TDCM Chapter 107: Real Men Do Not Cry Easily

Weisheng Ji’s words made Yuan Chu feel very upset. As she silently applied the medicine, her movements became even gentler……

“At the start of those three years, life was very difficult. I was still young, so not to mention spirit beasts, I couldn’t even catch a rabbit. I had no choice but to cautiously look for fruits or to go into the clan to steal food……back then, my sister and I lacked everything and even in my dreams, I thought about having a full meal. But because we had been labelled as monsters, I’d have to endure a brutal beating whenever any clansman caught sight of me. Fortunately, the adults couldn’t care less about us and the children weren’t able to beat me to death. Like this, I had looked after my sister for three years.”

Weisheng Ji closed his eyes somewhat painfully when he thought about his sister.

“Although my sister was an ordinary person without a spirit root, she was intelligent and learned everything very quickly. Her intelligence had surpassed that of any ordinary person by the time she was three. At that time, I had thought that she might be able to become a sage when she grew up, but……all of this was destroyed……”

Regret and a killing intent surfaced in his eyes, “……once, as I was bathing in the river bank and secretly practicing the Blue Spirit Barrier Breaking Spell, a little girl from the clan had seen my back. She let out a shriek and bolted away in fear, but because she was too frightened, she had tripped. Seeing that there was a sharp rock on the ground where she was falling towards, I had instinctively used the Blue Spirit Barrier Breaking Spell’s Blue Wind Technique to knock away that piece of stone.

What I didn’t anticipate was for the Weisheng family to find out about this matter and guess that the Blue Spirit Barrier Breaking Spell hadn’t been destroyed by my father but was in my hands instead. So, they who had previously shown no interest in us suddenly started a massive hunt for us. I was afraid and brought my sister into the depths of the forest, not daring to go into the clan again. Like this, a year passed, but unexpectedly……!”

Weisheng Ji’s face paled, “……Unexpectedly, one day, after I’d just broken through the first level of the Blue Spirit Barrier Breaking Spell and had returned from my first successful hunt. What awaited me wasn’t my sister, but a pool of blood. And in that pool of blood was my sister!”

His body trembled as he choked with sobs, “My sister, someone had split my sister into two halves right down the middle! Her two heads and four legs had been separated, and she had fallen on the ground, looking like two separate bodies!!”

His whole body started trembling and all the muscles on his body were tense. Even the ghost infant on his back became even more hideous looking.

Yuan Chu walked to stand in front of him, she was just a little taller than him who was sitting on the ground. Seeing that he was silently enduring this immense pain, she couldn’t refrain from reaching out to pat his back.

“You can cry if you want to……’

Weisheng Ji froze. Then, he watched as Yuan Chu generously lent him her shoulder.

“Three years of caring for her but your only family was ruthlessly killed. Why can’t you feel sad, why can’t you cry? If you have a good cry now, you won’t feel as pained in the future. Your sister will also wish for you to be well.”

Hearing this, Weisheng Ji’s eyes reddened even more. But telling him to cry in front of a little girl? No, he had stopped crying a long time ago!

However, he was enticed by the warm scent on Yuan Chu’s body and told himself that he’d lean on her for a little while, just a little while……

When the weight landed on Yuan Chu’s body, she felt her shoulder sink and her heart also sank.

Although Weisheng Ji had spoken lightly of it, resentment had accumulated in the depths of his heart.

The unfair treatment he had suffered in his childhood, watching his parent’s tragic death. The unknown pressures he must’ve felt as he lived an ignoble existence in a forest where danger lurked everywhere……until his last family also met with a violent death in front of him.

If not for the extreme hatred he felt towards them, he wouldn’t have poisoned them. How much courage did he need to poison a whole village of people?

So Yuan Chu was certain that he must have a lot of internal demons in his heart. She didn’t want these internal demons to continue growing in him, she hoped that he could vent them out.

“Actually, you and your sister aren’t monsters.”

Yuan Chu could feel Weisheng Ji tense up at her words. She patted his back. At this moment, she had a kind of power that could set people’s minds at ease.

“Marriage between blood relatives are more likely to result in birth deformities, and your parents were twins so there’s a higher probability of your mother giving birth to twins. So, the thing on your back isn’t some ghost infant but your younger or older twin brother that didn’t form fully.”

Yuan Chu continued, “Your sister also wasn’t some monster. She had simply merged with her brother, so you don’t just have a sister.”

Weisheng Ji’s head shot up and he stared fixedly at Yuan Chu when he heard this.

That was because when he was young, his sister had told him more than once, that she was two persons. The other one with its eyes closed, who had never spoken a word, was his younger brother.

Back then, Weisheng Ji had simply thought that she was too lonely and had imagined a playmate for herself while he was out looking for food……

Yuan Chu’s words had shaken up his heart. Did he really have a younger brother? His sister was actually two persons?!

Yuan Chu looked at Weisheng Ji’s bloodshot eyes and his bewildered and pained expression. Word by word, she told him earnestly.

“You and your sister are like those people that only have six fingers, it’s just a mutation that happened to the body. You aren’t monsters, and those natural and human calamities have nothing to do with you. Things like curses or being inauspicious? They’re only burdens that those selfish people had imposed onto you to vent the grievances in their life. And you —— shouldn’t punish yourself for others’ mistakes.”

“Shouldn’t, punish myself for others’ mistakes……”

Yuan Chu’s powerful and resonating words caused Weisheng Ji to stare blankly for a long time.

As he looked at Yuan Chu, his heart kept stirring and he wasn’t able to say anything for a long time.

Yuan Chu patted her own shoulder again, “I’ll lend you my shoulder if you want to cry, but I hope that you won’t repress the past in your heart anymore. All this was caused by the clansmen who forced your parents to marry. You and your sister have done nothing wrong, keep living on proudly!”

After she said this, the cave fell into silence.

After a long time had passed, or perhaps it was merely an instant, Yuan Chu was suddenly embraced by Weisheng Ji! Tightly!

He borrowed her shoulder, his cries were soft and muffled as his hands clutched onto her tightly, as if he was trying to vent something.

It turns out that he wasn’t inauspicious and his sister also wasn’t a monster? For so many years, this was the first time someone had told him so.

But when he thought about his parents and sister who had never been accepted, he felt so upset.

“……Yuan Chu……do you know? I’d really done my best, I’d gathered everything that I thought was edible, but my sister died before she could ever have one full meal! ……her corpse was so thin……having been split into two halves, she didn’t even bleed that much……”

His hot tears fell on Yuan Chu’s neck and his voice became increasingly choked up.

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