TDCM Chapter 105: The Secret Of His Back

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He looked at the palm of his hand where the blood soaked half spirit pill was. Then, he fed Yuan Chu that precious pill……

If Ye Chenyuan hadn’t made his move, he wouldn’t have been able to turn the situation around even if he had brought back an intact revitalisation pill. However, Yuan Chu’s soul had now stabilised and half a revitalisation pill was enough for her injuries to recover partially.

Instantly, Yuan Chu was engulfed by a white light. Weisheng Ji heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that half a medicinal pill was still effective.

At the same time, he could no longer stand on his feet and his body swayed, then he fell to the side.

Just as he was falling over, a small hand suddenly held onto him.

Weisheng Ji’s vision had darkened but he was still aware that Yuan Chu had awoken. A smile appeared on his pale face.


Although he was smiling, his face was bloodied and his dark eyes were unfocused. How seriously injured was he?!

Although Yuan Chu had just regained consciousness, because her soul had recovered a great deal, she had been aware of her surroundings from the point where Weisheng Ji had fed her the medicinal pill. Moreover, a grade six revitalisation pill wasn’t something that any average person would have.

Seeing that Weisheng Ji was injured from head to toe, she knew the difficulties he had gone through for this medicinal pill.

She quickly channeled spiritual energy to Weisheng Ji, but it was at this moment that she caught sight of his hand that had four fingers cut off. Her eyes widened.

No wonder, no wonder there was a bloody taste in her mouth. It turns out that the medicinal pill he had given her had been soaked in his own blood?!

Yuan Chu immediately saw red. She channeled spiritual energy to Weisheng Ji as she asked through gritted teeth.

“Who was it? Who was it that injured you to this point?!”

She wanted to rip him apart!!

Weisheng Ji’s head was lowered and a long time passed before he managed to recover a little bit of energy, “It’s alright……you, concentrate on recuperating……I’ll be fine in a bit, don’t channel any more spiritual energy to me……”

All the spiritual energy that Yuan Chu currently had was basically from the revitalisation pill. The medicinal pill wasn’t easy to obtain. Even though he was the one that Yuan Chu was transferring it to, he still felt reluctant.

“How hateful……”

Yuan Chu gnashed her teeth. At this time, Weisheng Ji had already fainted due to the severity of his injuries.

Suddenly, hurried footsteps sounded from outside and very quickly, the medical hall was surrounded.

“It’s here! I just saw a bloodied young man enter here!”

Beside Weisheng Yi was an ordinarily dressed man as he pointed to the medical hall. The medical hall’s doctor had already been scared off. The Weisheng family was the border town’s number one aristocratic family and they had been tyrannising the town for a long time. They weren’t people that anyone could offend.

Sensing that someone had come for them, Yuan Chu initially wanted to kill them all! However, Weisheng Ji’s injuries were grave and she had no choice but to look for a place to treat his injuries first.

Weisheng Yi was unable to sense Yuan Chu’s presence at all. When he pushed aside the hanging screen and prepared to enter with a group of people behind him, he was suddenly hit by a wave of spiritual energy and he immediately started to spit out blood endlessly.

Yuan Chu quickly made the decision to carry Weisheng Ji and leave. Her icy voice circulated around the area.

“Three days later, will be the day of your death!”

That voice had a murderous aura and it was as if every word was branded onto all of their hearts. Weisheng Yi had planned to pick a fight and didn’t think that he’d run into such an expert here. Hearing the meaning behind her words, he became fearful and with injuries on top of injuries, he suddenly lost consciousness.

A moment later, Yuan Chu brought Weisheng Ji to a cave.

For some reason, after she regained consciousness, the greater part of her soul that had sustained serious injuries in the illusion had strangely healed. So right now, she could finally open the storage space in her sea of consciousness.

Although she didn’t have any sacred healing items like the revitalisation pill with her, she had other good medicine and it wasn’t long after she fed Weisheng Ji some medicinal pills that he woke up.

Although he had regained consciousness, Weisheng Ji was still very weak because he had used a forbidden technique. Having used his life as an offering, his soul was bound to have sustained injuries and injuries to the soul couldn’t be cured by medicinal pills. Even with the spirit congealing pill, it could only heal smaller injuries to the soul and the majority of it will still have to depend on how well he was nursed in the following days.

“You’re finally awake!”

Yuan Chu heaved a huge sigh of relief when she saw that Weisheng Ji had regained consciousness. Weisheng Ji had gotten injured for the revitalisation pill, which also meant that he had gotten injured for her. She would feel so guilty if anything were to happen to him.

Seeing that Yuan Chu was the one who had saved him, Weisheng Ji knew that she had probably recovered for the most part. Fortunately, his hundred thousand spirit stones hadn’t been wasted……it’s a pity, that it was only half a pill!

Hatred flashed in Weisheng Ji’s eyes when he thought of the other half of the pill that had been snatched from him. He quickly pushed it aside and told Yuan Chu.

“Many thanks, you……”

Yuan Chu frowned, “It’s alright, between the both of us, it’s unclear who should be thankful towards the other! It’s fine as long as you’re awake. I’ve just treated your internal injuries but there are a few wounds on your back that are very strange. Medicinal pills are actually unable to heal them. Remove your upper garment, I’ll help you to apply some medicine……”

Saying this, she made a move to take off Weisheng Ji’s clothes.

Weisheng Ji had been feeling a little dizzy but when Yuan Chu’s hands reached towards his back, he suddenly became clear-headed and instantly evaded her.


Yuan Chu gave him a strange look.

Due to the acute fluctuations in his mood, a trace of blood flowed down the side of his mouth once again. Weisheng Ji faced Yuan Chu and said resolutely, “Don’t touch my back, I’ll……do it myself!”

Yuan Chu looked at him doubtfully, her small and delicate face wrinkled as she asked bewilderedly, “Are you sure that you can do it yourself in your current condition? Or is there something that you’re afraid of?”

She vaguely remembered that the old man from last time had called Weisheng Ji a monster……

Weisheng Ji’s expression became complicated when he heard this. Slight hesitation appeared on his resolute face, before he finally said in a low voice.

“It’s not that I’m afraid of anything……I’m just afraid that it’ll frighten you.”

After all, Yuan Chu was still young and he didn’t want to scare her.

Hearing this, Yuan Chu couldn’t help but to say, “Just tell me, there isn’t anything in this world that can scare me. If I’m really afraid after you’ve told me, I won’t touch you anymore, won’t that do?”

However, it was impossible not to touch him because after this struggle, Weisheng Ji was bleeding again.

Weisheng Ji’s body swayed slightly and he gritted his teeth.

He was fully aware that he shouldn’t, but anyone would be weaker when they were injured……at this moment, Weisheng Ji also wished that there’d be someone who didn’t mind his body……someone who would let him lean on them.

Although……perhaps, it wasn’t quite possible.

Forcing a smile onto his face, he finally shook his head, “You want to see it……I’ll let you see it. If you’re afraid, then don’t, don’t force yourself……”

Saying this, he turned his back towards her.

At this moment, his long, inky black hair was loose and he had lifted them to the front and when his greyish black clothing gradually came undone, his wheat coloured flesh was slowly revealed to Yuan Chu.

Yuan Chu involuntarily held her breath the moment she saw his back.

Instantly, Weisheng Ji felt as if his heart was in his throat.

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