Chenyuan from the corner of her eye, and immediately left with Wen Liang.

Ye Chenyuan frowned and involuntarily followed her for two steps before he forced himself to stop.

Although he trusted his intuition, he could feel that there were experts protecting these two guys from the shadows. Without any proof, it would be better for him not to act rashly……

Instead of leaving, Mu Qinghan said to Jiang Tianming with a frosty look on his face.

“Young master Jiang looks very idle. I’ll have a little discussion with your father the next time I see him.”

When Jian Tianming heard this, he recalled his father erupting like a volcano whenever he met him. Terrified, he immediately sent him an apologetic smile.

“What is young master Mu saying, I’m not idle at all! I didn’t know that that girl was your little cousin, I’m sorry!”

After all, everyone had many relatives in their family, and although the Jiang family had looked into the Mu family, they wouldn’t have investigated every single person. So when Mu Qinghan said that Yuan Chu was his little cousin, Jian Tianming didn’t have the slightest doubt about it, even feeling upset that he’d gotten himself into an unfavourable situation.

“Hmph, I’ll forget about it this time, but if it happens again……” Mu Qinghan glared at him with a cold look on his face.

Jiang Tianming was intimidated and took a few steps back.

“I don’t dare to do it again, I’ll take my leave now, at once!”

He then left in a hurry with his group of followers and all the candidates that had been delayed heaved a sigh of relief.

Before Mu Qinghan could leave, a young man abruptly questioned.

“Young master Mu, can I be so bold as to ask for your little cousin’s name?”

Mu Qinghan subconsciously knitted his brows, was this another skirt-chaser?

He looked at Ye Chenyuan, only to see that he looked composed, and that his cultivation was actually similar to his own!

Surprised, he put his guard up as he said coldly.

“The young lady of the number one aristocratic family isn’t a person who someone like you, who comes from a poor and humble family can get involved with. How dare you act so impudently!”

Saying this, Mu Qinghan left. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to tell him, but he too didn’t know what Yuan Chu’s name was.

Ye Chenyuan examined Mu Qinghan’s reaction and realised that his protectiveness towards that young lady didn’t seem to be fake. What was going on?

He had clearly felt that that was master, but how could the distinguished identity that appeared out of nowhere be explained? Could he have missed his master so much that he was reminded of her when he saw a lady whose expressions resembled hers? Was that possible?

Ye Chenyuan decided to be patient and get past the present tests first. As for that little thing[1], he would find her flaw eventually.

While Ye Chenyuan continued with the tests absent-mindedly, Yuan Chu heaved a huge sigh of relief when she came out.

She raised her head and said to Wen Liang in a clear voice, “Many thanks! If it weren’t for you, I’d be done for!”

She had given it some thought after coming out, and felt that she shouldn’t have panicked. She was wearing the Thousand-Leaves Mask, and even Venerable Li would be unable to recognise her, not to mention Ye Chenyuan.

But it couldn’t be helped that she had no confidence when she was standing in front of Ye Chenyuan just now. Perhaps it was because she felt guilty, she had lied to him about returning to Myriad Sword Sect to go into seclusion after all……but she couldn’t go on like this! She must be strong-willed the next time she saw him. Otherwise, wouldn’t she raise his suspicions?

Having received a beauty’s thanks, Wen Liang laughed and was just about to say something when he was interrupted by a cold sounding male voice that carried hints of a smile.

“I’m the one you should be thanking. From now on, you’ll be my little cousin.”

When Mu Qinghan walked over, Yuan Chu could distinctly sense that there was a Nascent Soul and two late stage Golden Core experts following him. To have the protection of such people, this guy must be someone important!

With a smile on her face, Yuan Chu said, “Right, thank you! Cousin! In the future, I’ll have to trouble you to look after me in the academy.”

Seeing that Yuan Chu didn’t act shy or embarrassed, Mu Qinghan liked her frankness and walked over to say something, but once again, his ears turned suspiciously red once he approached her.

“En……in the future, if anyone bullies you, just tell them that you’re from the Mu family.”

He had a firm attitude, so much so that even Wen Liang found it hard to believe. He didn’t think that Mu Qinghan would be so warm-hearted to help someone that he had only met twice.

Yuan Chu rolled her eyes, saying with a smile, “That’ll be the best! I might as well take on the Mu family name in the future ~ can cousin give me a name?”

Mu Qinghan should’ve been enraged by her reaching for a yard after getting an inch, but when he saw her large pair of bewitching and clear eyes looking at him, Mu Qinghan felt his heart speeding up at once, such that he couldn’t formulate any words.

“W-What do you want to be called?”

Yuan Chu was rather surprised by Mu Qinghan’s reply, but she gave it some thought before saying with a smile, “Since your name is Mu Qinghan, I’ll be Mu Qingge!”

Mu Qingge, Mu Qingge, it’s a nice name!

“Alright, it’s settled then……Q-Qingge.” At the thought of her taking on his family name, and even using the word “Qing”, Mu Qinghan felt a strange warmth.

Wen Liang was by the side and when he saw that Mu Qinghan actually had the intention of recognising her as his younger sister, although he didn’t know why young master Mu took a liking to her, he felt that it was pretty good because he also quite liked this girl. If young master Mu really entered her name into his family’s records, he had decided that young master Mu would become his brother-in-law in the future.

Yuan Chu wasn’t the kind to take advantage of people, so after giving it some thought, she said, “I’ve troubled the both of you with my identity, you have no idea how much trouble you’ve saved me just by speaking up for me. So……I want to give the both of you a meeting gift, I hope that you won’t turn me down.”

Saying this, she glanced at their cultivation before retrieving two gifts. Wen Liang had the variated fire and wood spirit root that made the cultivator prone to acting impulsively, so she gave him three grade five heart essence pills.

Mu Qinghan had the variated ice spirit root, so Yuan Chu had given him a martial technique titled ‘Ice Silk Thousand Buddha Hand’. After cultivating this, he’d be able to catch any hidden weapon with his bare hands, and he wouldn’t have to fear fire or poisons. This mid grade earth rank martial technique was the most suitable for ice spirit roots to cultivate.

Once these two items were presented, Wen Liang and Mu Qinghan’s feelings towards Yuan Chu changed.

Wen Liang thought bewilderedly, a grade five medicinal pill was alright, but how did this girl know that he had the variated fire and wood spirit root? Moreover, the item she had given him was the heart essence pill, the rarest among grade five spirit pills!

It can be said that this kind of medicinal pill was the most useful to him. If he were ever to be overcome with anger, he would be able to free himself from the danger of Qi deviation with just one pill.

As for Mu Qinghan, it goes without saying that ice type techniques and martial techniques were very rare. Even with Mu Qinghan’s family background, they had spent a lot of money before finding one high grade earth rank ice technique.

1. Referring to Yuan Chu

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