TDCM Chapter 97: You Are Mine

At this moment, the sky was gloomy in Yuan Chu’s world, and she lowered her head to see that her chest had sustained a shot from the other party. She then heard a shrill female voice.

“I’ll kill you first, then kill your good-for-nothing father.”

No……! No!!

Her vision darkened, then she died.

When she came to once again, the wound on her chest had disappeared. She had to experience the illusion again, being forced into a dead end before she was finally killed with a single shot.

Yuan Chu had a feeling that if she were to die one more time……she might probably die for real.

The rain fell on her face and trailed down her chin. She was freezing and wanted to dodge but when the other party raised the gun once again, she was unable to move, as if her feet had been nailed to the ground.

“Die!” It was the same woman. With the gun raised, her gaze was cold and there was a trace of a smirk on the corners of her mouth.

With a ‘bang’, that fatal bullet shot towards her once again.

Yuan Chu’s pupils contracted and her heart was beating extremely fast.

She was going to die, when this bullet hit, she would definitely die!

Yuan Chu was unable to move, she closed her eyes in despair. However, she realised that she didn’t die!

So, she opened her eyes in surprise.

It was still a rainy day, at a harbour, on the pier, but a young man that didn’t fit in with the surroundings had appeared in front of her!

He was wearing blood-stained robes and his face was shockingly handsome. He had blocked the fatal shot for her.


Ye Chenyuan spat out a mouthful of blood as soon as he spoke. He didn’t expect that he could get injured when only his soul had entered this realm. He can only say that this illusion was too advanced, no wonder Yuan Chu was unable to leave.

“You……you……” Yuan Chu was wide-eyed. Shock appeared on the face that was very similar to young Yuan Chu’s.

“Who are you? Why……are you calling me master?”

Step by step, Ye Chenyuan approached her steadily. So this was what master would look like when she grew up? Indeed, she was as beautiful as he had imagined.

The corners of his mouth were slightly raised and his gaze was extremely gentle. In the next second, his fingers touched Yuan Chu’s face lightly. That cold sensation made his heart ache.

Then, he pulled her into his arms and asked in a hoarse voice, “Master, have you forgotten me? How can you forget me?”

He hugged her very tightly and when Yuan Chu’s hand came into contact with the blood that flowed from his body, she suddenly felt her heart ache.

How could she forget him? This person in front of her was the one she’d had disputes with for a few lifetimes, the person she’d been entangled with for a hundred years! Who was he? What was his name?

Why couldn’t she remember?!

Ye Chenyuan hugged her trembling body and his eyes dimmed as he spoke word by word.

“Don’t even think about leaving me, master……be it the heavens above or the nether world below, you are mine!”

Saying this, he suddenly sunk his teeth into Yuan Chu’s neck. The sudden painful sensation was so shocking that Yuan Chu jolted.

That pain, it was as if he had bitten the apex of her heart.

Then, a horde of memories sprung up in her mind. He is, he is……

It was at this moment that the woman opposite them raised her gun once again.

“Ha, Yuan Chu, is this the pretty boy you raised? Since he wants to die, I’ll let him accompany you to die!”

Saying this, her bullet shot towards them again, intending to kill the both of them with one shot.

However, this time around, the bullet halted when it was only one meter from them. As if it had been blocked by a transparent barrier, the bullet hung in the air, unable to go further.

“How……how can this be?”

The woman was dumbfounded by this strange situation. Soon after that, she opened fire in quick succession, shooting four bullets consecutively. Just like before, they were all stopped by the protective barrier.

Holding onto Ye Chenyuan, Yuan Chu’s eyes gradually became clearer as she smelled the woody scent on his body.

“I won’t allow you to hurt him!”

Yuan Chu’s sudden cold and harsh words scared the other party so much that she retreated a few steps. Then, Ye Chenyuan’s body started to fade and he loosened his teeth, speaking into Yuan Chu’s ear, distressed and angry.

“Master, wait for me. If you get hurt again, I will not let you off!”

Then, he disappeared. Seeing this strange situation, then seeing Yuan Chu approaching her step by step, the woman was scared out of her wits and fell to the ground.

“What the h*ll, he……who is he?”

Yuan Chu laughed evilly when she heard this. Five bullets were floating in the palm of her hand. Her delicate brows had smoothed out and her whole demeanor had changed suddenly, becoming like that of a noble and untouchable deity.

“He is I, Elder Yuan Chu’s disciple! And you’ve injured him……you must die!”

Saying this, she waved her hand and five bullets were shot into the woman’s body. She died instantly, leaving with everlasting regret.

The second she breathed her last, the whole world started to quake.

The unending rain suddenly became a torrential downpour and the nearby sea started crashing and churning. Yuan Chu was right in the middle of the storm but there was no change in her expression.

At last, the sea, the pier, and the ships all turned into fragments! The fragments gathered into a ball of light in Yuan Chu’s palm, the Morning Spirit Pearl……no, the Morning Divine Pearl was finally in her hands!

Ye Chenyuan suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood. Actually, he should’ve returned the instant he had been shot by the gun but in his haste, he had bitten her to make her regain consciousness as soon as possible.

Fortunately, Yuan Chu finally woke up and due to the relief he felt, his soul force was uncontrollably pulled back by his body.

Upon his return, his back became soaked with blood and a bullet hole appeared in the centre of his back.

“You’re finally back!” Venerable Li floated around Ye Chenyuan, “Your soul suddenly became unstable just now so I channeled some soul force to ensure that your soul will be able to return smoothly. What happened? Didn’t I tell you to avoid getting hurt?”

Ye Chenyuan’s current cultivation had decreased by a lot. He swallowed several medicinal pills. A long time passed before his pale face slowly regained colour.

“It’s master……she was trapped in a very strong illusion array. I was worried about her and used the dream incantation to enter her illusion.”

Saying this, his handsome face paled again and he had to take a few more medicinal pills before he managed to stabilise his condition once more.

“……Master was in danger and her soul force was extremely weak. I didn’t give it too much thought before getting in front of her, hence the injury.”

“What about Yuan Chu?” Venerable Li asked rather worriedly.

“She’s fine……” Ye Chenyuan said, “Just as I was coming back, master had already become clear-headed, she should survive. It’s just that she had been seriously injured and I feel like she would probably have been killed by the illusion if I had arrived any later.”

Ye Chenyuan’s frown deepened at this thought. He wanted to fly to her side really badly, but he was currently trapped in the mystic realm.

Even if master regained consciousness, she had suffered serious injuries. What if she ran into bad people? And where was she now? It didn’t seem like she was in Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom.

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