TDCM Chapter 95: Master Is In Danger

Raging flames appeared before Yuan Chu’s eyes and after the flames subsided, she saw a tall and thin frame carrying a sack of bran over his shoulder as he walked forward slowly. The short white hair at his temples and the glittering sweat on his forehead were deeply etched in her heart and she had never forgotten them no matter the number of years that had passed.


“Boom ——” there was a loud sound. When Weisheng Ji came to, he found himself at the foot of the mountain and half of the tall mountain in front of him had somehow caved in. Yuan Chu was nowhere in sight.

Strange, could it be that he had fallen off the mountain while Yuan Chu had fallen into the middle of the mountain?

Weisheng Ji felt a little anxious at this thought and when he realised that the gravitational magnetic field on Xuyu Mountain had also disappeared, he quickly flew on his sword in search of any trace of Yuan Chu.

However, as far as his eye could see, the broken stones and trees had been covered by snow and large snowflakes had begun to fall from the sky once again. It wouldn’t do him any good to continue searching like that.

He directed his energy to his dantian and when he reopened his eyes, his eyes had turned blue.

“Icy Blue Pupils!”

With two fingers held perpendicular to his forehead, the view in front of his eyes suddenly changed into a stretch of blue and as he swept his gaze across the scene in front of him, he found a dot of red among the blue.

“Over there!”

Weisheng Ji quickly flew towards it. After he’d pushed aside the snow and rocks, he widened his eyes at the scene in front of him.

“Elder Yuan!”

Yuan Chu was lying in a pool of blood that had frozen beneath her, looking as if a bloody flower had blossomed underneath her and she was pale and all curled up. If it weren’t for the fact that Weisheng Ji was currently able to “see” her heartbeat, he would’ve thought that she was dead.

He carefully carried her out but was shocked when he realised that he could not sense any spiritual energy from Yuan Chu’s body. She looked just like a mortal and if she were buried in the snow for any longer, she might’ve really died, just like a mortal.

He gasped in surprise and quickly took out a thick fur clothing and wrapped her in it. He then channelled spiritual energy to her as he quickly flew towards the outside.

The weather changed back to summer as soon as they exited Xuyu Summit’s vertical skyline but Yuan Chu was still shivering. Against the snow-white fur clothing, her small face looked extremely pitiful.

Doctor, he had to find a doctor now!

Thousands of miles away, Ye Chenyuan opened his eyes abruptly. He touched his restless heart and frowned wordlessly.

“What’s wrong?” Venerable Li asked.

“It’s nothing.” Ye Chenyuan said, “It’s just that, I’m suddenly feeling a tightness in my chest and it’s making me nervous. Could something have happened to master?”

Hearing this, Venerable Li couldn’t help saying, “It’ll be good if she doesn’t cause trouble to befall others! Besides, old geezers with cultivation above Nascent Soul don’t usually travel to the mainland and with her cultivation, she’ll be fine even if she does whatever she wants!”

Despite Venerable Li’s words, Ye Chenyuan still felt uneasy.

“Fortunately, the mystic realm will be reopening in an hour and hopefully, master will be obediently waiting for me outside.”

During this period of time, he had braced himself for close combat daily and went all out in his cultivation and when the occasional fool came over to pick a fight with him, he’d strike back directly. His cultivation had stabilised a lot.

It’s just that without Yuan Chu around, he was anxious to return home and the past month had been really unbearable for him.

It was at this time that Wan Ling’er transmitted a message, “Childe Ye, hurry over, I’ve found something!”

Hearing this, Ye Chenyuan went over and was immediately dragged into the undergrowth by Wan Ling’er.

“Look, what’s that?”

Ye Chenyuan looked over intently, only to see a cute rabbit-like mouse going around in circles.

Then he heard Wan Ling’er say, “That’s a treasure hunting mouse. It keeps circling that area, which shows that there might be good things underground!”

Ye Chenyuan wasn’t interested. He didn’t want to miss the mystic realm’s reopening and besides, there’s no end to the search for treasures and master was the most important.

But this was Wan Ling’er’s first mystic realm and the people from Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom wouldn’t have let her enter if it weren’t for Ye Chenyuan so she got very excited at everything she saw and quickly said.

“I’ll go this time around. If I find anything good, I’ll share it with you.”

Saying this, she rushed out.

The little mouse was scared away as soon as she appeared. She wandered around the area but found nothing strange, until she bent over and tapped on the ground.

“Huh? Childe Ye, it’s hollow underneath here!”

Before she could finish what she was saying, Ye Chenyuan rushed towards her, “Be careful!”

The moment she was rescued by Ye Chenyuan, there was a rumble before the ground suddenly exploded. A yellowish brown coloured earthworm suddenly emerged from below.

It’s supposed to be an earthworm, but this earthworm was extraordinarily large, so much so that by the time its whole body was out, it measured more than ten to twenty meters in length. Wan Ling’er was afraid of worms and that round and fleshy body made her scalp tingle.

With all its blows landing on thin air, the huge earthworm fixed its attention in Ye Chenyuan’s direction. It didn’t have eyes but it was very perceptive and could react quickly to the slightest disturbance.

Ye Chenyuan realised that this was a rank four spirit beast, equivalent to Golden Core, so he said to Wan Ling’er, “Step back, don’t come over!”

Wan Ling’er promptly moved away. Ye Chenyuan was more relaxed without her holding him back. Seeing that there wasn’t much time left, he had to end this fight quickly so he went all out right from the start.

Other people were alerted by the huge stir and because the exit was in this area, the majority of them were drawn over. Seeing that Ye Chenyuan was confronting such a large monster alone, all of them took cover and no one came to his aid, all waiting to see him make a fool of himself.

It was for no other reason than the fact that they had all intended to make use of this period of time to take advantage of Wan Ling’er, but who would’ve thought that the people from Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom would be so astute as to send in such a powerful person to protect the princess.

For the past month, they’ve suffered losses at Ye Chenyuan’s hand. He was very strong and was unmatched against others of the same rank. However, he was now facing a high ranking spirit beast so this time around, he was done for right?

But what they didn’t know was that Ye Chenyuan knew Dragon Language and against spirit beasts, they’d inherently be suppressed by him. Against one with strong divine senses, he might even be able to command it, just like he had done with the Kun previously.

So, it wasn’t long before that huge earthworm was riddled with scars.

However, it was at this moment that a person rushed out and held Wan Ling’er hostage.

That person was Liu Ping. He cut a sorry figure and his lackeys were nowhere in sight. The beast concealing fragrance had been placed on his body but it was others that had died. Ye Chenyuan didn’t need to ponder too much on it to realise what had happened.

Seeing that Ye Chenyuan was entangled with the spirit beast, he wanted to seize Wan Ling’er and run.

They were unsuccessful with their plan to seize Wan Ling’er and after they were scared away by Ye Chenyuan, they had suffered repeated attacks from spirit beasts. He managed to escape the very dangerous situations but when he thought about it after the fact, it must’ve been that b*tch who did something to them.

Therefore, when he saw that Wan Ling’er had been left alone, he seized her without a second thought.

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