TDCM Chapter 94: It’s Impossible To Be Free From Desires

Yuan Chu was fed up! Fed up in capital letters! She quickly interrupted him, “Alright, don’t say any more, I won’t disturb you, hurry up!”

Finally, there was nothing left on the ground. Seeing that Weisheng Ji had used a cleaning art on himself, Yuan Chu slowly moved to his side and asked uncertainly.

“We can go now, right?”

“En, we can!” Weisheng Ji grinned. His facial features were handsome and his smile made people feel very comfortable.

He shook his head when he saw the pool of blood on the ground, “It’s a pity, the Cold Rock Lizard’s blood is also very useful, it’s a waste, such a waste.”

Yuan Chu: “……” Is it too late to go our separate ways now?!

As they journeyed on, Yuan Chu carefully put out her divine sense and scared away any spirit beast that came near them, thinking to herself that there shouldn’t be any more delays like this.

But it was clear that she had set her mind at ease too early.

“Ah! Top-grade Frost Stone! Cultivators at the Qi Condensing stage can use this!” Weisheng Ji’s eyes lit up and he ran over, dig dig dig.

Yuan Chu: “……”

“Is that the Jade Snow Lotus? It can improve a girl’s looks and help to maintain a youthful appearance!” Weisheng Ji took out a trowel and ran over to dig dig dig.

Yuan Chu: “……”

Finally, Weisheng Ji discovered a ginseng and took out his jade shovel once more.

“Stop!” Yuan Chu didn’t know how to describe her state of mind. She forced a smile on her face and said, “Ginsengs are used by mortals, it is of no use to cultivators like us, so just let it go.”

Who knew that Weisheng Ji would argue saying, “How can I do that? The road to cultivation is ever-changing. What if I accidentally enter the mortal realm one day? This thing is really good for them!”

So, dig dig dig.

At nightfall, Yuan Chu told Weisheng Ji seriously, “I think we need to have a talk.”

Weisheng Ji had a respectful attitude towards her, “What instruction does Elder have?”

Yuan Chu retrieved all the medicine pills and spirit tools in her storage space that she had no need for, forming a pile in front of her.

“I’ll give these to you, when you see anything later, can you ignore them?”

Weisheng Ji’s eyes lit up once more. His gaze was fixed on that pile of things and practically couldn’t be torn off, but he said, “How can I do that? I can’t take payment if I haven’t done any work.”

Yuan Chu resolutely pushed the items towards him, “I’m in a hurry, you’re helping me to save time, this is what you deserve.”

Seeing Weisheng Ji accept the items with a smile, Yuan Chu heaved a huge sigh of relief. He would stop doing that tomorrow right?

In the following days, Weisheng Ji did curb himself more and although Yuan Chu still felt that the look in his eyes as he occasionally gazed at his surroundings was suspicious, he no longer wasted time by running over.

She wiped away the non-existent sweat on her forehead and said kindly.

“Don’t worry, we won’t be returning together and you can continue your search for treasures if you want to.”

Weisheng Ji shook his head when he heard this, “I can’t, my interspatial rings are full and I have to make a trip to the neighbourhood market.”

Yuan Chu exhaled deeply when she heard this, inwardly deciding that they’d go their separate ways after she got the spirit pearl.

Finally, they reached the summit.

The top of the mountain was bare. Other than snow, there was more snow, and it seemed like someone had swept it but that didn’t matter, the tree on the mountaintop was still there.

If she remembered correctly, they had to break this tree to reveal the entrance.

With this thought, before Weisheng Ji could say anything, she waved her hand and the tree broke. At this moment, the overcast skies suddenly changed.

The sky above their heads that had been very close to them suddenly started whirling, and a vortex appeared. The surrounding skies became dark and cloudy, with even lightning flashing.

Not only was Weisheng Ji undaunted by this sight, he was even a little excited.

“Elder, does this mean that a treasure is about to appear?!”

Before Yuan Chu could speak, there was a sudden clap of thunder. A bolt of lightning struck down on them and Yuan Chu quickly put up a barrier to protect Weisheng Ji but unexpectedly, the lightning struck the ground under her feet and the ground beneath them gave way. Both of them fell in.

At the same time, the rumblings never stopped and Yuan Chu couldn’t help thinking that the whole mountain shouldn’t have collapsed, right?

She instantly lost consciousness.

An unknown amount of time passed before Yuan Chu slowly opened her eyes, only to find that she was surrounded by darkness.

“Weisheng Ji?” She yelled, but besides her own echo, there was nothing else.

She wanted to use the things stored in her sea of consciousness but realised that she had lost her connection with the storage space. She also could not sense the dragon egg.

What exactly was this place? It didn’t look like a simple small treasury.

Just as she was thinking this, her surroundings suddenly lit up. Then, she found herself in a magnificent palace, surrounded by people who were praising her. She was like an empress, making her way step by step to stand at the highest point in the hall. At that moment, she felt a surge of supreme glory brought by power.

“So it’s an illusion test.” Yuan Chu shook her head. For ancient inheritances, those old guys usually liked to use illusions to test people’s hearts, it’s just that she……

Seeing the realistic illusion in front of her, it seemed like as long as she was willing to stay, she would be able to live a lifetime of having supreme power, forget any memories of her past and enjoy the honour brought by her power before dying proudly.

With a small smile, Yuan Chu sat down and stroked her imperial throne.

“An empress? It seems pretty impressive but greater power means greater responsibility. It’s too tiring and too hard to be an empress, I won’t do it!”

Saying this, she crushed the armrest of the imperial throne and the illusion disappeared.

In the next second, she found herself in a treasury, surrounded by a mountain of treasures. She reached out to touch them and realised that the treasures were real. The trap behind this illusion was that she would fall into a deeper trap with every piece of treasure that she took, until she was unable to free herself.

So Yuan Chu only touched them.

“I like treasures,” She suddenly grinned, and with a rather wicked smile, “but I prefer to snatch them from others! Having them displayed right in front of me like this is not appealing at all.”

Saying this, she waved her hand and the illusion in front of her disappeared.

Subsequently, Yuan Chu easily passed through seven layers of illusions. Whether it was fame or power, treasures or beauty, not one of them could hold her back for one more second. Such a firm resolve was actually quite terrifying.

When she finally reached the end as easily as if she had just been playing, an aged voice suddenly sounded from above her head.

“You want neither riches nor power, fame nor beauty. You don’t want any of the human desires. What do you want?”

The voice paused before continuing, “It’s impossible for humans to have no desires. What is the secret behind your resolve? Reveal it in your sea of consciousness!”

With this, Yuan Chu felt a stab of pain in her forehead.

She was startled. Was this a high-level illusion that could see through people’s hearts? Oh no!

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