TDCM Chapter 113: A Problem In That Aspect

“Umm, Little Ling’er. You’re very lovable and I don’t want to waste your time, so I’ll tell you the truth……”

Yuan Chu couldn’t bear to watch Wan Ling’er with her feet unknowingly set in the mire, so she whispered into her ear.

“Actually……Little Yuan Yuan, he……in that aspect, he can’t!”

Yuan Chu still couldn’t bring herself to say that Ye Chenyuan liked men. This was still quite shocking in the cultivation world, but an inability would be easier to understand. It could be due to an injury sustained there, or some internal demons, she’ll just leave it to Wan Ling’er’s imagination!

Wan Ling’er’s eyes widened when she heard this. He can’t? Was that the reason why Ye Chenyuan had been indifferent towards her? That couldn’t be it?

Just as she wanted to say something, the earth suddenly shook.

Everyone looked towards the sky in confusion. Wan Ling’er said doubtfully.

“The quaking seems to be coming from the mystic realm’s testing tower?”

Mystic realm? Ye Chenyuan?!

Hearing this, Yuan Chu immediately brought Weisheng Ji and Wan Ling’er over, only to see that the tower guarding the mystic realm had collapsed. The shaking was more violent at the public square, the skies were overcast and thunderous clouds billowed in the sky. It looked like something was brewing.

“What’s going on? Could the mystic realm be on the brink of collapse?!” Yuan Chu was feeling very nervous. The mystic realm’s collapse would create a vortex and if Ye Chenyuan were to be swept away by it, it’d become a very dangerous situation for him.

It was at this moment that the other Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom people arrived, including their Ancestor, Wan Hong.

He narrowed his eyes as he looked at it, before he finally said with a frown, “It’s not good, someone inside is going to undergo a tribulation!”


Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom’s Crown Prince Wan Feng said, “Ancestor, even if it’s a tribulation, there shouldn’t be such a huge stir right? The Tianfang Mystic Realm couldn’t possibly be afraid of heavenly thunder, right?”

Wan Feng’s words struck a chord with Yuan Chu’s heart. It might not be afraid of other heavenly thunders, but Ye Chenyuan’s tribulation wasn’t the average lightning tribulation.

Sure enough, the thunder cloud’s range was increasing and feeling that something was wrong, Yuan Chu told the people around her, “All of you, leave this place. It’ll do with just Elder Wan and me here.”

When the others from the Wan family heard this, they left hurriedly, with even the imperial bodyguards withdrawing. However, Wan Ling’er and Weisheng Ji refused to leave.

Wan Ling’er was worried that Ye Chenyuan would be coming out, while Weisheng Ji was worried about Yuan Chu.

Finally, only the four of them were left at the public square. Lightning suddenly flashed in the sky, then it struck down on the small tower that had already collapsed, creating a huge shower of sparks.

Yuan Chu retreated with Weisheng Ji as Wan Hong retreated with his granddaughter.

“Elder Yuan, these thunder clouds have emerged under strange circumstances. Why don’t we join hands to break off these tribulation signs?”

Yuan Chu frowned, “We can’t. Elder Wan, it’s very likely that this lightning tribulation is because of my disciple forming his core. If we interrupt his core formation, I’m afraid that we might injure him.”

It was obvious that Wan Hong hadn’t expected this lightning tribulation to have been brought about by Ye Chenyuan. In just one year, was it possible that Ye Chenyuan was going to advance from mid stage Foundation Building to Core Formation? What monstrosity was this?

A few more bolts of lightning fell as he was hesitating. The whole earth shook and the mystic realm’s entrance that should’ve been concealed in the void started to become visible now and again.

Wan Hong was very worried. This lightning tribulation seemed to be very powerful, it wouldn’t split open the mystic realm right?

Yuan Chu retreated further back with Weisheng Ji. She also felt fearful. Ye Chenyuan had previously undergone a four-nine heavenly tribulation when he was building his foundation. Now that he was forming his core, it would be another four-nine heavenly tribulation at the very least. Would he be able to endure this?

Inside the mystic realm, Ye Chenyuan was currently sitting cross-legged on the grass. He could feel the mystic realm shaking and knew that his lightning tribulation had started.

Venerable Li said rather happily, “Although this mystic realm refused to let you out, but with the heavenly tribulation, it’ll have no choice but to do so. It’ll be good if it can hold on for a little while longer, because I can feel that this heavenly tribulation seems to be similar to the previous one, it’s bearing down on us very menacingly.”

Ye Chenyuan didn’t reply. He had to face the subsequent lightning tribulation while in his best condition. He wanted to go out, he must go out!

He hadn’t slept for the past year, having replaced it with meditation. When he reached a saturation point with his cultivation, he would hunt spirit beasts or temper his body following Venerable Li’s method, fully depleting all of his spiritual energy before continuing with his meditation.

Without a companion, without any diversion, as if he were locked up in a cage, he repeated this tedious cultivation day after day. If not for his excellent willpower, he wouldn’t have been able to persevere and advance to Golden Core within a year.

There was only one person that could make him go all out like this.

Master, I miss you so much!

At this moment, most of the mystic realm’s exterior had been struck by the heavenly thunder. Fortunately, the public square was very large and everyone else had left, otherwise there would’ve been trouble.

Wan Hong used a shield of light to protect his granddaughter as he said with a frown, “Elder Yuan, are you sure that this is your disciple forming his core? The intensity of this lightning tribulation is similar to when I was forming my nascent soul back then! It shouldn’t be your disciple, right?”

Since the beginning, Yuan Chu could feel that the dragon egg in her sea of consciousness had been stirring restlessly. She said without a doubt, “It’s him for sure. It’s just that, my disciple is slightly different, he had undergone a four-nine heavenly tribulation when he was building his foundation.”

Wan Hong was stunned by Yuan Chu’s words, “Four-nine at foundation building, now that he’s forming his core, wouldn’t it be a six-three heavenly tribulation?!”

Yuan Chu looked at him gloomily. Please don’t make such an inauspicious remark!

The heavenly thunder struck incessantly. At this moment, the sky was totally overcast and the sky above the mystic realm had been forced down to the extremes, until it wasn’t any taller than the imperial palace to its side. Yet, the thunderbolt’s scope of attack became even more extensive. Even Yuan Chu and Wan Hong could only dodge its attack.

Then, they saw the mystic realm’s entrance materialise fully. It’s intricate door was covered with thunderbolts. It seems like the mystic realm was going to open?

What kind of strength could force the mystic realm to open in advance?!

Yuan Chu had been keeping count. There had already been twenty bolts, there shouldn’t be too much left right? Hopefully, it would also be a four-nine heavenly tribulation this time around……

How dreadful! Were her demands so low that she would be glad with a four-nine heavenly tribulation?

The world in the mystic realm was also overcast. Ye Chenyuan looked up towards the sky, only to see a crack appear, before it extended and became increasingly larger.

“Prepare yourself, the mystic realm is about to open!” Venerable Li’s solemn voice travelled over. Ye Chenyuan nodded firmly when he heard this.

At such a close distance, he could clearly sense that the dragon egg was nearby. Master must be right outside! She was alright, she was waiting for him!

The moment the next bolt of lightning struck down, Yuan Chu and the rest could see that the door that hovered in midair had slowly started to open.

Everyone was staring fixedly at the door crack. At first, it wanted to tenaciously resist the lightning tribulation’s strength, but when the count reached thirty, it finally opened fully.

A young man dressed in white suddenly appeared in the sky. Behind him, a large net of electricity flashed, before the mystic realm’s door vanished completely. It seems like were it not really unable to withstand it, the mystic realm wouldn’t have let him out so early.



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