TDCM Chapter 112: The Male Lead Is Destined To Live A Lonely Life

“That’s magical!”

Yuan Chu exhaled lightly as the white glow shrouded her face. As she stared fixedly at Weisheng Ji’s finger, Weisheng Ji’s gaze was fixed on her and he took in the joy in her eyes.

……Having been regarded as a monster throughout his life, this was the first time that someone cared so much about his monstrous body.

When he was young, his father had wanted to cut off the ghost infant on his back and wouldn’t have stopped if he hadn’t been on the verge of death. Right now, it was merely a few fingers but she cared this much about it.

Weisheng Ji raised his other hand, seeming like he wanted to touch Yuan Chu’s face. The white glow disappeared, and seeing that his fingers had grown out fully, Yuan Chu quickly ran away.

“Alright, everything has been settled! Let’s have a huge meal to celebrate!”

As she said this, her eyes were fixed on the border town’s largest restaurant that was not far away, she was almost salivating.

Just as she was about to rush over, she was suddenly pulled up by her collar.

As if he were holding a small wolf cub, Weisheng Ji wrinkled his thick brows, “You want to go to that Juxian Restaurant? No way! Isn’t it the same whatever you eat? Let’s go, I’ll bring you to eat spirit beast dumpling soup, it’s filling!”

“Are you kidding me?!” Yuan Chu was wide-eyed as she made threatening gestures in midair. “I just got you a hundred and sixty thousand high grade spirit stones! Shouldn’t you treat me to a huge meal?”

With a determined attitude, Weisheng Ji carried Yuan Chu into a small stall at the side. He said with his brows raised, “Spending extravagantly once you have the money? How are you going to survive in the future? What a spendthrift at such a young age, who can afford to raise you in the future?”

Yuan Chu: “!!!” They’re parting ways, they’d go their separate ways after this break up dumpling soup!

Fortunately, that dumpling soup tasted pretty good and Yuan Chu forgot about this momentarily. On top of that, after regaining more than half of her strength, she could now fly. Two days later, they finally reached Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom’s capital.

Weisheng Ji and Yuan Chu immediately went to meet the kingdom’s ruler. Yuan Chu was wide-eyed upon learning that Ye Chenyuan was still in the mystic realm.

“What? Little Yuan Yuan is still inside?!” Recalling how Ye Chenyuan had previously entered the illusion to save her, she panicked……Ye Chenyuan had sustained injuries to his soul because of her, and he was currently still inside the mystic realm where danger lurked on every side, wouldn’t he be in even greater danger?

Wan Ling’er nodded, then she narrated the events that had happened in the mystic realm. Finally, she said miserably.

“I’m sorry, Elder Yuan, if it wasn’t for me……if it wasn’t to save me, Childe Ye could have come out……”

Yuan Chu frowned when she heard this, but seeing that the young girl was upset, she didn’t say anything and only sighed.

“Alright……for him to have saved you, it shows that he has made progress. Two years, I’ll just have to wait two years.”

She had said this dismissively, but if it weren’t for the dragon egg that was sitting in her sea of consciousness, she would’ve searched for a way to blast open that mystic realm……

Yuan Chu decided to stay, and Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom immediately bestowed her with the title of a distinguished guest. Because of Yuan Chu’s presence, Cloud Kingdom who had lost one son and had tried numerous times to find trouble with them suddenly became well-behaved.

However, them behaving themselves didn’t mean that Yuan Chu didn’t still hold a grudge. Ye Chenyuan could’ve come out, but he was trapped inside because their family’s child was too much of a brat. So, beside herself with anger, Yuan Chu had once secretly brought Weisheng Ji along to take her revenge. She would only let this matter rest when their entire kingdom was in a hopeless state.

After taking her revenge, Yuan Chu waited for her disciple in Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom while she recuperated.

She was provided with food and drinks. On top of that, for some reason, Wan Ling’er treated her especially well and Yuan Chu started living the life of an idler. The baby fat she had previously lost grew back, she looked fair, and her flesh was tender. You can just imagine how cute she looked!

