TDCM Chapter 109: Have Your Revenge, Young Man

It’s just that……the object of her dream was too shameful!

Hide it! This dream must be covered up! No one else must know about it!

Otherwise she might lose her image as a distinguished master.

As Yuan Chu was red-faced and feeling vexed, Weisheng Ji finally woke up.

His injuries were not visible anymore, just that it’d take some time for the injuries to his soul to recover.

“En! How long have I been asleep for?” Weisheng Ji covered his head, he was having a headache.

Yuan Chu took a look at the outside sky and realised that it was already dark. She had been so absorbed in her thoughts that she had even missed her dinner!

“You……haven’t slept for long, it’s just been a day.”

Weisheng Ji nodded, then he suddenly remembered how he’d hugged Yuan Chu and cried……a myriad of expressions crossed his face before it finally stopped at facial paralysis.

Was it too late for him to pretend that that had never happened?!

But what Weisheng Ji had yet to realise was that after crying about it, the internal demons hidden in his heart had disappeared. His mind had been invigorated and he’d become more confident. Even his cultivation had loosened up and it wouldn’t be long before he’d be able to break through late stage Foundation Building.

Seeing his appearance, Yuan Chu knew that he was feeling embarrassed. She wasn’t the kind of person that would use someone else’s sore spot to amuse herself, so after she threw the dragon egg back into her sea of consciousness, she dusted off her hands and stood up.

“Alright, since you’re awake, let’s discuss our grand plan for revenge!”

Raging flames had sprung up in her eyes and Weisheng Ji froze when he saw it.


He frowned. Actually, after Yuan Chu had helped to free him from the emotional entanglement, he didn’t want to have any involvement with the Weisheng family any longer. Although their ignorance had destroyed his family, he had poisoned and killed half of the Weisheng family back then.

Most importantly, Yuan Chu had only eaten half a revitalisation pill and he wasn’t sure how much she had recovered. He didn’t want her to meet with any danger again.

But Yuan Chu was disagreeable and she said angrily with her hands on her hips, “If it were anyone else, I’d be able to leave it behind but it’s Weisheng family that had cut off your fingers! There’s also the other half of that revitalisation pill, we have to get it back no matter what!”

Weisheng Ji suddenly stopped speaking, because his heart ached when he recalled how the revitalisation pill that he’d spent a hundred thousand high grade spirit stones on had been snatched away. Because of the money, his prior good mood was gone and his anger towards the Weisheng family was ignited once again.

“Alright, we’ll get our revenge!”

He raised his hand to form a fist but his gaze dulled when he saw his severed fingers.

It was at this moment that Yuan Chu squatted down, retrieved a black glove, and gave it to him.

That glove was sentient and it adjusted its size once it neared Weisheng Ji’s hand. It was as if his four severed fingers had suddenly grown out. Weisheng Ji stared at the single glove on his hand in amazement. If he hadn’t seen wrongly, this was a top-grade spirit tool, Black Poison Hand!

Seeing that it fit him, Yuan Chu smiled in satisfaction.

“You can wear this first, but I swear to regrow your severed fingers!”

However, Weisheng Ji felt like with this Black Poison Hand, his severed fingers didn’t matter that much anymore, and in order not to burden Yuan Chu, he quickly said.

“It’s alright. If severing a few fingers can get me a top-grade spirit tool, many would be eager to sever their- ouch!”

Yuan Chu hit him angrily. What was he saying?

With a firm expression on her face, she told him one word at a time, “Snatching my things and injuring my person, they’ll have to pay the price! And anything that I want to do, I’ll definitely do it!”

She had a vicious look in her eyes, it was murderous-looking and her hands formed into fists.

“Anyone who takes the slightest advantage of me, I’ll make them spit it back out a thousand folds! You too, having had four fingers cut off, don’t tell others that you know me if you don’t cut off both his hands!”

Weisheng Ji was stunned by Yuan Chu’s sudden domineering manner, then he remembered that Yuan Chu was no longer a weak little girl but an overbearing Nascent Soul!

It’s just that, why was this smug expression so cute? Looking at the earnest look on her face, Weisheng Ji suddenly felt that disregarding all costs to save her was the best decision he had ever made in his life.

With this thought, his heart didn’t ache as much when he felt his empty pockets……

No……it still hurts when he suddenly recalls it!! Yuan Chu will return the money to him right?!

The next day, the Weisheng family was ready for battle.

They had heard from Weisheng Yi that a Nascent Soul master had rescued Weisheng Ji. A Nascent Soul master…… The most powerful person in the Weisheng family was just a late stage Golden Core. They had provoked a Nascent Soul, oh no!

Faced with the whole clan’s reprimanding gaze, Weisheng Yuan said rather grudgingly.

“Chief, young Chief, I don’t think that the situation is that serious. I’d previously seen that Nascent Soul once before. She’s just a child, and she had been indifferent towards us injuring Weisheng Ji. In the end, she had only used her aura to scare us off, so I’m guessing that she might not be a real Nascent Soul, she must’ve faked it with some special kind of magic treasure!”

Weisheng Yi also said, “Father, that’s right. Don’t be in such a rush to blame me. If that person was really a Nascent Soul, would she have let us leave? You’re also aware that I had cut off four of Weisheng Ji’s fingers!”

Chief Weisheng stroked his beard, “So what you’re saying is……she was just trying to scare us?”

Weisheng Yi promptly nodded his head, “However, they have a magic treasure that can be used to change one’s aura. If they really dare to come, we must not be duped by them. Be it the magic treasure or the Blue Spirit Barrier Breaking Spell, we have to get it!”

Chief Weisheng also became greedy when he heard this. Just as he was about to nod, a young girl’s sweet voice sounded from afar.

“Oh? Who wants to snatch my things?”

In the middle of their exchange of words, Yuan Chu had appeared together with Weisheng Ji. Everyone in the hall was stunned.

Appearing out of thin air, how high was her cultivation? Their gazes towards Weisheng Ji suddenly changed. It seems like the situation was different from how the young Chief had described.

Chief Weisheng froze. Before he could speak, Weisheng Yi who was beside him said.

“You actually dare to come here? Also, what’s so great about teleportation? Did you think that you’d be able to fake being a Nascent Soul master like that?!”

His sombre gaze landed on Weisheng Ji, “Be sensible and hand over the Blue Spirit Barrier Breaking Spell! Otherwise, I’ll show you!”

Yuan Chu looked at him with an icy gaze. Was he stupid? Did she look like someone who would dare to stir up trouble if she didn’t have the ability to do so?

Yuan Chu ignored the surrounding people who had varied expressions on their faces and together with Weisheng Ji, she walked up to Chief Weisheng and with a “bang” she slammed down the Blue Spirit Barrier Breaking Spell on the table.

“Here, it’s yours, I’m returning it to you.”

This was also Weisheng Ji’s wish. Since it belonged to the Weisheng family, he’d return it to them. It’s just that, they didn’t have the frost flame bloodline so they’d have no use for it, but what did that have to do with him?

The old Chief didn’t know what was up with Yuan Chu, but he quickly reached out when he saw the Blue Spirit Barrier Breaking Spell. Yuan Chu didn’t move her hand and was pressing down on it. Then, the old Chief realised that he was unable to pull it out no matter how much strength he used.

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