TDCM Chapter 101: Grade Six Revitalisation Pill

Any single one of these should’ve caused her a great amount of pain. How high was her pain tolerance? That he would misunderstand that her injuries weren’t that serious……

As Weisheng Ji looked at Yuan Chu’s pale face, he involuntarily recalled the cheerful smile on her face when she had awoken. He felt extremely guilty and his hands clenched into fists.

“Doctor, I’ll leave her here with you first. I’ll be back shortly, please be sure to take good care of her!” Saying this, Weisheng Ji stuffed a high grade spirit stone into the doctor’s hands.

The doctor received it and nodded prudently, “Alright, be on your way. If anything happens, I’ll give her a life saving pill.”

Weisheng Ji left without a backward glance when he heard this. He had a clear destination in mind, and that was the Empire’s largest chain of auction houses.

The average place wouldn’t have grade six medicinal pills for sale. His only chance was with auction houses.

Weisheng Ji was welcomed by a female attendant once he entered the auction house.

“Mister, are you looking to buy or sell something?”

Weisheng Ji had never been to such a place before. He was used to being hard pressed for money and even after becoming Myriad Sword Sect’s disciple, he was still as frugal as before. Not to mention auction houses, everything he owned wasn’t bought at shops but were second hand goods he had gotten for low prices at the black market. So it was inevitable that he would be slightly nervous with the current situation he was in.

“I……I want to buy something. I need a grade six revitalisation pill, do you have it?”

The pretty female attendant discreetly looked Weisheng Ji up and down when she heard this, not believing that he was someone who could afford a grade six spirit pill. But when she saw Weisheng Ji’s impatient manner, she said with a smile, knowing the principle that one shouldn’t judge a person by their appearance.

“Mister is lucky, we happen to have a grade six revitalisation pill on auction today, but because this treasure is our finale item, the price……”

Weisheng Ji clenched his teeth, “When will the auction commence?”

“In two hours.”

He suddenly uncovered his robe and retrieved the string of interspatial rings, asking very earnestly, “I have many items here, can you appraise them for me?”

The female attendant’s expression turned strange upon seeing Weisheng Ji’s numerous interspatial rings but still, she said with a smile, “Of course, this way please. We have master appraisers here and if you want to, our auction house can directly exchange them for spirit stones after the goods are appraised.”

Weisheng Ji nodded vigorously, “Alright, I want to have them appraised and exchanged now.”

“Come, this way please.”

Weisheng Ji quickly followed her in.


On the other side, in the mystic realm, the moment Yuan Chu vomited blood, Ye Chenyuan sensed the dragon egg calling out to him again.

His injuries had yet to heal and he was still in the cave.

“Venerable Li, the dragon egg is urgently calling out to me. It must be master, something has happened to her again!”

Venerable Li was slightly speechless, “What’s going on? With her Nascent Soul body, how is Yuan Chu meeting with one mishap after another?”

Ye Chenyuan didn’t reply. The gunshot wound on his back had not only injured his body, it had also seriously injured his soul.

Looking at his own condition, if his conjecture wasn’t wrong, before he did the telepathic body change, master must’ve gotten injured in the illusion numerous times, or even died. So in reality, the injuries sustained by her soul and body must be even more serious, which was why she’d meet with danger again after waking up.

D*mn it! It must be that master didn’t have anyone by her side to protect her right now, otherwise why would she get injured again?!

“This won’t do, I have to do another telepathic body change!”

Venerable Li was stunned, “What if you get injured again?”

“I won’t, I’ll be careful this time.”

Venerable Li was still very worried, “Doing two telepathic body changes in a short period of time, do you not want to live anymore?”

But Ye Chenyuan was determined, “I cannot let anything happen to master! Venerable Li, help me!”

Hearing this, Venerable Li was so worried that he started moving around.

“Oh my, the two of you are so vexing!”

Although he said this, he was also worried about Yuan Chu. Finally, he gritted his teeth and said, “Fine, do the change if you want to. But remember, if you were to get injured again, you’d be barely alive even if you don’t die. Think thrice before you do anything!”

“En! I’ll be careful!”

Saying this, Ye Chenyuan returned to his temporary lodging in the mystic realm. After once again scattering some beast expelling medicinal powder around the cave, he entered and sat down.

Venerable Li said solemnly, “I will watch over you, but it’s best that you don’t leave your body for too long. I’m worried that you won’t be able to bear it.”

Ye Chenyuan nodded. His face was still slightly pale but his expression was very grave.

He closed his eyes. Without the slightest bit of hesitation, he offered a drop of blood and used it to draw an extremely complicated mystical diagram, then he touched his forehead. Soon, his body was surrounded by red rays of light.

“Telepathic body change! Soul, enter!”

Then, he felt an ache in his sea of consciousness and he was hit by a spell of dizziness. When he opened his eyes again, he saw Yuan Chu’s sea of consciousness.

With the dragon egg as a medium, he used his soul force to quickly circle and check out the condition of Yuan Chu’s injuries. Previously, his soul had been wounded and he was returned to his body before he could take a look. Now, he must carefully examine to see how serious master’s injuries were.

It was fine if he didn’t look, but once he did, his mind started throbbing with pain.

D*mn it, how did master get injured so severely?! How many times was she injured in the illusion previously? What kind of illusion was it, that it was actually able to hurt a Nascent Soul like her to this extent!

Ye Chenyuan was burning with anxiety, but when he thought about it, the dragon egg wouldn’t have made a move if her life wasn’t in danger, then he also wouldn’t have been alerted……it was his oversight!

Originally, with Yuan Chu’s cultivation, he would need Yuan Chu’s permission in order for his soul to enter and examine her but just now, he was easily able to open her Nascent Soul body. He realised that not only was her divine senses in chaos, her internal injuries were serious and even the Nascent Soul in her dantian had shrunk into a dark mass.

It was at this moment that Yuan Chu’s body started shivering slightly.

Her overly severe injuries had reached a breaking point because of her poor health.

Ye Chenyuan could clearly sense that Yuan Chu’s life force was disappearing rapidly.

Oh no! Master’s life is in danger!

Ye Chenyuan couldn’t care about anything else right now and he racked his brains to think of what other ways there were to save her life.

Her soul was the most critically injured and the collapse of her soul had caused the remaining bit of spiritual energy in her body to end up in a chaotic state, such that it could no longer suppress her internal injuries. If things went on like this, she would definitely die!

Dragon egg? No, the dragon egg had previously saved her once and it had already exhausted the life force it had managed to accumulate.

Ten thousand year spirit essence[1]? That was the best item for nourishing the soul but he was currently in soul form and couldn’t bring that here!

What to do, what should he do?

He had to get Yuan Chu’s soul to congeal, this was the foundation to saving her life! But how should he do that?

It was at this moment that an idea came to Ye Chenyuan.

He……seems to have an item that could save master……it’s just that, just that……

1. Recap: Yuan Chu had previously given this to Ye Chenyuan so that he’d be able to get into the top ten at Myriad Sword Sect’s entrance competition.

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