TDCM Chapter 115: Thunder Meridian

Yuan Chu felt even more upset when her hands touched the torn skin and gaping flesh on Ye Chenyuan’s body.

“Waah! Little Yuan Yuan, don’t die!”

She was hugging him very tightly. Ye Chenyuan concentrated all the damage onto himself so that the thunderbolts wouldn’t harm her.

He wanted to hug Yuan Chu, but didn’t dare to do so when he looked at his hand that was tangled up in electric currents. But! He really wanted to hug her! This d*mn heavenly tribulation, couldn’t it move away for a short while?!

A halo of light suddenly spread out from within Ye Chenyuan’s body and everywhere it reached, the thunderbolts retreated. Finally, the halo of light became a ball of light and Ye Chenyuan could finally catch his breath and give her a hug, a very tight hug.

“Master……I’ve also, really, really missed you……”

Yuan Chu suddenly felt that there was something different about Ye Chenyuan but before she had time to think about it, she was suddenly pushed away.

The ball of light was struck by a thunderbolt, then Ye Chenyuan was swallowed up by the heavenly thunder. Amidst the intense sounds of the electric strike, came his pained cry.

“Ye Chenyuan!” Yuan Chu’s voice was panic-stricken.

Seeing that the situation wasn’t looking good, she wanted to rush over but Venerable Li’s weak sounding voice rang in her mind.

“Don’t go over! Don’t interrupt him! He……seems to be opening a third meridian!”

Yuan Chu was stunned. Opening a third meridian at a time like this? Wasn’t this just looking for death?!

It was at this moment that the lightning in the sky changed trajectory. The scattered electric currents gathered together and wrapped around Ye Chenyuan to form a large purplish black ball of light.

As the sky gradually became darker, the pressure surrounding them also became even greater. Yuan Chu realised that wounds caused by this pressure had appeared on her own Nascent Soul body, not to mention Ye Chenyuan who was in the middle of all this.

He wouldn’t die, right??

For the first time, Yuan Chu’s mind was thrown into confusion. She was at a loss. What would she do if Ye Chenyuan died?

From the love-hate relationship in their previous life, to their current life where they supported each other, she realised that she had become very reliant on Ye Chenyuan. The dragon egg was trembling in her sea of consciousness and her heart also trembled with it. She could feel Ye Chenyuan’s life force declining rapidly, yet the lightning tribulation in the sky was showing no signs of stopping.

Finally, she pursed her lips and put her hands together as she closed her eyes.

“Power that draws a thousand rivers, Co-Existence Technique!”

As she sat cross-legged in midair, her body gradually emitted a white glow. That glow split into thousands of threads of light that passed through the holes in the net of lightning, layer upon layer, until they were finally drawn to Ye Chenyuan’s body.

Ye Chenyuan’s heart that had been split open suddenly pulsed twice. His soul that had been at death’s door suddenly became conscious.

This is……this is master?!

Ye Chenyuan’s eyes widened.

Past the multiple screens of light, he could “see” that Yuan Chu was currently passing her life force to him.

Besides that, the burst blood vessels on his body had healed but blood was starting to seep out from Yuan Chu’s body. His heart resumed its pulse but Yuan Chu’s face suddenly paled.

She was actually using the Kindred Spell, a forbidden technique!

However, she had a calm and composed expression on her face, as if this was just a trivial matter, and not a major issue that placed her own life in danger.

Her decision to do this without the slightest bit of hesitation also finally made Ye Chenyuan realise that……to Yuan Chu, he was how Yuan Chu was to him, someone he could share life or death with!!

The evil aura on his body gradually dissipated, and his gaze became extremely complicated and tender as he looked at Yuan Chu, before it finally became resolute.

In the next second, Yuan Chu spit out a mouthful of blood. Her spell had been forcefully cut off by Ye Chenyuan.

Then, she watched the heavenly thunder that covered the sky shrink, before it……actually made its way into Ye Chenyuan’s body!

This whole process, be it the visual or psychological aspect, made Yuan Chu feel horrified.

She knew that Ye Chenyuan was toying with fate. He would die if he didn’t succeed. Instantly, she felt a tug on her heart.

She clearly knew that with Ye Chenyuan’s current cultivation, wanting to forcibly absorb the heavenly thunder was simply courting death, but when she thought of his exceedingly exceptional bloodline, she had a small hope that a miracle would happen.

After what seemed like a long time, but also like a moment later.

Ye Chenyuan opened his eyes once again, a purple glint flashed in his eyes.

The third acupoint, thunder meridian! Open!

It was at this moment that the last bolt of his sixty three strike lightning tribulation finally arrived.

