TDCM Chapter 99: Meeting Her Nemesis

Half a village……as she faced Weisheng Ji, Yuan Chu’s expression instantly changed.

“Why didn’t the other half of the villagers die?”

Weisheng Ji scratched his head sheepishly, “I was still young then, and it was my first time using poison so I was found out very quickly. I had wanted to poison all of them initially.”

Saying this, he looked at Yuan Chu rather worriedly, afraid that she would find him cruel, but when she heard this, Yuan Chu instead said to him earnestly.

“Do you still remember where your enemy was staying at?”

“Ah? R-Remember……” Could it be that Elder Yuan Chu wanted to bring him to seek revenge? To eradicate them all?

“It’s great that you remember!” Yuan Chu patted her heart with her tiny hands and said fearfully, “Remember to avoid them when we reach Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom. I’ll say this first, I’ve temporarily lost all my cultivation and you must not implicate me and get me killed……”

Weisheng Ji: “……”

He silently swallowed a mouthful of old blood and asked in a muffled voice, “You’re totally unable to use spiritual energy?”

Yuan Chu nodded her head pitifully, “Although I still have a little bit of spiritual energy, my soul was badly wounded and my internal injuries are serious. There also isn’t any good medicine so I can only use that remaining bit of spiritual energy to protect my body. That bit of spiritual energy has to be used for preserving my life and can’t be used wastefully so I’m very weak right now, you have to look after me!”

Weisheng Ji already knew that Yuan Chu’s injuries were serious but he didn’t expect them to be so severe that three grade four pills would only help her recuperate so slightly. It seems like, for her to recover, grade six divine pills are a must!

He rolled his eyes and said with a raised brow, “Then wouldn’t I have to be a hired thug during this whole journey?”

Even if she used her toes, Yuan Chu knew what it was that he wanted so she quickly said, “I’ll add payment! I’ll add payment!”

Weisheng Ji recovered his smile right away, “Oh my, what is senior saying? As Myriad Sword Sect’s disciple, it’s my duty to protect you.”

Yuan Chu’s face twitched, “Then……” I’ll take back what I said before?

“But!” Weisheng Ji promptly cut her off, “But one must not decline an elder’s gift so I’ll accept it because it’ll be impolite to decline!”

Yuan Chu suddenly felt like she had met her nemesis.

This point was proven as they continued on their journey. Ever since Weisheng Ji learned that Yuan Chu was practically a mortal right now, that she didn’t dare to use any spiritual energy, his true nature was completely revealed.

“Little Ji……I want to eat.”

Weisheng Ji looked at her in disbelief when he heard this, “It’s such a waste of money to eat, you’re already a Nascent Soul, haven’t you abstained from eating yet?”

Saying this, he plopped a fasting pill in front of her, “Here, have one, it’ll cover you for a month!”

Yuan Chu: Waah, Little Yuan Yuan, come and save me quick……

Yuan Chu: “Can you not drive the carriage at night? I want to sleep but it keeps jolting……”

Weisheng Ji looked at her in shock.

“You’re already that badly injured. Instead of meditating and cultivating, you’re still thinking of sleeping? Quick cultivate, I’ve sacrificed my own cultivation time to travel day and night! Besides, this spirit beast wagon is so expensive, every extra day will cost three low grade spirit stones!”

Yuan Chu: Are you sure that that last sentence wasn’t the main point?

After the dual torment of her injuries and mistreatment, Yuan Chu saw a mouthwatering spirit fruit pastry on the roadside while the spirit beast was resting……she wanted to eat it. Although it wasn’t as appetising as the food that Little Yuan Yuan made, she hadn’t had any snacks for five days waah……

Weisheng Ji returned a moment later after replenishing their water supply.

Seeing that he wanted to hurry on again, Yuan Chu’s face fell. With Weisheng Ji’s Foundation Building cultivation, it obviously wasn’t possible for him to bring her along as he flew on his sword but how long would it take for them to travel like this……

Weisheng Ji lifted the carriage curtain, “Here.”

Yuan Chu raised her head to see a small paper package. She opened it to see that it was a spirit fruit pastry!!

“You……” Yuan Chu looked at Weisheng Ji, deeply moved. Did he get pricked by his conscience?

However, Weisheng Ji said gloomily, “A young girl suddenly shoved this, and a handkerchief embroidered with words to me before running away. I don’t like sweet foods so you can have it instead. Otherwise it’ll spoil by the end of the day if we leave it around and it won’t be easy to resell it either.”

Yuan Chu swallowed her words of gratitude and as she looked at Weisheng Ji’s handsome, peerless and extremely deceptive looks, she silently shed a sympathetic tear for the blinded young girl before she vented her frustrations by biting into the spirit fruit pastry.

They continued on their way and finally arrived at Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom after seven days.

However, she wasn’t sure if it was her misperception but Yuan Chu felt that they weren’t headed for Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom’s capital but some other place?

“Where are you going?”

Weisheng Ji’s gaze drifted into the distance and he only replied a little while later, “Since I’m already here, I want to……pay my respects to someone, I won’t take up too much of your time!”

Yuan Chu looked at him suspiciously, “You’re not thinking of going deep into the tiger’s den right? Don’t forget that you’ve killed half a village of people!”

Weisheng Ji understood her worry. He was fine previously since he hadn’t come here but now that he was here, he couldn’t control his feelings of wanting to take a look.

“Back then, I had been very careful during the burial and that place shouldn’t have been found by anyone.”

Seeing his gloomy expression, Yuan Chu also understood his current feelings. Someone important to him was in eternal sleep right there. Now that he was so close, he couldn’t control his feelings of wanting to take a look.

With Yuan Chu’s approval, the two carefully headed for a forest at Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom’s border town. Weisheng Ji brought Yuan Chu on a huge detour to circle past the cities and towns with people, winding around until they finally arrived at a cave.

A group of mice immediately ran out when they approached. Yuan Chu quickly avoided them, then said with a resentful expression.

“It’s so far from where anyone is staying, you’ve hidden it pretty well……the one that’s buried here, who is it?”

Weisheng Ji was walking in front of her. Now that he was here, he couldn’t curb his eagerness any longer.

“It’s my……younger sister.”

Seeing that Weisheng Ji was a little emotional, Yuan Chu stuck out her tongue and didn’t question him any further.

There was a small grave mound at the end of the cave. Yuan Chu could clearly see that it was nameless.

The purpose of nameless graves were usually to prevent others from knowing who was buried. This measure was usually done by those that were hiding from their enemy.

Weisheng Ji knelt down on one knee. They did not have much time. He quickly retrieved a bunch of things from his storage space. Be it soul fruits or desserts, spirit wine or cooked dishes, there was everything that one could wish for.

Seeing this, Yuan Chu stood by the side silently. Since this was someone that was important to him, someone that he was putting himself at risk for a quick visit, she would let him reminisce for a moment.

But who would’ve thought that a moment later, Weisheng Ji would suddenly let out a soft laugh, “Elder Yuan, why are you so quiet now?”

Yuan Chu replied with a ‘hmph’, “Stop calling me elder or senior, you don’t even show me that much respect. Since that’s the case, when we’re outside, you should just call me Yuan Chu. Besides, I’m not a chatterbox, why should I keep talking?”

Weisheng Ji’s expression suddenly turned gloomy, but he still said with a smile, “Right now……I really wish that you’d talk a little more……”

That way, he wouldn’t be steeped in certain emotions, unable to free himself.

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