TDCM Chapter 111: Heart Of The Strong

Everyone in the Weisheng family froze at her shamelessness.

The old Chief striked his cane on the floor tile heavily, “What exactly do you want?!”

Yuan Chu gave a ‘hmph’, “What? Simple! My disciple’s robes had been ruined in the fight. It’s worth thirty thousand high grade spirit stones. Also, my disciple was forced to use a forbidden technique and suffered damage to his soul, we’ll need fifty thousand high grade spirit stones as compensation for the emotional distress. That’s all, just tell me if you’ll pay up.”

“You!” The old Chief was wide-eyed, “What robe is worth thirty thousand high grade spirit stones?” Besides, would such an expensive robe be ruined so easily?

Yuan Chu raised her brow, “A robe I made personally! Are you saying that you don’t think that something handmade by a Nascent Soul master like me is worth thirty thousand spirit stones?”

The old Chief almost spat out a mouthful of old blood. This was unscrupulous! He pointed at Weisheng Ji……

“He doesn’t look like he has suffered any damage to his soul!”

But who knew that just after he said this, Weisheng Ji supported himself on the wall beside him, his handsome face was distressingly pale and he immediately broke out into a cold sweat.

‘……Master, you don’t have to worry about me, this bit of injury to my soul will recover after a hundred years or so……cough cough……”

Everyone: “……” they had never seen such a shameless person before!

Yuan Chu tried her best to keep a straight face, saying seriously, “Look, as you can see, my disciple has been harmed by you to the point that he can’t even stand anymore. Just tell me whether you’ll be paying up. If you don’t, then I will have to snatch it.”

The old Chief was ashen-faced. Eighty thousand high grade spirit stones! This would empty out the Weisheng family’s resources! If they really handed it over, their family would not be able to regain its strength for many years……

He pointed a trembling finger at his own son.

“They’re the ones that caused this trouble, settle it with them! Besides, back then, Weisheng Ji had killed so many members of our clan, any resentment he had should’ve been dispelled. Why is senior being so overbearing?”

At the mention of the incident that had happened back then, everyone quieted down. They all looked at Weisheng Ji with complicated gazes.

It was difficult to imagine that such a young child could actually be so ruthless. If they hadn’t realised it in time, it was very likely that the Weisheng family wouldn’t exist right now.

Yuan Chu smiled, “You very well know the reason why Weisheng Ji had killed people back then! I can’t be bothered to speak much more on this. Your son is so ugly, I don’t want him. If you don’t pay up, then I’ll have your life!”

The killing intent on Yuan Chu’s body spread out, as if she would eliminate them completely once they disagreed.

Thinking of the numerous people in his clan, the old Chief finally heaved a deep sigh.

“Alright……the money, we’ll give it to you.”

With these words, he hoped that Yuan Chu would stop at this. If she took it any further, they would fight to the death.

Yuan Chu was very clear about the other party’s bottom line. She immediately retracted her killing intent, a friendly expression on her face.

“Very good, I like sensible people. Pay up! We’ll still be friends if we meet again in the future!”

When Yuan Chu finally left, the Weisheng family was already penniless. All the things they had accumulated for the past many years had gone into Weisheng Ji’s pocket.

As for Weisheng Yi who had caused the Weisheng family to suffer this drastic decline, he was no longer the young master and would be placed in confinement for ten years. As for Weisheng Yuan the main culprit, he wouldn’t be able to escape death.

In short, Yuan Chu had managed to accomplish their goal without even moving her hand. People would marvel at this operation.

So, with the money in his hands, Weisheng Ji stared at Yuan Chu.

After travelling some distance, Yuan Chu turned to look back and asked with a raised brow, “Why? You didn’t expect that I’d be so kindhearted? That I didn’t kill the whole family?”

Weisheng Ji nodded. He had seen another Nascent Soul master before, and after someone offended him, that senior had burned that person and his whole family alive.

He had thought that Yuan Chu would also act ruthlessly. People of high rank couldn’t tolerate having their dignity infringed upon after all. That was also the reason why everyone wanted to become stronger.

On the busy street, Yuan Chu turned around to look at him as she said earnestly.

“Little Ji, you are Uncle Sect Master’s disciple. As your elder, I can also teach you. I hope that you can remember one point —— towards people or affairs, going too far is just as bad as not going far enough!”

Weisheng Ji froze slightly. Shouldn’t it be that one should behave unscrupulously the stronger one is?

Wasn’t cultivation all about advancing by stepping on the bones of others? Why was there still ‘going too far’?

Seeing that he was confused, Yuan Chu said with a smile.

“First, you have to understand what it is that you want. People from the Weisheng family had offended you, but from the fact that you were willing to return the Blue Spirit Barrier Breaking Spell, it proved that you didn’t intend to kill all of them and only wanted to teach them a lesson. And what’s the thing that you want the most? After thinking about it, the only thing I could come up with was money. So why should we fight or kill and make things unpleasant?”

Weisheng Ji gave it some thought……more than shedding the Weisheng family’s blood, he did seem to want money more……he didn’t expect that Yuan Chu would be able to analyse a problem so thoroughly and rationally even though she was so young.

Yuan Chu raised her brows and smiled, “Don’t resort to fighting if the issue can be solved by using your brains. If you’re going to make a move, don’t hesitate. However, taking the lives of living creatures goes against the heavens and people that are truly strong don’t need to prove themselves through others’ fear.”

“Then how do they prove themselves?” Weisheng Ji couldn’t help asking.

Yuan Chu chuckled, “Through forgiveness.”


“Correct, only a strong person would dare to, would have the ability to, would be in a position to forgive others. When you understand this, you’ll also be a strong person.”

Weisheng Ji suddenly felt a tremor in his heart. Every word was like a profound sound from beyond the highest heavens that enlightened him.

As he looked at Yuan Chu who had spoken those words, the people that were coming and going beside him seemed to have become shadows. Her disposition was dignified and above everyone else but she also blended in with everyone else.

So, Yuan Chu was a strong person both physically and mentally?

The kind of strength that dared to forgive someone. What strength was it exactly?

In the next second, he seemed to have understood something, but he also seemed not to have. Seeing that Weisheng Ji looked lifeless, Yuan Chu suddenly grinned from ear to ear.

Her snow white pearly teeth were revealed, carrying hints of mischief. A small folded fan inexplicably appeared in her hand and she waved it cheerfully.

“Hehe, did you suddenly feel that my image is very firm, outstanding and openhearted? Eminent and unapproachable?! Don’t be discouraged, with an aptitude like yours, it’ll take you several hundred years to catch up to and surpass me. So you can stop being so dramatic.”

Hearing this, Weisheng Ji suddenly felt like poking out both his eyes. He must’ve been blind just now, to have thought that Yuan Chu had the disposition of a strong person.

Yuan Chu suddenly said, “Open your mouth!”

Weisheng Ji subconsciously opened his mouth. He widened his eyes when half of a bloodied revitalisation pill entered his belly.

Although it was just half a pill, he didn’t think that Yuan Chu would give him such a valuable medicinal pill. It could still be used to save one’s life at crucial moments.

Yuan Chu removed his glove, only to see that there was a white glow coming from the area where Weisheng Ji’s fingers had been severed. It wasn’t long before his severed fingers slowly grew out.

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