TDCM Chapter 118: Number One High School

“Then……I’ll return to the sect first, Yuan……Elder, please be careful.”

Weisheng Ji felt extremely worried about Yuan Chu, but he had no other choice due to the current situation. Especially Ye Chenyuan, who although was standing at the side with a smile, that pair of eyes that were fixed on him caused him to subconsciously change his words to an honorific when he had wanted to call Yuan Chu’s name.

Oh dear, with such a fiercely protective disciple, will Yuan Chu be in an unfavourable situation?

He looked at Yuan Chu rather reluctantly.

Yuan Chu was also reluctant for him to leave. After all, they had been together for the past year, but she couldn’t hold him up from attending to the things he had to do, so she patted him encouragingly.

“Alright, return and cultivate properly! Don’t disgrace Uncle Sect Master. Don’t forget to send my regards to Uncle Sect Master and most importantly, you absolutely must not tell him that I had gotten injured!”

Weisheng Ji 一一 agreed, just as he was about to say something, he saw Ye Chenyuan frown rather impatiently, so he could only shorten things and tell her his sincere and earnest words.

“En, got it, I’ll work hard. Elder Yuan too, although you’re already a Nascent Soul, there will always be someone more talented than yourself, and to avoid getting injured again in the future, you should also continue to work hard……and, you should also try to be frugal where possible, you shouldn’t spend as you wish even if you have a lot of money……”

Ye Chenyuan who was by the side suddenly spoke up.

“Since Sect Brother Weisheng is in a hurry, you should be leaving now. I see that master has lost weight during the past year and I’m planning to bring her to Juxian Pavilion[1] to feed her some nourishment.”

“You!” Weisheng Ji had almost forgotten that Ye Chenyuan was a major nouveau riche. The two spirit weapons he was currently using had been given to him by Ye Chenyuan! For Yuan Chu to be such a spendthrift, she must’ve been spoiled by him!

“Me?” Ye Chenyuan looked at him and gave him a chilling smile. He rolled his eyes and said in a calm and irreverent manner, “I won’t send you off, and please remember this, my master doesn’t need anyone else to worry about her, I can afford to raise her.”

Yuan Chu felt like they’d start fighting if they continued this conversation. She had spent a lot of time trying to convince Weisheng Ji that the lightning tribulation had gone out of control, that it wasn’t Ye Chenyuan who wanted to strike him.

She had tried her best for the sake of the sect’s harmony!

“Ah……alright alright, it’s not early anymore, let’s say our goodbyes here! Little Ji, be careful on your way back! Go, go!”

Weisheng Ji shot Ye Chenyuan a disapproving look, then he bowed towards Yuan Chu.

“En! I’m leaving……please take care!”

Go on, hurry, I can feel Little Yuan Yuan’s killing intent! Yuan Chu thought with a smile on her face.

Sure enough, after Weisheng Ji left, Ye Chenyuan recovered his gentle demeanour, saying, “Master, did that Weisheng Ji mistreat you? Ignore him, what do you want to eat now? Do you want me to make you something, or should I go out and buy something for you?”

Yuan Chu’s eyes lit up and she subconsciously said, “I want to eat cloud swan egg, I’ve heard that the Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom’s monarch is raising a cloud swan. Shall we go and steal it?” Previously, Weisheng Ji had always disagreed, and even forbade her from going, causing her to have thought about it for such a long time.

Ye Chenyuan nodded his head repeatedly, “Let’s go, any later and you’ll start to get hungry.”

The two immediately made their move, and it wasn’t long before they had set up a campfire in a forest.

As Yuan Chu ate the fragrant cloud swan egg, she thought with a determined expression on her face, the male lead was indeed the best, she was right to follow him!

Ye Chenyuan was at the side, roasting meat for Yuan Chu. When he saw that Yuan Chu was eating happily, the corners of his lips raised slightly, and there was a profound meaning in his eyes that no one could see.

He wanted to spoil master, spoil her whole-heartedly and without sparing any effort. That way, she wouldn’t be able to leave him in the future. Even if some st*pid person came along and wanted to snatch her away, master would know who was the one that treated her the best.

