TDCM Chapter 98: Regaining Consciousness

Because Venerable Li was too worried, his breath became unsteady once more as he promptly said, “Don’t worry, Yuan Chu that girl is very smart. If she were to run into anything, she’d definitely ask Myriad Sword Sect to come and pick her up. You should take care of yourself first, in your current condition, even a rank two spirit beast might be able to kill you!”

Ye Chenyuan closed his eyes. After a while, he spoke again.

“I have to get out as soon as possible, I cannot wait two years!”

Master was always misbehaving and he was very scared that he could suddenly lose her forever.


Yuan Chu woke up abruptly. Weisheng Ji was pleasantly surprised. He instantly noticed that there was an extra pearl in Yuan Chu’s hands. The slight lustre that it emitted showed that it wasn’t ordinary.

After regaining consciousness, Yuan Chu only felt that her whole body hurt. She then took a look at her body, only to realise that goodness gracious there were more than ten pellet holes in her body! It was fortunate that her body wasn’t mortal, otherwise she would’ve already died.

But in her current condition, not dying wasn’t too much of an advantage because her soul had been greatly damaged and her spiritual energy had been exhausted. Even the dragon egg had become a dull colour.

Yuan Chu knew that it was the dragon egg that had protected her heart at the critical moment, allowing her to hold on. At this thought, she wanted to bring the egg out and feed it a bit of her own blood to nourish it but she realised that she was so weak that she was unable to even open the storage space in her sea of consciousness……

“Elder Yuan Chu, you……are you alright?”

Weisheng Ji asked uncertainly.

“Ah……I’m not……not at all! Hurry, any healing pills that you have, give them to me, I want the best……cough cough, I’ll return them to you after I recover!”

Yuan Chu gasped for breath as she said with great difficulty.

Hearing that she wanted the best, Weisheng Ji immediately placed his hands over his spatial rings grudgingly. But she was a senior of his sect and he wasn’t worried that she wouldn’t return it to him.

With this thought, he waved his hand and retrieved three grade four healing pills. Yuan Chu raised her brows slightly at this generous action of his.

After consuming them, Yuan Chu realised that these medicinal pills were not enough for her and were merely like trying to put out a burning cart of firewood with a cup of water. After an hour of adjusting her breathing while sitting in the lotus position, she still couldn’t open her storage space.

She asked with a frown.

“Is there more? Grade four doesn’t seem to be enough. I should be fine with around ten more grade five pills.”

Weisheng Ji almost jumped up when he heard this.

“Elder, even if you sold me……there still wouldn’t be enough to purchase grade five spirit pills!”

Besides, those grade four spirit pills had been given to him by his master and he had saved them because he couldn’t bear to eat them……

Yuan Chu herself didn’t expect that her injuries would be so severe. The three spirit pills had only healed her external injuries and her insides were still very weak.

But she also knew that grade five wasn’t something that people would usually have.

She sighed and said with a frown, “Where are we now? How long have I been unconscious for?”

Weisheng Ji said, “A month had passed by the time we exited Xuyu Summit, then you were unconscious for two days……look at how weak you are, how about this? After you’ve recovered a little more, I’ll send you back to Myriad Sword Sect.”

Yuan Chu shivered when she thought of the consequences if Venerable Sect Master were to see these injuries of hers.

If Uncle Sect Master found out that she had gotten injured to the point of losing her life, he’d definitely prohibit her from coming out to play for ten years!

But……even without Sect Master, she could still look for Venerable Li. Venerable Li was a first-rate rank ten alchemist in his last life. With his help, it should be easy for her to heal and completely recover from her injuries.

So she rolled her eyes and said to Weisheng Ji with a smile, “Um……Weisheng Ji! Look, my injuries are currently so severe that I can’t even open my storage space. For the time being, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to pay you for the medicine.”

“How about this? Why don’t you accompany me to Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom, one of the vassal states under the empire? My disciple is there, he’s a rank three alchemist and the occasional grade four is no problem for him. I’ll have him repay you, how about that?”

By then, she’ll also be able to recuperate in Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom. Gaining multiple benefits at one go!

Originally, Weisheng Ji should’ve agreed to this for the payment of his medicine but he became strangely silent upon hearing the words Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom.

He took a few deep breaths before bearing the heartache and saying gloomily.

“Why don’t Elder go alone……the payment for the medicine……” he gritted his teeth, “I don’t want it anymore!”

“Hey?!!” Yuan Chu was wide-eyed, there’d actually be a time where Weisheng Ji could be so generous?!

She asked weakly, “If you don’t come along, do you have the heart to leave me here alone? Letting me travel to Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom by myself? I’m only ten!”

Yuan Chu extended ten fingers.

Weisheng Ji also felt that it was a little inhumane, but Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom……he frowned.

“How about this, I’ll send a message to the other sect brothers and have them send you?”

“No, I don’t want to!” Yuan Chu understood too well the temperaments of the other Myriad Sword Sect disciples. They didn’t know how to tell lies and would come clean about her condition once Uncle Sect Master asked about it. When that happened, Uncle Sect Master would definitely come over in person to bring her back.

“Come on, help me!”

Yuan Chu then brought out her ultimate move against Ye Chenyuan. She blinked and pouted with tears in her eyes as she looked at Weisheng Ji pitifully, “Without you, I won’t even be able to take a step!”

Weisheng Ji asked with a frown, “Then why don’t you ask your disciple to come and fetch you?”

Yuan Chu was speechless. When she was in the illusion, she didn’t know how Ye Chenyuan had managed to make his way into her dreams and block a shot for her.

Having gotten hurt in the illusion, his injuries were bound to be more severe in real life. Under these circumstances, how could she ask him to come and get her?

She guessed that Weisheng Ji must have his reasons for refusing to go to Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom, so she used her trump card.

“If you bring me there, I’ll repay you with three grade five medicinal pills!”

Weisheng Ji’s eyes lit up and his struggle could be seen in his eyes.

Yuan Chu said, “I’ll add three grade six talismans!”

Weisheng Ji was starting to be moved.

Yuan Chu finally said with a cold ‘hmph’, “Three additional single-use spirit tools, Blazing Pearl!”

Weisheng Ji abruptly clapped his hand, “Deal!”

So, with the allure of treasures, Weisheng Ji grudgingly headed for Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom. Back then, he had clearly sworn not to return.

Yuan Chu first sent a protective talisman to Ye Chenyuan. She still had a lingering fear because the tone that Ye Chenyuan had used to warn her was a little scary, and……she touched her neck.

And Ye Chenyuan had also bitten her, could he have gone insane from anger?

She felt guilty……

On the spirit beast cart, Yuan Chu flung back her head and asked Weisheng Ji who was driving the beast.

“Little Ji, why are you so unwilling to go to Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom? Also, I didn’t think that you’d be from the Empire.”

Weisheng Ji was dressed in all black and upon hearing this, his face became as dark as his clothes.

“It’s nothing.”

He paused, his voice suddenly becoming slightly cold.

“It’s only because I had used poison to kill Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom’s people and am afraid that they’ll have a vendetta against me.”

Yuan Chu thought to herself, Weisheng Ji had been so young when he came to the immortal sect. Poisoning someone to death, how old would he have been then?

She couldn’t hold back her curiosity, “Did you succeed?”

It was then that Weisheng Ji turned his head to look at her and revealed a smile that showed his neat white teeth.

“Of course, I poisoned and killed half the village!”

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