TDCM Chapter 102: He Had Done It Because He Had No Other Choice

Ye Chenyuan hesitated, but Yuan Chu’s condition was becoming more critical and he heard the doctor’s rushed voice from outside Yuan Chu’s body.

“Oh no! The girl’s soul has collapsed, triggering her internal injuries. Quick, bring me the life saving pill!”

Despite the life saving pill’s bold name, it could only extend a person’s life by less than two hours and it was just a grade two medicinal pill.

At this thought, Ye Chenyuan couldn’t hesitate any longer. Master, please excuse me!

Suddenly, he disappeared from Yuan Chu’s sea of consciousness, as if he had merged with her.

At this time, Yuan Chu had been fed the life saving pill and she suddenly took in a deep breath, but her eyes remained closed.

The old man that fed her the medicinal pill said miserably, “Nothing else can be done, her soul has collapsed completely. In this condition, I’m afraid that the situation cannot be turned around even if that young man manages to buy a revitalisation pill.”

At this thought, the old man shook his head as he left, thinking there was no chance that Yuan Chu would live.

But it was at this moment that changes were quietly happening inside Yuan Chu.

She could feel that her scattered soul was congealing bit by bit. The difference was that her soul wasn’t being gathered by her but by someone else’s soul.

What did he want to do by helping her to gather her soul?

If Ye Chenyuan had a physical body right now, his face would definitely be blood red.

A few years ago, master had helped a woman named Fang Die. As they bade farewell, she had given him a dual cultivation technique, and it was one that could only be cultivated by those with higher cultivation.

Dual cultivation was the union of spirit and flesh, the simultaneous mixing of body and soul, which is why it was called dual cultivation. Dual cultivation was also the gentlest method of raising one’s cultivation realm.

However, they were currently far apart so it wasn’t possible for their bodies to unite but there was a strange cultivation method recorded in the book that only required the souls to dual cultivate.

Although in terms of the results, soul dual cultivation couldn’t compare to the union of spirit and flesh, it was currently the only method to save Yuan Chu.

He had an extreme Yang bloodline and cultivated extreme Yang techniques while Yuan Chu had the Yin Yang Reincarnate Physique, the physique that complemented him the best. If he used the soul dual cultivation method in this high level dual cultivation manual, he would be able to raise Yuan Chu’s soul force in a short period of time. In this way, she would be saved!

Ye Chenyuan focused his full attention on gathering Yuan Chu’s scattered soul.

Soul dual cultivation didn’t require physical contact but it would still feel joyous and it’ll be even more enjoyable than the physical.

Most importantly, soul dual cultivation required absolute trust because if one’s soul were to get injured in this process, one might have to self-cultivate for ten days to half a month like him or even worse, one’s life might be in danger like Yuan Chu’s current state.

Ye Chenyuan felt extremely nervous but was also looking forward to it. By the time the pharmacist left the room, Ye Chenyuan was also done gathering Yuan Chu’s soul. He brought Yuan Chu’s soul along with him as he exited her body……

When the two glowing souls first tried touching each other, there wasn’t the least bit of rejection. The both of them felt a shudder that came from the depths of their souls.

The kind that made them feel weak and numb, the all pervasive feeling as if they’d gotten an electric shock. It was very similar to if they were being joyous with their bodies.

After tasting it once, Ye Chenyuan was eager to have another taste so he took the lead as his soul gradually mixed with Yuan Chu’s. He slowly passed on the dual cultivation technique to Yuan Chu and as if she’d realised that this would be good for her body, she involuntarily learned it and started to soul dual cultivate with him.

The happiness they felt in this process was magical and dreamlike, there were simply no words to describe it.

Ye Chenyuan felt the hole in his heart being filled by her……finally, he would no longer feel unhappy, but he’d be surrounded by endless happiness.

As they dual cultivated, over and over again, he helped to gather Yuan Chu’s soul and used his soul force to fill her soul that was practically transparent.

In other words, in this round of dual cultivation, although Ye Chenyuan felt an extreme joy that he had never felt before, he was also willingly letting Yuan Chu drain him, because that was the fastest method of improving the condition of her soul.

Even though this caused his soul to dim and weaken, Yuan Chu’s aura was visibly getting stronger and life energy was emerging from her body once again. Ye Chenyuan felt that whatever he had done was worth it.

Moreover, their souls were currently endlessly entangled together and this intimacy made him feel a satisfaction like never before……

Finally, the dual cultivation ended. Reluctant to part with her, Ye Chenyuan kissed Yuan Chu’s forehead. In that kiss was his deep affections.

His soul had now dimmed to the point of becoming transparent but his voice that was transmitted to her sea of consciousness carried a trace of delight.

“Master……you, are mine!”

About two hours had passed by the time the doctor entered the room again. He had initially thought that Yuan Chu would be dead for sure, so he had a white piece of cloth in his hand as he entered.

But unexpectedly, he noticed that Yuan Chu’s face was rosy and after he checked her pulse, he realised that Yuan Chu’s collapsed soul had recovered largely, and as for the remainder, she would be able to heal on her own.

How strange!

A damaged soul was the most dangerous and most difficult condition to treat. Even with the revitalisation pill, it would only be able to save her life and heal her internal injuries.

As for when her soul would recover, that would depend on her luck and any fortuitous encounters she might have.

But now, the greater part of her soul had inexplicably recovered, so she wasn’t in danger of dying because her internal injuries couldn’t be suppressed. If she also had the revitalisation pill, she would definitely recover.

Could it be possible that some skilled master had entered and fed her a divine item like the ten thousand year spirit essence while he was absent?

On the other side, Ye Chenyuan suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood. Upon opening his eyes, he only felt that his head was unbearably painful and he couldn’t speak even one word.

Venerable Li had long realised that Ye Chenyuan had gotten injured again because he had actually lost more than half of his soul force.

To save Ye Chenyuan’s life, he had to make up for it with his own soul force. Fortunately, he had the ten thousand year spirit essence’s support and after using up one spirit essence, Ye Chenyuan’s breathing slowly stabilised.

Seeing him unconscious, Venerable Li didn’t know what else to say.

He had told him repeatedly not to get hurt, do not get hurt! Yet Ye Chenyuan had done the body change twice, and he was gaining more injuries each time!

He decided that no matter what he says, he will not let him use telepathic body change again, he almost lost his life!

What Venerable Li didn’t notice was that although Ye Chenyuan had sunk into a long self-repairing sleep, the corners of his lips were slightly raised.

Although it had happened because there were no alternatives, the result was that master was now half branded with traces of himself.

He would never forget the feeling of their souls mixing, and he didn’t regret almost paying for it with his life.

All he knew was that very soon, she would belong to him completely.

Because, after getting a taste of her goodness, his patience was now very close to ‘none’.

So, master……you must grow up faster!

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