TDCM Chapter 117: A Gentle Trap

Perhaps, master wasn’t as ignorant as he’d thought. On the contrary, the things she knew might not be less than what he knew. If he had the chance to, he ought to sound her out.

With this thought, a dim light flickered in Ye Chenyuan’s eyes. As he pondered on that soft touch, a small smile appeared on his face again.

After running out, Yuan Chu patted down heavily on her heart.

Oh my god oh my god! Why did she act so melodramatically and make such a mistake? When she realised that she was in his embrace, couldn’t she have just teleported away? Sure enough, it’s easy to make mistakes when one is nervous. This actually caused her to act indecently towards a young man, so terrible! How awful!

Not long after she exited, she heard a cry of excitement.

“Yuan Chu!”

Yuan Chu was given a huge scare, and only clutched at her heart when she realised that it was Weisheng Ji: “It’s-It’s you……”

Weisheng Ji looked at her worriedly, “Are you alright? Why did you bind me with the spiritual energy? Did Ye Chenyuan hurt you?”

Because he was worried, he had been searching the public square for the whole day and only heaved a sigh when he finally saw Yuan Chu.

Before Yuan Chu could reply, a figure appeared and stood between Yuan Chu and Weisheng Ji.

Ye Chenyuan had initially been in a good mood, but after seeing this person, he was in low-spirits.

He was currently dressed neatly in white garments, but he looked extremely sombre.

“It’s you again!”

Yuan Chu felt flustered when she saw Ye Chenyuan. The awkward air from before had yet to pass! Now that they were seeing each other again, Yuan Chu’s face flushed red, but she still tugged on Ye Chenyuan as she explained.

“Little Yuan Yuan, umm, he’s my friend. Didn’t I previously suffer injuries and almost died? It was Weisheng Ji that saved me, which is why I recovered so quickly……”

“So, you were with him all along?”

Ye Chenyuan turned around to look at Yuan Chu. Danger was revealed on his expressionless face.

Weisheng Ji looked at Ye Chenyuan, feeling somewhat confused. What’s up with this person, he had saved his master but why was he treating him like an enemy?

Yuan Chu also felt that these two were incompatible, so she quickly pulled Ye Chenyuan away. She ended up pulling Ye Chenyuan to a small grove at the side and told him about everything that had happened.

Of course, she subconsciously left out the part about Weisheng Ji’s past. After all, that was his private issue and it wouldn’t be good for her to tell others about it.

When Ye Chenyuan heard this, he couldn’t deny it any longer, and he looked at Yuan Chu as he suddenly asked.

“Master, do you still remember what I had told you in the illusion?”

“Umm……which sentence?” Yuan Chu actually remembered, but she instinctively feigned ignorance, trying to see if she could get past this.

Ye Chenyuan laughed softly, then he reached out to hook a strand of her hair. His eyes narrowed slightly with an unknown implication.

“I’ve said that if you get hurt again, I’ll punish you[1].”

Yuan Chu: “……”

She suddenly clutched at her heart, trying to look like an ill beauty, as she said with a pained expression on her face, “Little Yuan Yuan, in order to survive and come back to see you, I’d had a narrow escape from death. I’d even used the forbidden technique, Kindred Spell, and I’m not feeling well right now!” So, the punishment and what not, let’s forget about it!

Although Ye Chenyuan knew that she was probably faking it, his heart tensed up when he saw Yuan Chu’s frown.

“You’re still feeling unwell? Could it be your internal injuries flaring up?”

Yuan Chu quickly nodded, then she tried to portray herself to be even more pitiful, “That time, a year ago, although you had entered my dream to help me break that illusion, my soul had sustained injuries and it has yet to heal! Whenever you act fiercely towards me, I’ll feel my head hurting……”

She feigned dizziness after saying this, wanting to gain some sympathy, but Ye Chenyuan suddenly froze.

That time, whether Yuan Chu’s soul had healed, there was no one who knew this more clearly than him……

It’s just that, after they had dual cultivated, in order not to break their relationship and scare Yuan Chu away, before he left, he had taken the chance to seal off that part of her memories while she was still weak.

He was the only one who knew exactly what had happened, and he was the only one who knew how close they had been……

But Yuan Chu looked very uncomfortable right now, so a moment later, Ye Chenyuan let out a soft sigh, the doting look returning to his eyes. He then rubbed her forehead gently.

“Where does it hurt?” He drew closer to her, then Yuan Chu was completely covered in a youthful and fresh scent. The warmth of his palm seemed to travel from her forehead into her heart.

He kneaded as he asked.

“Does it hurt like this?”

His breath was very close, “……how about this? Is it better?”

Undoubtedly, these gentle words were very normal, but Yuan Chu stared at his lapels, motionless, as if she’d been frozen by something.

Could someone really get intoxicated on gentleness? It seems like her Little Yuan Yuan had always treated her gently.

“Master……do you feel better now?”

Ye Chenyuan’s husky voice made Yuan Chu feel like she was awakening from a dream.

She quickly took a step back and said with a smile, “It’s better, it’s better! Little disciple, you’re talented at massaging!”

Ye Chenyuan’s lips hooked into a smile, “As long as master needs it, I’m willing to offer my services anytime.”

Hearing this, Yuan Chu couldn’t help but to look at him seriously. Seeing that he was simply standing there, but appeared confident and handsome, calm and elegant, she suddenly felt like looking up to the heavens and heaving a deep sigh.

Why! Such a good man, why does he like men?

As a master, was she too much of a failure?

Ye Chenyuan suddenly asked, “Master, you haven’t told me about how you got trapped in that illusion. Also, the scenery in that illusion is quite strange.”

The sea, the steamships, the port and the containers, created a very depressing scene and left Ye Chenyuan feeling uneasy. Where exactly did master come from, why did her illusion contain things that weren’t of this world?

Yuan Chu trembled. She had almost forgotten that Ye Chenyuan would’ve seen all those after entering her illusion!

Yuan Chu paused. She didn’t intend to tell Ye Chenyuan about these. Everyone had their own secrets and this was inviolable. Ye Chenyuan would surely understand her.

So, she simply changed the subject.

“Umm……I don’t know what’s up with that illusion either, but that’s not important. Right now, the most important thing is your identity!”

She clenched her fists as the fires of stirring-up-trouble blazed in her eyes, “It’s time to meet that imposter! Since you’ve already formed your core, let’s head for the Empire?!”

Ye Chenyuan’s eyes narrowed suddenly. Master wants to hide it from him?

He felt very uncomfortable, because he had hoped that master wouldn’t hold anything back from him.

But he would never disobey Yuan Chu, so he could only sigh when she said this.

“Alright, let’s head for the Empire.”

The next day, under pressure from Ye Chenyuan’s gaze, Yuan Chu bade farewell to Weisheng Ji. Weisheng Ji had been out for a long time, and it was time for him to return and give a report to his master.

There wasn’t anyone in charge of Yuan Chu because of her high position, and Ye Chenyuan was following Yuan Chu so there wasn’t anyone who cared either. But he was different, there were still yearly sect missions waiting for him and as the sect master’s disciple, he had to set a good example.

1. Actually, he had said that he wouldn’t let her off (Chp 97). There wasn’t any mention of punishments.

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  1. I almost wish he’d probe a bit more about her past lol I do really want to see his reaction to her story hehe

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