Weisheng Ji also remained because he was worried that Yuan Chu would be at a disadvantage due to her age.

Yuan Chu didn’t know about this, so whenever she had time, she would give him some pointers in Venerable Sect Master’s stead. The days passed very quickly.

It wasn’t long before a year had passed. On this day, Wan Ling’er came to look for Yuan Chu with spirit fruits that a dependency had given as tribute. Once she saw her, she said sweetly.

“Elder! I’m here again! After a few days of not seeing you, Elder seems to have grown taller again!”

Ever since she found out about Yuan Chu’s true strength, Wan Ling’er had been quite respectful towards Yuan Chu, addressing her as ‘elder’ with a sincere attitude.

“Is that so?” Yuan Chu was currently laying by the side as she watched Weisheng Ji train with his sword. She had laid down with no regard for her image, and seeing the spirit fruits and pastries that Wan Ling’er had brought over, she was so happy that her large eyes formed into slits.

“Little Ling’er, why are you so thoughtful? But it’s better for you to tell the truth. Whatever your plan is, just tell it to me straight, otherwise I’ll feel uneasy to have received so many things from you.”

Although she said this, without the slightest bit of hesitation, her hands moved to pick up a small fruit before stuffing it into her mouth. The fragrant and sweet taste spread out in her mouth. However, because she was a greedy little thing, she stuffed another piece before she was done with the first piece. Both her cheeks were bulging out and she looked like a little squirrel.

Wan Ling’er had been currying favour with Yuan Chu for more than a year, and it was impossible to say that she didn’t have any objective. Otherwise, even with Yuan Chu’s status as an honoured Nascent Soul, as the Kingdom’s Princess, she didn’t have to lower herself to serve her.

So she lowered her head shyly when she heard Yuan Chu say this.

“Actually……there’s nothing much. If Elder could answer a question of mine, I’ll bring you more delicious things in the future.”

Yuan Chu gave her a perfunctory reply, “Ask away!”

Wan Ling’er smiled bashfully, “That……Childe Ye, he’s your disciple right? Do you know who is the person he likes?”

Yuan Chu choked when she heard Wan Ling’er’s question. If not for Weisheng Ji who had been by the side and had run over to pick Yuan Chu up and pat her back, Yuan Chu would’ve become the first Nascent Soul in the world to have died by choking.

After she spat out the fruit’s pit, Yuan Chu had quite an interesting expression on her face.

Weisheng Ji said with a frown, “At your age, you still choke when eating fruits? Stop eating for now, after I’m done with my sword training, I’ll help you to remove the pits and you can eat them then.”

Yuan Chu wept tearlessly. The fruits weren’t the problem. It was because she didn’t know how to answer Wan Ling’er……

She casted a pitiful gaze towards the little girl who was looking at her worriedly, and paid a silent tribute to her.

After dismissing Weisheng Ji to return to his sword training, Yuan Chu held Wan Ling’er’s hand. She voiced her sincere and heartfelt words.

“Are you asking this because you fancy Little Yuan Yuan?”

Wan Ling’er suddenly became shy, but when she recalled something, she sighed and closed in on Yuan Chu’s ear. She then told her about how she had been rejected after offering her body in the mystic realm……

Finally, she said quietly, “He was indifferent even after I’ve done that, it’s clear that he already has someone in his heart……”

Yuan Chu also felt like sighing after hearing this. This disciple of hers was stubborn indeed. A beauty had already made the first move, and she was even a Pure Yin Physique, but he still remained resolute. What did this mean? This meant that he was still thinking about Yue Chengou, the guy she had transformed into!

If she’d known, she wouldn’t have changed into a male. She wasn’t clear what it was she had done back then, that made her little disciple like men and not woman. Wan Ling’er had already done so much but he was still indifferent. It seems like he was destined to live a lonely life……

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