TDCM Chapter 104: The Pain Of Severed Fingers

The auctioneer also felt that this price should be the maximum so she said with a smile.

“Are there any higher bids?” Finally, she looked at Weisheng Ji, “Ninety eight thousand going once, ninety eight thousand going twice! Ninety eight thousand……”

“Hold on!”

Unexpectedly, it was Weisheng Ji who had spoken up again.

Everyone looked at him in astonishment. Was this person a richling from the Empire, how else would he be able to come up with so much money otherwise?

Weisheng Ji wasn’t quivering or trembling anymore. After the beating of his heart had reached the extremes, he actually felt a strange calm.

He raised his plate, “A hundred thousand, high grade spirit stones!”

This time around, not just the onlookers, even Chief Huang was also dumbfounded. A hundred thousand, did he have that much money?!

But he was unable to raise the bid any further. Even if this was a grade six medicinal pill, he couldn’t sway his clan’s foundations just to purchase a single pill.

The auctioneer gave a small smile, “Alright, a hundred thousand going once.”

“A hundred thousand going twice.”

“A hundred thousand, deal! Congratulations to this mister, the revitalisation pill is yours!”

Weisheng Ji relaxed when he heard this, then he smiled wryly.

Great, now he had nothing besides his spirit tool and one revitalisation pill. He had gone back ten years in one day, what a great loss!

Upon receiving the revitalisation pill, Weisheng Ji didn’t dare to delay for even a moment and he hurried back to where Yuan Chu was. Unexpectedly, he was intercepted by two people.

Weisheng Ji’s expression became apprehensive. He had fled at a sufficiently quick speed after leaving, and for these people to have caught up to him, their cultivation must be above his.

“It’s really you!” Wei Shengyuan was among the people that had intercepted Weisheng Ji.

He said with a sneer, “I had felt that it looked like you, and it turns out to be true! Weisheng Ji, you’re pretty rich!”

His eyes lit up. He didn’t expect Weisheng Ji, who didn’t even have money for food back then, to spend money so extravagantly.

He must still have a lot of money on him!

Weisheng Ji didn’t think that he’d be recognised. If he’d known, he wouldn’t have worn the mask that the auction house gave out to everyone and instead spent a bit of money on a better one.

But it was useless to say these now. He looked at a thirty plus year old man beside Wei Shengyuan, his expression alert.

That man stepped forward and the oppressive force of a Golden Core spread out.

“Weisheng Ji, hand over the revitalisation pill and I’ll let you live!”

Weisheng Ji looked at him calmly, “Daring to rob me, aren’t you afraid that my master will cause trouble for you? My master is an honourable Nascent Soul!”

“Bah!” Wei Shengyuan frowned, “That little girl from last time? Stop bluffing, if she were a Nascent Soul, would she have let us leave? Would she have simply watched as you got hurt? She must have had a magic treasure that can change her aura, which was how I got fooled!”

The Wei Sheng family’s young chief Wei Shengyi frowned impatiently, “If you do not hand it over, then you can go and die!”

Saying this, he suddenly made his move.

With his early stage Golden Core cultivation and Wei Shengyuan’s late stage Foundation Building cultivation, it was more than enough to deal with Weisheng Ji.

Weisheng Ji quickly retreated and subconsciously touched the medicine bottle that was tucked away in his clothes. The revitalisation pill was his everything and he couldn’t hand it over.

Hence, a big clash was unavoidable.

In a flash, both sides were engaged in a fight, two to one. If it wasn’t for the fact that Weisheng Ji’s cultivation method was of a higher level than them, he wouldn’t have been a match for them.

However, with the difference in realms, Weisheng Ji was soon covered with injuries. At this time, Wei Shengyuan suddenly attacked him from behind and the medicine bottle that contained the revitalisation pill fell out.

Weisheng Ji’s eyes widened and he immediately reached out to grab it. With much difficulty, he managed to catch the medicine bottle but was unable to avoid Wei Shengyi’s swift and murderous sword. At this moment, the medicine bottle broke and four of Weisheng Ji’s fingers were sliced off.

Weisheng Ji let out a blood-curdling scream. Wei Shengyi was very angry when he saw that the medicinal pill on the ground had been tainted with Weisheng Ji’s blood.

“Hah, you actually dare to dirty my revitalisation pill! You disgusting monster, today, I must punish you!”

Weisheng Ji was deathly pale as he retreated with his hand hugged to his chest. Right now, he couldn’t deal with the revitalisation pill on the ground, nor could he consider his wounded body. In the face of his life, he had no choice but to initiate a forbidden technique at the cost of his life.

“Blue Spirit……Evasion!”

The moment he said this, magnificent rays of intersecting red and blue lights suddenly emerged from his body, and just as Wei Shengyi’s sword was about to pierce him, Weisheng Ji suddenly disappeared.

Having his attack land on thin air, Wei Shengyi frowned deeply.

“D*rn! He got away! With the tiger returning to the mountain, there’ll be endless trouble in the future!”

Hearing this, Wei Shengyuan said fawningly, “Young Chief, don’t worry, it’s fine since we managed to snatch the medicinal pill.”

Saying this, he picked out the medicinal pill from the pool of blood and broken medicine bottle pieces. It was at this moment that his expression changed.

“Why is there only half a pill?!”

“What?” Wei Shengyi came over to take a look when he heard this and realised that there was just half of a bloodied revitalisation pill in Wei Shengyuan’s hand.

Why is it just half a pill?

Wei Shengyi recalled that he had slashed his sword towards Weisheng Ji just as he had caught the medicine bottle. Unable to avoid it, Weisheng Ji had subconsciously reached out to block it with his hand. His sword had then sliced off four of Weisheng Ji’s fingers and also broke the medicine bottle. Could it have been then?

“Half a pill? What about the other half?”

Wei Shengyi asked, displeased.

Wei Shengyuan hastily searched everywhere before finally saying “It’s gone……it might be with Weisheng Ji!”

“D*mn it!” Wei Shengyi revealed his displeasure, “He has sustained severe injuries and even used a forbidden technique so he’ll definitely need to see a doctor. Deploy the whole city’s forces to look for him right away. No matter what, he mustn’t be left alive!”

“Yes, young master!”

On the other side, that medicinal pill was indeed in Weisheng Ji’s hands.

The medicinal pill had been cut when the jade bottle was broken. Four of his fingers had been cut off but his thumb had been pressed onto half of the spirit pill.

Although he was ghastly pale and bloodied all over, he didn’t forget to bring the medicinal pill to Yuan Chu……the doctor received a huge scare when he arrived at the entrance of the medical hall.

Weisheng Ji had already sealed his acupoints and the bleeding had stopped but all ten fingers were linked to the heart and just by looking at it, the pain of severed fingers was a horrible sight.

When he thought of the Wei Sheng family, the hatred that Weisheng Ji had buried for many years surged in his eyes. But all that wasn’t important right now.

“Where……where is the girl that I brought here?”

He stared frostily at the doctor. The doctor was so frightened by his current appearance that his legs were shaking, he quickly replied, “I-In the rear court!”

Weisheng Ji headed for the rear court immediately.

Yuan Chu was still unconscious right now, but her life wasn’t in danger because the collapse of her soul had been brought under control. She had yet to wake up only because her injuries were too severe. When Weisheng Ji saw that she was still alive, his tightly knit brows unconsciously loosened slightly.

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