TDCM Chapter 100: In Danger Once Again

Yuan Chu rolled her eyes and moved over to squat down beside him, asking in a soft voice, “Back then, was it because of your sister that you went on that massacre?”

Weisheng Ji nodded. His thoughts suddenly drifted to a faraway place and his eyes revealed his grief.

Then, he abruptly stood up, “It’s fine, I’ve already paid my respects, let’s leave! It’s unwise to remain here for long.” Yuan Chu nodded, but they had just stood up when a large group of people rushed into the cave.

“Who is it?”

Weisheng Ji immediately drew his sword. Then, a group of seven or eight people walked in with a horde of mice clustered around their feet. The person that led the group let out a cold ‘hmph’ when he saw Weisheng Ji.

“Young lad, after so many years of waiting, you’re finally here!”

Weisheng Ji couldn’t have thought that that horde of mice were domesticated. They were done for this time, they had found his sister’s grave and had always been waiting for him.

Weisheng Ji suddenly felt a little remorseful. He shouldn’t have come.

“Yuan Chu, leave first, I’ll hold them back!”

Yuan Chu saw that they had four people at Foundation Building and the one with the weakest cultivation was at great perfection Qi Condensing. How could Weisheng Ji fight them alone?

“Hmph, neither of you should even think about leaving!”

When the old man that led the group said this, they blocked the way out. Wei Shengyuan, the old man, was standing right at the front and he said with a sneer.

“Weisheng Ji, oh Weisheng Ji. You’re so heartless. I thought you were close to your sister but it seems to be nothing more than this. I had to wait for so long before you walked right into my trap. If you know what’s good for you, hand over 《Blue Spirit Barrier Breaking Spell》! Otherwise, don’t blame me for disregarding the fact that we’re from the same clan!”

Weisheng Ji barred Yuan Chu behind him. Soon, his eyes turned blue and with a fiery long sword in his right hand, he said with a sneer.

“I’ve destroyed it after learning it. If you want it, beg me!”

Wei Shengyuan’s gaze became fierce when he heard this, “Young lad, I hope that you can still be this stubborn after meeting the clan head later.”

Weisheng Ji’s expression remained unchanged. Although he was confident in his own abilities, he also knew that his opponent had larger numbers and it wasn’t possible for him to escape unscathed.

It’s nothing much for him to fall. It’s just that Yuan Chu was currently seriously injured and he couldn’t implicate her. So he secretly sent a message to Yuan Chu.

“I’ll break open their encirclement later, look out for an opportunity to leave immediately, and don’t look back!”

Saying this, both sides commenced the fight. Weisheng Ji was very impressive indeed. Facing eight enemies alone, he actually managed to block them single-handedly.

Weisheng Ji spared no effort in breaking out of their encirclement but the more anxious he was, the more weak spots he revealed. Although he managed to kill one person from the opposing side in a short period of time, he had sustained many injuries.

Yuan Chu’s tiny brows were tightly knit. How could she simply run away when someone was desperately fighting for her? But the spiritual energy she had left was for preserving her life and once she made a move, the hidden damage in her body might come to a head.

It was at this moment that Wei Shengyuan suddenly flashed behind Weisheng Ji and made a sneak attack. “Watch me, blood palm!”

Weisheng Ji was caught off guard and received a direct hit. The clothes on his back were torn apart and his complexion changed. He vomited blood as he retreated.

Seeing that Weisheng Ji couldn’t hold them back any longer, Yuan Chu couldn’t leave things to luck anymore so she made the painful decision to use her spiritual energy to release her Nascent Soul aura.

“I’ll see who dares to act rashly!”

The oppressive force instantly enveloped the entire cave, weighing down on everyone so much so that they couldn’t breathe. Even Weisheng Ji stopped and looked at Yuan Chu in shock.

He knew how serious Yuan Chu’s injuries were, yet she still dared to make a move right now, didn’t she want to live anymore?!

The hand that Yuan Chu had behind her back was clenched tightly but her expression was chilly as she stared at them.

The group of people that had barged into the cave were terrified. They hadn’t paid any attention to Yuan Chu before because there was no spiritual energy on her body and she just looked like a pretty little girl.

But unexpectedly, she was actually a Nascent Soul pretending to be a young child?!

Trembling, they quickly stopped their attacks, totally unable to even raise their heads in front of Yuan Chu’s oppressive force.

Yet, Wei Shengyuan the leader of the group felt unresigned and said through gritted teeth.

“Honourable master, why are you protecting this monster? If you look at his back, you will know that he’s an inauspicious person! Anyone who stays with him will be implicated!”

Hearing this, Weisheng Ji subconsciously concealed his back.

Yuan Chu’s aura was unstable so why would she have the time to look at anything? She suppressed the urge to vomit blood and let out a cold ‘hmph’, “It’s not your place to criticise my disciple! Aren’t you going to get lost?”

Saying this, Yuan Chu’s aura increased. Sensing Yuan Chu’s killing intent, they hastily ran away.

It was practically just after they’d left that Yuan Chu couldn’t hold back anymore and spat out a mouthful of blood as her face paled instantly. Weisheng Ji managed to catch her in time or else she would’ve fallen over.

“Are you okay?!”

Weisheng Ji asked nervously.

With her eyes shut, Yuan Chu grabbed onto his hand and said rapidly, “Quick! Leave this place, if we wait till they figure things out, it’ll be too late……!”

Right, if Yuan Chu was that powerful, why would she have made her move only after seeing Weisheng Ji get hurt? And why would she give them a way out? If they realised this and came back, it’ll be too late!

Hearing this, Weisheng Ji quickly carried Yuan Chu and rushed out of the cave, leaving on his flying sword.

They flew for more than two hours before stopping. Weisheng Ji found a cave and without a moment’s delay, Yuan Chu immediately closed her eyes and regulated her breathing. Her soul had already been unstable, with her body having sustained serious injuries. Forcefully using her life preserving spiritual energy under these circumstances was simply looking to die!

Weisheng Ji wanted to feed Yuan Chu some low grade medicinal pills but she shook her head. These medicinal pills had practically no effect on her healing and she’d still need to expend spiritual energy to convert them. The gains didn’t make up for the losses.

Weisheng Ji could only keep watch over her. When Yuan Chu’s face was still deathly pale after a few days had passed, he started to panic. He called out to her a few times and when Yuan Chu didn’t answer, he reached out to touch her. As a result, Yuan Chu spat out blood again, then fell unconscious.

Weisheng Ji turned pale with fright and hastily brought Yuan Chu into the city to find a nearby doctor.

The doctor’s face turned ghastly after seeing her, “I’m sorry, this girl’s soul and body have sustained severe injuries. It’s a miracle that she was able to survive till now. I can’t do anything about this.”

Weisheng Ji froze, then his eyes immediately turned red. If it wasn’t for him wanting to pay his respects to his younger sister, Yuan Chu’s condition wouldn’t have reached the breaking point, he had to save her!

“Doctor, just tell me frankly! What do I need to save her?”

Seeing that Weisheng Ji was unwilling to give up, the doctor shook his head as he said, “In her current condition, she needs a grade six revitalisation pill to save her life. But medicinal pills above grade six aren’t commonplace……the price is high and there isn’t a market for this, so you should start the funeral arrangements.”

Things were that serious?

Weisheng Ji recalled Yuan Chu’s agile and lively appearance during their travels. Although she had said that her soul was injured and that her internal injuries were serious, she hadn’t shown it one bit.

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  1. yayy 100th chapter! thanks again for picking up this novel, I’m enjoying it so much and
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