Principles? Bottom line? Those didn’t exist. The only things that existed were the things that master wanted. Whatever master said was the truth, and even if master wanted to kill someone, it must be the other person who was in the wrong, isn’t it?

As this strange thought slowly spread like wild grass, the evil aura around Ye Chenyuan gathered together for a moment before it dispersed. He handed her a bottle of wine with a smile.

“Master, this is the wine that I brewed using spirit fruits while I was in the mystic realm. It’s for you, it can cut the greasiness.”

As Yuan Chu looked at Ye Chenyuan, she felt that his image had never been so radiant!

“Waah, Little Yuan Yuan you’re too good, I feel like if this goes on, I won’t be able to take care of myself!”

Ye Chenyuan poured her a cup of wine and brought it to her mouth, his expression was extremely doting.

“It’s alright, you have me, I’ll never leave your side.”

After having a sip of wine, Yuan Chu was relishing in its taste and she nodded her head repeatedly.

“I won’t leave your side either!” Such great culinary skill, whoever leaves is a fool!

The master and disciple pair reached a strange harmony once again, with neither of them bringing up that accidental kiss, as if it had never happened.

A few days later, the master and disciple pair went on the road again, their destination, the Empire!

On the day they were leaving, Yuan Chu didn’t feel much, and Wan Ling’er was the one who felt the most reluctant to part.

She gazed intently at Ye Chenyuan. The originally pretty and adorable girl, because of this unrequited love, had become more mature. It’s a pity that unrequited love could only end as an unrequited love.

Later, on the Heavenly Ship, Yuan Chu played with the dragon egg as she asked Ye Chenyuan, “Why did you refuse Little Ling’er’s request to bid you farewell in private……she was so sad that she looked like she was on the verge of tears……”

Ye Chenyuan leaned over and brought Yuan Chu and the dragon egg into his realm with a small smile on his face.

“If nothing’s going to come of it, then I shouldn’t give her any hope, I’m very clear on what I want.”

Yuan Chu glanced at him suspiciously when she heard this, what he wants……it wouldn’t be Yue Chengou right? So scary!

Ten days later, they finally arrived at the Empire.

As they learned more along their journey, they realised that the Empire was very strong. Be it financially, their strength, or anything else, all the first-rate and second-rate kingdoms combined were no match for them!

It was precisely because the Empire was highly centralised that they could secure their position. Therefore, it wasn’t practical for them to directly get in touch with the eldest grandson of the royal family.

Then, when they found out that the Empire’s eldest grandson was studying at the Empire’s number one high school, Yuan Chu revealed a naughty smile.

“Little Yuan Yuan, you can be victorious if you know yourself and the enemy. Why don’t we go to that number one high school to play first. We’ll make a decision after meeting the guy that’s impersonating you.”

Ye Chenyuan and Venerable Li didn’t have any complaints about this, so they headed straight for the Empire’s number one high school, because the annual admissions would be starting soon.

However, after they arrived and saw the tall and magnificent buildings on both sides of the road, they didn’t act rashly and instead enquired about the situation of the number one high school.

The number one high school was the dream of everyone in the Empire. Ye Chenyuan only needed to ask, and he got a lot of information. The only thing that he took notice of, just a little, was that the number one high school’s spirit beast guardian, was the flaming red beast!

The flaming red beast was the divine fire dragon beast’s descendent, so its bloodline was very closely related to divine beasts and could be considered a top rank spirit beast.

In addition to its unique skill being the godly flaming red fire, it was very strong and the most ‘Yang’. Although it couldn’t compare to the white dragon, it had its own inheritance.

Things would get dangerous if master followed him to the number one high school and met this spirit beast!

After all, white dragon could sense Yuan Chu’s physique and this flaming red beast might also be able to do that!

1. This is the place that Yuan Chu had wanted to visit after earning Weisheng Ji 160,000 high grade spirit stones but was instead fed dumpling soup (Chp 112).
I just wanted to point this out because the author had written in the previous chapter that Yuan Chu told Ye Chenyuan about everything that had happened, so I’m going to assume that Yuan Chu also complained about Weisheng Ji refusing to treat her. So to me, this feels like Ye Chenyuan flexing 😂

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