TDCM Chapter 114: I Miss You So Much

The instant Ye Chenyuan saw Yuan Chu, his heart that had been fearful for the past year finally calmed down. All along, because nothing had happened to the dragon egg, he had determined that Yuan Chu was alright, but that was only his conjecture. Only after seeing with his own eyes that Yuan Chu was alright, did he feel that the effort he had put in for the past year was worth it.

Just so he can see Yuan Chu, even if it was just one day earlier, was worth him going all out.

Unfortunately, before he could approach her, a large dragon-like bolt of lightning ruthlessly struck down from the sky. The lightning strike was very powerful this time around and the whole sky was filled with flashes as sparks flew everywhere.

“Watch out!” Yuan Chu was in a daze and Weisheng Ji quickly moved to stand in front of her. Ye Chenyuan was undergoing his tribulation when he saw Weisheng Ji past the curtain of lightning. He glared at him with wide opened eyes.

The first thought that came to his mind was, someone wants to snatch his master?!

After Weisheng Ji pulled her away, Yuan Chu looked at Ye Chenyuan and felt sorry when she saw him resisting the thunder all by himself. She subconsciously moved towards him, but Weisheng Ji grabbed onto her.

“You must not go there!” Weisheng Ji said loudly, “His heavenly tribulation is too powerful, you won’t be able to endure it even if you’re a Nascent Soul!”

He had a firm grip on Yuan Chu’s hand and after seeing the purplish black thunderbolts, she shrunk away and stepped back.

Ye Chenyuan saw all this and he almost went insane!!

That d*mn Weisheng Ji! He actually dares to grab master’s hand?!

Could it be that for the past year, Weisheng Ji had been the one by master’s side? At this thought, Yuan Chu wasn’t clear if this was her misperception, but she could feel that the thunderbolts on Ye Chenyuan’s body seemed to flourish, before the thunderbolts suddenly spread to the area they were standing at.

Yuan Chu had no choice but to take a huge step back and Wan Hong retreated far away with Wan Ling’er. Since it’s Ye Chenyuan, this was Yuan Chu’s affair and had nothing to do with them.

But who would’ve imagined that just after Yuan Chu had moved out of the way, in the next second, a bolt of lightning headed straight for her……um, no Weisheng Ji!

“Watch out!” Yuan Chu got in front of Weisheng Ji and blocked it with a shield of light. She turned her head to ask Weisheng Ji, “Are you alright?”

“I’m alright!” Weisheng Ji glanced at the figure in the dark night sky that was practically bundled up in the thunderbolts and said solemnly, “Why don’t we leave first? He looks dangerous right now.”

“No way!” Yuan Chu shook her head, “He’s my disciple. His lightning tribulation is so intense, if I’m here, I’ll be able to give him a helping hand if a crisis arises.”

Weisheng Ji became anxious when he heard this, “Are you thinking of helping him to bear the thunder? No way! Come with me!”

Saying this, he actually picked Yuan Chu up before she had a chance to protest.

He actually carried her?!!!

This made Ye Chenyuan lose all reason. He felt as if someone was gouging out his heart. His heart was pained to the extremes, until he actually couldn’t feel the pain from the thunderbolts weighing down on his body anymore.

His eyes were red as he glared at Weisheng Ji. There was a single thought in his mind. That was, to kill him.

Perhaps because Ye Chenyuan’s will was too strong, the lightning that had struck his body actually flew towards the direction his finger was pointing at, towards Weisheng Ji!

Weisheng Ji was alarmed and narrowly avoided it. The lightning struck the stone surface behind him and with a “bang”, a large hole was blasted into the stone’s surface. It was still smoking……

Yuan Chu was in shock as she looked at all this. This was the first time she had seen the thunderbolts from a lightning tribulation change its course and strike someone else.

She swiftly jumped out of Weisheng Ji’s arms and gave him a push.

“Leave quickly, there’s something strange about this situation!”

Before Weisheng Ji could reply, another bolt of lightning struck towards him. It was clear that Ye Chenyuan’s body was also riddled with wounds, but he could actually use the lightning tribulation that hurt him to attack someone else. This was unheard of!

He reached both hands into thin air, and in the midst of the lightning that blotted out the sky and covered the earth, he seemed to be able to grasp those thunderbolts and shoot them towards Weisheng Ji.

Before Yuan Chu realised what was going on, Weisheng Ji had already been struck more than ten times.

When she realised that no matter where Weisheng Ji moved to, the lightning only ever struck towards him, she fell silent.

She looked towards the sky incredulously, where Ye Chenyuan was riddled with injuries as he endured the lightning tribulation. This wouldn’t have been done by him right? He looks like he’s going to be struck to death soon!

The injuries that Weisheng Ji had sustained weren’t minor and seeing that there was nothing she could do about it, Yuan Chu wrapped him up in her spiritual energy before sending him far away.

Sure enough, once Weisheng Ji disappeared from his sight, those aggressive thunderbolts became well-behaved. The lightning was wreaking havoc everywhere, but strangely, as Yuan Chu approached him, not one electric current struck her.

As Ye Chenyuan watched Yuan Chu approach him, the unwillingness in his heart, the pain, longing and adoration, all materialised.

Was master protecting Weisheng Ji? In just one year, Weisheng Ji had become more important than him?

At this thought, a killing intent spread all over his body. His long black hair danced in the air and his white robes were fully soaked in blood. The Sky Pearl was visible between his brows now and again, before it finally dotted between his brows like a drop of blood.

He stared fixedly at Yuan Chu, hoping to get an answer from her. In her heart, was he still the most important?

That Weisheng Ji, what was his position?

Yuan Chu slowly flew up. She had realised that the thunderbolts bypassed her. Even when she was right in front of Ye Chenyuan and could feel that overwhelming apocalyptic force, when she looked out as far as her eye could see, not one of those purplish black electric currents hurt her.

Ye Chenyuan, he could actually control the heavenly thunder! Although these heavenly thunder had inflicted terrible injuries on him, at the same time, while in his hands, they were clever and well-behaved like a baby.

“Little Yuan……” Yuan Chu was like a silkworm cocoon ball that was emitting a white light among the thunderbolts that blotted out the skies and broke open the earth. Wherever her finger travelled, the thunderbolts retreated from that area. Then, her fingertip touched Ye Chenyuan’s bloodied face. She suddenly felt an ache in her heart.

With Ye Chenyuan at its centre, the heavens and earth had spread out a huge net to kill Yuan Chu, only that Yuan Chu was unaware of her position as prey and still foolishly reached out to touch the hunter that appeared weak but was actually very dangerous. If she wasn’t careful, she would die a horrible death.

Ye Chenyuan couldn’t speak, and he only stared fixedly at her with his bloodshot eyes.

After a year, she was still as agile and lively as in his memories. She looked to be a little older, and she had grown a little taller, although when compared to his own tall height, she was still petite enough for him to hold her in his embrace.

Seeing Ye Chenyuan avoid her, Yuan Chu guessed that he didn’t want to injure her, but after a year of not seeing him, she truly missed him. Especially with him having to endure such a brutal baptism once he reappeared, Yuan Chu couldn’t bear it any longer and she threw herself into his arms.

“Ah! Little Yuan Yuan……I’ve missed you so much……”

Her words should have been muffled by the electric currents, but the moment her warm body snuggled closer to him, the evil aura that was frenziedly circulating Ye Chenyuan’s heart indescribably ceased.

Master said that she……missed him?

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