TDCM Chapter 110: Yes, I’m Reaching For A Yard After Getting An Inch

He was starting to believe that Yuan Chu was really a Nascent Soul. His brow beaded with sweat, he raised his head to see that Yuan Chu was looking at him with a wide smile on her face. If he ignored the scheming look in her eyes, that smile was very sunny and adorable.

“I can give this to you, but shouldn’t you return what’s mine?”

“Return……return what?” Suppressed by Yuan Chu’s imposing manner, the old Chief felt all the more that Yuan Chu was a Nascent Soul. D*mn it, Yi’er that boy had lied to him!

Yuan Chu gave a ‘hmph’, “The revitalisation pill that my disciple bought was snatched away by someone from your family. What? You’re not going to admit it?”

Weisheng Yi immediately flew into a rage when he heard Yuan Chu’s words.

“Brat, stop playing tricks! So what if I snatched that revitalisation pill? And that magic treasure you have that can change one’s aura, hand it over!”

Saying this, he made a grab for Yuan Chu and before the old Chief could stop him, Weisheng Yi was sent flying with a kick from Yuan Chu. The sound of cracking ribs was heard.

Early stage Golden Core, but he was sent flying with one kick. How could this girl be a fake Nascent Soul?!

With this one move, everyone in the Weisheng family started trembling. Oh no, they were done for, a Nascent Soul had taken a fancy to Weisheng Ji and had come to avenge him!

After sending Weisheng Yi flying with a kick, Yuan Chu didn’t even spare him a glance before directly addressing the old Chief.

“So? Your son has already admitted to it. Where’s the revitalisation pill? Hand it over!”

At this point in time, the old Chief didn’t dare to leave things to chance anymore. Besides, they had already returned the Blue Spirit Barrier Breaking Spell and he didn’t want to start a feud with a Nascent Soul master so he quickly got Weisheng Yi to return the item.

Having suffered a kick from Yuan Chu, Weisheng Yi was unable to stand and his initial scepticism instantly turned to fear. Without a second thought, scared and on edge, he handed over the medicinal pill he had snatched.

Yuan Chu received it and when she opened it to take a look, she realised that it was half of a bloodied revitalisation pill.

Gloom flashed in her eyes, but her smile became even cuter.

“Why is there just half a pill?”

She spun the pill in her hand, her tone was meaningful.

Someone was helping Weisheng Yi up. When he heard this, he was alarmed and quickly said, “It’s originally half a pill! T-The other is with Weisheng Ji!”


Yuan Chu’s expression suddenly changed, “My Little Ji almost died in your hands! Besides, he’s only at Foundation Building, how could he have won against you snatching it from him? Know your place and hand over the medicinal pill! Otherwise I’ll massacre your Weisheng family!”

Saying this, her Nascent Soul aura engulfed everyone present. Everyone trembled and fell to their knees, with some of them yelling.

“Young master! Hand it over!”

“That’s right, that’s right! It’s fine that you usually snatch others’ things but how can you snatch a Nascent Soul master’s things? Quick hand it over!”

Weisheng Yi was pale. At this moment, he was feeling extremely depressed.

“I didn’t, I-I really only have half a pill! I’ve already handed it over!”

“Not willing to hand it over?” Yuan Chu smiled sinisterly, “That’s easy, this revitalisation pill was purchased by my disciple for a hundred thousand high grade spirit stones. If you’re only willing to return half a pill, the efficacy of this half pill would definitely be weaker than before……how about this! As long as you return eighty thousand high grade spirit stones to me, I’ll consider the issue with the revitalisation pill to be settled. How about that?”

“Eight……Eighty thousand?!”

The old Chief was wide-eyed at this figure. He turned around and raised his cane to hit Weisheng Yi.

“You unfilial son! Aren’t you going to hand it over?”

Standing by the side, Yuan Chu said quietly, “Laoniang[1], isn’t interested in seeing you discipline your child, just tell me if you’re going to return it. You can either return a complete revitalisation pill to me, or you can pay me. If you keep being noisy, I’ll draw my sword!”

