TDCM Chapter 103: Revitalisation Pill Auction

At this moment, Weisheng Ji had already exchanged all of his belongings for spirit stones. Just to scrape together a little bit more money, he had even sold his interspatial rings.

Finally, with a crystal stone card that contained a hundred thousand high grade spirit stones tucked away in his clothes, Weisheng Ji felt like he was floating on air. He had never seen so much money in his whole life!

There’s no doubt that he would’ve never thought that he would spend it all. He was hoping that the grade six revitalisation pill would be cheaper.

Very soon, the auction started and those dazzling items were brought out in succession.

There were items like mystical cultivation methods, top-grade spirit weapons and treasure maps. Weisheng Ji felt like he wanted all of them!

The one he liked the most was an earth rank mid grade fire cultivation manual.

Cultivation methods could be classified into four ranks, heaven, earth, black and yellow. Every rank could be further split into three grades, high, mid and low.

However, it could be said that few have seen heaven rank cultivation methods. He was currently cultivating Myriad Sword Sect’s earth rank mid grade cultivation method, Wind and Fire Essence, a cultivation method that only personal disciples could learn. But Wind and Fire Essence wasn’t the most suitable for him, this book in front of him was.

This cultivation method was hard to come by and it was one of the finale auction items together with the revitalisation pill. As Weisheng Ji watched the price rise consistently, there were several times where he was tempted to make a move but stopped himself when he thought of the revitalisation pill.

That cultivation manual ended up being auctioned off for ninety eight thousand high grade spirit stones. Weisheng Ji eyed it covetously for a long time but didn’t end up calling in a bid for a hundred thousand high grade spirit stones.

Revitalisation pill, revitalisation pill. Yuan Chu was still waiting for him!

With this thought, Weisheng Ji withdrew his regretful gaze and looked earnestly at the final item that had come onto the stage —— grade six revitalisation pill!

“I’m sure that everyone knows how precious this item is without me having to say it.”

The auctioneer was a beauty and she stood in front of the revitalisation pill as she said with a small smile, “No matter how severe the injuries, even if you’re near death, you’ll be able to survive as long as you have this medicinal pill!”

Besides reviving a dead person, it can also regrow severed limbs and raise your cultivation! Everyone, just think, how difficult is the cultivation road? Having this is akin to having an extra life! So, enough nonsense, the opening bid for this revitalisation pill is a million mid grade spirit stones!

Weisheng Ji was slightly speechless.

One high grade spirit stone was equivalent to a hundred mid grade spirit stones or ten thousand low grade spirit stones. His hundred thousand high grade spirit stones were only worth ten million mid grade spirit stones and this was after he had reduced himself to poverty. However, the starting price of this medicinal pill was so high……it was simply like cutting off a piece of his flesh.

However, because this medicinal pill was worth it, the price soared and it wasn’t long before someone called out the price of five million mid grade spirit stones. And five million was Weisheng Ji’s original maximum budget.

His hands were clammy as he held onto the plate. It had taken him many years to accumulate the money he had now. Seeing that it had already risen above seven million, should……he still buy it?

If it were someone else, Weisheng Ji would definitely stop bidding because he had risked his life to obtain all this wealth.

But when he thought of Yuan Chu……when he recalled how quick-witted she had looked while she was still conscious, and how terrible she had looked when she spat out blood……her condition had only worsened because of him, her divine senses had collapsed and she would die without this medicinal pill!

So he gritted his teeth and followed with another bid.

“Eighty thousand! High grade spirit stones!”

As soon as he said this, someone followed with another bid, “Eighty one thousand high grade spirit stones.”

“Eighty two thousand high grade spirit stones!”


The bidding only slowed down when the price rose to ninety thousand.

Weisheng Ji’s forehead was filled with cold sweat. For a person like him who would request for an additional free pill when purchasing a bottle of fasting pill for three low grade spirit stones, ninety thousand high grade spirits stones! Which was equivalent to nine hundred million low grade spirit stones! Nine hundred million! He was actually going to buy a medicinal pill that cost nine hundred million!

“Ninety one thousand high grade spirit stones!” A long time later, someone gritted their teeth and raised the price. The temptation of an extra life was still very attractive, the cultivation world was dangerous after all.

The auctioneer’s gaze swept across the audience, and seeing that no one else was bidding, she said with a lovely smile, “Does anyone want to raise the price? If not, this revitalisation pill will be Chief Huang’s……”

“Hold on!” Weisheng Ji abruptly raised his plate, “I’ll pay ninety one thousand high grade spirit stones, plus one low grade spirit stone!”

His words caused everyone to burst into an uproar and they looked towards where he sat. Although Weisheng Ji was wearing a mask, he hadn’t spent money on a private room so everyone saw him at one glance.

No one dared to believe that someone who had more than ninety thousand high grade spirit stones would sit at the free seats and even raise the price so disgracefully.

No one knew how much pressure Weisheng Ji was currently under. His whole body was damp with sweat and the raised plate in his hand felt like it weighed a thousand catties.

The auctioneer was also dazed for a moment, but she soon smiled. This item didn’t have a minimum increase so he wasn’t barred from adding a single low grade spirit stone. She said with a smile, “Is there a higher bid than this mister’s?”

No one increased the bid. The previous earth rank mid grade cultivation method might be worth this price but eighty thousand high grade spirit stones was the maximum for one revitalisation pill.

Sat in a private room, Chief Huang was rather unhappy. He said with a cold sneer, “Ninety two thousand high grade spirit stones!”

Weisheng Ji froze. He didn’t expect the other party to raise the price by a thousand.

……he looked at the green medicine bottle on the stage that was spinning in mid air, and he took a deep breath.

Revitalisation pill —— he was determined to get it!

“Ninety two thousand high grade spirit stones, plus……plus one low grade spirit stone!”

Chief Huang shot Weisheng Ji an angry look when he heard his bid. Was this young lad trying to make things difficult for him?!

Just to beat him, he endured the heartache and raised the price.

“Ninety five thousand high grade spirit stones!”

Everyone gasped in surprise, this should be the ceiling price, right?

Then they looked towards the masked young man, only to see that his uncovered neck was moist with sweat. Nevertheless, a moment later, he raised his plate resolutely.

“Like before, I’ll add one low grade spirit stone!”

“You!” Chief Huang rushed out of his private room on the second floor and leaned on the railing as he looked down, displeased, “Where did a kid like you come from, that actually dares to make things difficult for me?!”

The auctioneer’s charming eyes scanned him and she said with a smile, “Chief Huang, do not forget where you are. If you’re not increasing the bid, please quiet down and take your seat.”

Faced with the Empire’s number one chain of auction houses, the chief with the family name of Huang didn’t dare to act rashly. However, someone was bullying him right now and if he didn’t strike back after losing face like that, what about his reputation of being the second aristocratic family in the border town?

So he endured the immense unreconciliation he felt and said through gritted teeth, “I’ll increase it! I bid ninety eight thousand high grade spirit stones!”

His words stirred up layers of waves. Ninety eight thousand! Has Chief Huang gone mad?

The people by his side tried to persuade him not to act on his anger, the revitalisation pill wasn’t worth ninety eight thousand.

As a matter of fact, Chief Huang somewhat regretted it the moment he said it, but he couldn’t stop halfway, he needed to show that he had a backbone! He didn’t believe that that poor looking young man could bid higher than him.

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