TDCM Chapter 108: A Dream

“I was useless……I was afraid that she’d be taken away by wild beasts so I didn’t allow her to leave the cave. At four years old, the world she had seen was just the size of the cave’s entrance! However, she had never complained about it, and I had planned to bring her out when I became stronger……but before I could become stronger, she died!!”

Yuan Chu also felt sad about this but she didn’t speak and let Weisheng Ji vent his feelings. He told her a lot about his past with his sister, the first time she called him big brother, when she first learned to walk, when he first told her stories of the outside, the first time he saw a yearning in her gaze……

A long time passed before Weisheng Ji finally felt tired from the crying. Having poured out all of his feelings at once after so many years of repressing it, plus his current wounded state, he soon fell asleep on Yuan Chu’s shoulder……

Yuan Chu helped him to lie down before wiping his face with a handkerchief. When her handkerchief reached Weisheng Ji’s hand, she looked at the four severed fingers that had stopped bleeding. Recalling that blood soaked half revitalisation pill, a gleam flashed in her eyes.

Weisheng family, right? She still remembered that there was a symbol of the two words ‘Weisheng’ on the clothes of the people that had come to the medical hall to capture them.

Yuan Chu sneered. Having lived to this age, there’d never been anyone who dared to snatch her things! Since that’s the case, they cannot blame her for being cruel and ruthless!


Meanwhile, Ye Chenyuan’s divine senses had sustained severe injuries and seeing that his cultivation seemed to be dropping, Venerable Li had to use another ten thousand year spirit essence before Ye Chenyuan finally woke up.

Venerable Li heaved a huge sigh of relief when he saw that Ye Chenyuan had awoken.

“Are you alright?”

He looked at Ye Chenyuan rather worriedly. Suffering damage to the soul twice in a short span of time and using two ten thousand year spirit essence to mend the soul was rather exhausting.

However, Ye Chenyuan had gained something from this situation and his divine senses had become stronger after he woke up.

But because he had been lost in his thoughts after he opened his eyes, with his profound eyes fixed on a particular place, Venerable Li was so frightened that he circled around him.

“Are you alright? Have you……become foolish?”

Ye Chenyuan frowned at the racket that Venerable Li was making, then he sat up.

His body made a cracking sound when he moved. Ye Chenyuan was surprised when he realised that he seemed to have grown a little, what’s going on?

Venerable Li was secretly amused, “Check out your strength.”

Ye Chenyuan closed his eyes and tried sensing it. He had actually reached late stage Foundation Building!

Venerable Li said in a serious manner, “Your soul had left your body twice, and although it was dangerous, it’s also cultivation and with the addition of the ten thousand year spirit essence, your cultivation has now reached late stage Foundation Building. And because your foundation is very stable, I have a feeling that your core will be forming soon.”

However, Ye Chenyuan replied grimly, “We’ll discuss all these later. Venerable Li, master’s life is in danger! If that wasn’t the case, I wouldn’t have used my soul force.”

Venerable Li frowned, “It’s that serious? But you’ve already helped her twice, she’s still in danger?”

Ye Chenyuan pursed his lips. Although he had used such a method to stabilise master’s collapsed soul, her internal injuries were still very serious and there’s no way that she would be able to recover in a short period of time without a grade six panacea. What if she were to run into bad guys in this period of time?

But how could grade six medicinal pills be that easy to find?

Ye Chenyuan narrated Yuan Chu’s situation, vaguely skipping past the portion where he saved her and only telling the important points.

“Master is in a very dangerous situation now, how can I go out to save her?!”

This time around, Venerable Li was stumped, “Mystic realms are their own separate spaces. If you want to tear it up, you’ll need power that can even destroy the heavens and wipe out the earth. Even Astral Realms might not be able to do that……”

“Hold on!” Ye Chenyuan suddenly interrupted him, “I know how to leave!”

Venerable Li was frightened, “You’re not thinking about breaking the seal on your bloodline are you? Stop playing around, unless you become a Nascent Soul, you won’t be able to bear the power of the Divine Emperor Bloodline!”

But Ye Chenyuan wasn’t talking about this, “Venerable Li, don’t forget that this mystic realm has a restriction on the cultivation level. As long as I form my core, wouldn’t I have exceeded this restriction?” After all, Wan Linger’s brother hadn’t been able to enter because he was at Core Formation.

Venerable Li froze, “Then……then what if you form your core and the mystic realm is unable to sense it? There are spirit beasts in here that have cultivation equivalent to Core formation stage after all.”

“You don’t have to worry about this.”

Ye Chenyuan stood up with a resolute expression on his face, “It’s fine even if the mystic realm doesn’t let me out after I’ve formed my core.”

His hands formed into fists and he suddenly smiled, “Don’t I still have a lightning tribulation? If the mystic realm doesn’t let me out, I’ll make use of the lightning tribulation and strike this place!”


Meanwhile, after setting Weisheng Ji down, Yuan Chu was meditating as she waited for him to wake up, but her thoughts wandered.

……In order to obtain the Morning Divine Pearl, her soul had been heavily damaged in the illusion, then it had collapsed. Why was it now fine all of a sudden?

Yuan Chu hugged the dragon egg, nourishing it with her blood as she spun the Morning Divine Pearl.

The Morning Divine Pearl was a natural treasure like the one-heart clam, but it was even rarer. There was only one in the whole world.

It had had its own spiritual sense ever since it came into being. Towards anyone who wanted to obtain it, it would create an illusion according to the individual person, before finally deciding on its grade.

She had been trapped in a high level illusion by it, so its grade would’ve also changed to become the highest, becoming a natural divine tool.

—— Although it was just a divine tool that could only create illusions.

But the damage it had caused to her divine senses were real, so how was she now recovered?

Yuan Chu frowned once again as she stared at the dragon egg in front of her. She asked uncertainly.

“Egg egg, hey, egg egg. Could it be that you have some natural ability, that can even save divine senses that have collapsed?”

The dragon egg was very silent. It could no longer jump around and it was currently hibernating.

Yuan Chu also thought that it couldn’t have been it, the dragon egg was already so weak after all.

At this time, she thought of something and her face suddenly reddened……

Previously, during the period of time that her divine senses were being repaired, she had actually had a dream.

In the dream, both her and Ye Chenyuan had grown up, then……then something that couldn’t be described had happened!

That dream was very clear and Yuan Chu could still remember it clearly even after waking up. If she hadn’t been interrupted by Weisheng Ji’s matter, she would’ve pondered over this issue at an earlier time.

Was she…….experiencing puberty? So she was starting to get restless?

Yuan Chu’s face reddened even more.

That cannot be, shouldn’t puberty start around thirteen? Moreover, the object of her fantasy was actually her own disciple, was she too much of a beast?

En……it must be because she had experienced too long of a drought! After all, it wasn’t possible for such a vigilant person like her to dual cultivate with someone, putting her own soul and body in someone else’s hands without any hesitation. She wouldn’t even know how she died!

But she was a regular woman on the inside, which was why she had such a dream. Right, that must’ve been the case!

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  1. Hahahah the way she rationalizes it xD though tbh, who in her place would actually think it was her little disciple??


  2. “then something that couldn’t be described had happened” HAHAHA oh girl u have no idea!
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