The old Chief was about to be angered to death. He pointed a trembling finger at Weisheng Yi, “Where’s the other half of the pill? Where did you hide it?!”

Weisheng Yi really felt like spitting out blood at this moment. His gaze was indignant but he didn’t dare to express it.

“I really didn’t take it! I really didn’t take it!”

The old Chief was left with no choice, and seeing Yuan Chu’s raised brow, he quickly said, “We……We’ll pay!”

It was then that Yuan Chu sat down on the first seat as she waited for them to retrieve the money. Eighty thousand high grade spirit stones wasn’t a small amount but it didn’t matter, she had plenty of time.

More than an hour later, after the Weisheng family mobilised the whole clan, they finally managed to gather eighty thousand high grade spirit stones in a short period of time.

Once the storage bag was handed over to Yuan Chu, she threw it to Weisheng Ji without a second glance.

As Weisheng Ji held the bag of money, he instantly felt like his dully aching soul had recovered. He felt full of vitality, thoroughly refreshed!

The old Chief thought that this matter had passed, but Yuan Chu raised the tip of her brow.

“Alright, the matter with the revitalisation pill has been settled, let me assess the issue of him cutting off four of my disciples’ fingers!”

The old Chief froze. Weisheng Yi turned around and pointed angrily at Weisheng Yuan who was trying to hide.

“It’s him, he was the one that instigated me! If you want to cut, cut off his fingers, it’s all his fault!”

Everyone else in the Weisheng family stared at them resentfully. Snatching a Nascent Soul’s things, did he want to die?!

Yuan Chu looked easy to talk to.

“Is that so? Alright, since the both of you are at fault, each person can cut off two fingers and I’ll consider this issue settled.”

Yuan Chu’s words brought a chill in everyone’s hearts.

The old Chief said hastily, “Senior, about this matter……can we talk it over……we’ll pay money……”

“Money?” Yuan Chu laughed, her tone was cold, “Do you think that I lack that money of yours?”

A small exquisite knife appeared in her hands, giving off a slight chill.

“You can either sever the fingers, or, sever the head! My person……is someone you’re worthy of bullying?”

Weisheng Ji was moved by her words.

Yuan Chu had said that he only needed to watch from the sidelines, but at this moment, he felt protected by someone……for the first time in his life!

As for everyone else in the Weisheng family, besides fear, they also felt a little envious that a monster like Weisheng Ji was able to find a Nascent Soul to be his master. One that was even willing to stand up for him.

……The end result was obvious, with Weisheng Yi and Weisheng Yuan severing two fingers each, their pained shrieks were unending.

Their thoughts were wild, thinking, that’s all, right?! They have already returned everything that needed to be returned to Weisheng Ji. Even if the other party was a Nascent Soul, they can’t be unreasonable, right?

The hatred in their hearts reached a critical point. D*mn Weisheng Ji! He better not fall into their hands in the future.

Seeing that they had cut off their fingers, Yuan Chu stood up with a smile.

“Alright, the principal has been repaid. Lastly, let’s calculate the interest.”

Everyone was surprised by her words.

It’s not over yet?!

Yuan Chu sneered, “You ambushed and robbed my disciple, causing him to meet with an unexpected calamity. Shouldn’t we calculate the compensation for the emotional distress?”

The old Chief’s expression changed and he couldn’t hold back any longer.

“You……you’re reaching for a yard after getting an inch!”

Yuan Chu was very calm and with her arms crossed, she looked around her disdainfully.

“That’s right, I’m reaching for a yard after getting an inch!”

1. 老娘 (Laoniang) – Literal translation: Old mother, BUT (not the dictionary definition, just my inference from all the dramas I’ve watched) It’s used to refer to oneself, usually when angry, to put oneself above the other person in seniority. I also feel like there’s a sass to this word.

I’ll go ahead with the discord, but give me some time to figure it out 😛
P.s. From the responses, I feel like our discord might become the chill-iest discord ever, because apparently, many of you are lurkers like me 😅

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