Yuan Chu was affected by the overwhelming pressure and fell unconscious. Hence, she didn’t see how Ye Chenyuan slowly recovered amidst the thunderbolts, how he went from being riddled with wounds to regaining his original appearance……

His long black hair gave out a purple glow and every part of his body was filled with power. All his bones had been shattered during the heavenly tribulation, then recast, giving him a new life.

Finally, a gold coloured core that was inlaid with thunder patterns glowed in his dantian.

Golden core, formed!

Wan Hong and Wan Ling’er had seen all these from afar, and the shock they felt in their hearts was unparalleled.

Not just because of that six three lightning tribulation that could seemingly destroy the heavens and earth, but mainly because Ye Chenyuan had actually managed to bear it……

Then, a myriad of golden rays descended from the sky. The dark clouds disappeared after they were fragmented by the rays of light. The gold rays enveloped everything that had been burnt pitch-black and flowers bloomed everywhere the rays illuminated.

At the same time, there was a phantom of a divine dragon writhing and roaring in the sky. Its multi-coloured scales wrapped around both Ye Chenyuan and Yuan Chu. At this moment, they didn’t look like mortals, but instead, they looked like immortals.

Ye Chenyuan immediately covered himself with a piece of clothing before he reached out towards the little girl that was curled up into a ball, to pull her into his embrace.


His gaze was very gentle, then the two finally disappeared into thin air, entering the Sky Pearl.

Venerable Li was stunned. He had previously discussed this with Ye Chenyuan. If the lightning tribulation was a six three lightning tribulation, based on his current cultivation, there was no doubt that he would die.

Back then, Ye Chenyuan had said that if he were really unable to endure it any longer, he would open a meridian and use that meridian to absorb the lightning tribulation.

Venerable Li had been frightened by this insane and extreme idea.

Unexpectedly, their worst fears came true and he received a six three lightning tribulation. When everyone was at their wit’s end, Ye Chenyuan really went through with forcing open a meridian amidst the heavenly thunder.

This was something that couldn’t be accomplished, but he had actually done it. And he had also endured a six three lightning tribulation. This feat was impressive enough to be recorded in the annals of history.

It’s a pity that right upon entering the Sky Pearl, before Venerable Li could express his feelings of joy and surprise, Ye Chenyuan said.

“Venerable Li, can you give me some privacy?”

Venerable Li was a little baffled, but when he saw him holding onto the injured Yuan Chu, he realised that he wanted to treat her injuries. Just like before, he didn’t let him look, just like a mother that was fiercely protective of her child.

He pursed his lips. What is there to see? Both sides are equally flat, it’s far inferior to his senior sister……his senior sister had already begun to take shape when she was twelve!

Today’s update is quite late…because I was trying to figure out how to translate the three powers that Yuan Chu used 😂 I spent like two hours in total researching this oh my lord.
Anyway, I previously mentioned that I can use the manhwa terms, but these three were very loosely translated in the manhwa and didn’t convey the meaning.
The power’s names are very cool in chinese (I swear) and they’re also related in different ways, and I really wanted that to come across in the translations.
But I feel like I wasted the two hours of research because ‘Co-Existence Technique’ & ‘Kindred Spell’ aren’t the least bit cool. smh
So, let me explain.
大同生术 (Co-Existence Technique) – This is a technique that allows them to ‘live together (同生)’. It essentially binds their life force (or something like that).
同源禁术 (Kindred Spell) – This is a forbidden technique (禁术) that binds them together, makes them share the ‘same source (同源)’ of something, like maybe their life force, idk.
Since Yuan Chu used the ‘Co-Existence Technique’ but Ye Chenyuan recognised it as ‘Kindred Spell, a forbidden technique’, I’m assuming that ‘Kindred Spell’ is the type of spell this is, while ‘Co-Existence Technique’ is Yuan Chu’s version of it.

On to the third power mentioned in this chapter.
Yuan Chu cultivates the 万力金刚诀 (Myriad Power Vajra Incantation), a Vajra Incantation (金刚诀) that has a myriad (万) of powers (力).
The powers that have appeared so far are:
力拔山河 Power that moves mountains
力破千障 Power that breaks a thousand barriers
力破千钧 Power that breaks a thousand Jun
力压万钧 Power that crushes ten thousand Jun
力引千川 Power that draws a thousand rivers (the new one that appears in this chapter)
(Btw, the ‘draw’ isn’t the artistic ‘draw’ but as in the ‘attract’ kind of ‘draw’)
See the similarities? They’re in Yuan Chu’s ‘Myriad Power (万力)’ family ~

Do the powers look cooler now? 👉🏻👈🏻

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  1. Thank you for the chapter and explanations at the end. It’s easy to forget these nuances when you’re reading week to week. I appreciate the rich layers in this!


  2. ooh thank you for the chapter! Translation definitely seems more complicated than readers can usually tell, the effort is appreciated!


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