TDCM Chapter 93: Extremely Annoying Villain

She couldn’t use magic or spirit tools but was there no other loophole she could take advantage of?

Yuan Chu gave it some thought before she suddenly slapped a featherweight[1] talisman on herself. She ended up flying a distance of tens of metres.

“That’s great! Hey, featherweight talismans can be used!”

Yuan Chu turned around excitedly to tell Weisheng Ji.

Weisheng Ji looked at her with a look of disapproval. They haven’t travelled far yet, does this person intend to keep using featherweight talismans?

Before he could speak, Yuan Chu took out a thick stack of featherweight talismans. She wasn’t quite sure where she had collected all these but this was just the right time to put them to use.

With this thought, she even passed half of them to Weisheng Ji, saying generously, “Take this, it’ll be faster if we use this featherweight talisman.”

Weisheng Ji held the talisman between his fingers, but he didn’t move.

“What’s wrong?” Yuan Chu tilted her head as she asked.

Weisheng Ji’s handsome face frowned. Some time passed before his obsidian-like eyes stared at Yuan Chu as he asked earnestly.

“If I piggyback you up the mountain, can you give all these talismans to me?”

Yuan Chu was shocked.

Weisheng Ji was also roasting her in his heart. This Elder Yuan Chu was such a spendthrift! Such a thick stack of grade two featherweight talismans could be sold for many spirit stones! Most people will only use them in battles but she was actually using it to climb a mountain?!

Yuan Chu found her voice after some time and asked with a strange expression on her face, “So you’d rather carry me up the mountain step by step than to use the talismans?”

“Yes!” Weisheng Ji nodded earnestly, “Elder, please accept my request!”

Saying this, his gaze landed on the talismans in Yuan Chu’s hand, his gaze fervent.

Being stared at by him like that, Yuan Chu subconsciously handed the talismans to him, “Al-Alright then.”

Weisheng Ji’s eyes lit up when he heard this. He quickly received the talismans from her and gripped onto them tightly. Resisting the urge to count them right in front of Yuan Chu, he turned around and bent over.

“Get on up!”

If Yuan Chu were any normal Nascent Soul, Weisheng Ji wouldn’t have dared to act so rashly but Yuan Chu was only ten years old and he felt that he could coax her.

In contrast, Yuan Chu was amused by this. This person actually wanted to piggyback her just to save a few talismans? Hehe, she’d see how he persists with such a tall mountain.

She was small and Weisheng Ji didn’t feel much weight when he hefted her after she got on his back. They then continued up the mountain.

As he walked, Weisheng Ji secretly thought that Yuan Chu was too easily persuaded. If it weren’t for the fact that she was so strong, she’d definitely be scammed into bankruptcy by people.

With someone piggybacking her, Yuan Chu didn’t need to walk and was in a very good mood.

She asked with a smile, “There wasn’t even a treasure light when this mystic realm opened, no one’s willing to come in, why have you come?”

Weisheng Ji said without the slightest hesitation, “I’d rather be mistaken a thousand times, than to end up missing one. If I search carefully, I’ll definitely find something good.”

Yuan Chu couldn’t hold back her curiosity, “Are you short on money? You’re currently Uncle Sect Master’s disciple, you shouldn’t be lacking in cultivation resources.”

Weisheng Ji pursed his lips.

As the Sect Master’s personal disciple, he obviously didn’t lack cultivation resources but after years of living frugally, his character had become one that thought of danger in times of safety.

He currently had many good items in his interspatial ring but he couldn’t bring himself to use them. He kept thinking that he had to collect a little more, just a little more and he’ll be able to be at peace.

So he said earnestly, “Then just take it that I’m coming out to temper myself. After all, one must not slack off in their cultivation.”

Yuan Chu covered her mouth and laughed, “So piggybacking me up the mountain is also cultivation?”

Weisheng Ji nodded, “En, this is how one cultivates their body!”

Yuan Chu felt that this person was really interesting. Moreover, she realised that Weisheng Ji was also at Foundation Building. He had progressed very quickly and proven himself as one of the book’s villains. This talent made people jealous indeed.

There was only one path up to Xuyu Summit. As they chatted on their way up, a chill suddenly appeared in Yuan Chu’s eyes.

In the next second, there was a flash of divine light from her fingertip and the tongue of a Cold Rock Lizard that was going to sneak an attack on them was cut off.

That lizard let out an uncanny cry. Realising that these two prey weren’t as weak as it’d thought, it turned and ran.

Seeing this, Weisheng Ji’s eyes lit up and he threw Yuan Chu off his body before unsheathing his sword and running after it.

Yuan Chu was caught off guard and fell to the ground. She was stupefied. It’s just a rank three winter beast, did he have to react so excitedly?

She ran over angrily as she rubbed her pained bottom, only to find that Weisheng Ji had already killed that lizard.

Yuan Chu was slightly speechless. She couldn’t tell before, but Weisheng Ji had a few tricks. A rank three winter beast was equivalent to late stage Foundation Building and as a mid stage Foundation Building, he was able to kill it so quickly? And it was with just one move!

But, what was he doing now? Yuan Chu slapped her forehead in annoyance.

“What are you doing?”

Weisheng Ji was squatting down in front of the giant beast’s body and without turning his head, he replied with hints of happiness in his voice, “This lizard’s whole body is a treasure. I intend to peel its skin and sell it at the neighbourhood market for a good price.”

Seeing this, Yuan Chu decided to put up with it. Fine, this lizard’s skin was worth quite a few spirit stones. So she ended up squatting at the side as she waited for quite a while, before she realised that Weisheng Ji was done with the skin and had moved on to disassembling the bones.

“Y-You, what do you want the bones for?” Yuan Chu looked at him wide-eyed.

Hearing this, Weisheng Ji looked at Yuan Chu with an expression as if he were looking at a naive wastrel.

“The Cold Rock Lizard’s bones are extremely hard and can be used to make weapons.”

Hearing this, Yuan Chu quietly shut her mouth and returned to sit for a while more, before she realised that Weisheng Ji was done with the bones and was now extracting the teeth?!


This time around, without waiting for Yuan Chu to finish speaking, Weisheng Ji said excitedly, “The Cold Rock Lizard’s teeth has the colour and lustre of crystals and can be sold to young ladies as jewelry spirit tools!”

Yuan Chu looked coldly at the internal organs and flesh that were left on the ground and silently mourned the beast. Finally, she saw that Weisheng Ji was cutting the flesh?!

She couldn’t stand it anymore, “What do you want the flesh for? Aren’t you going to leave some space in your storage space for other things? We’ll still be going to look for treasures!”

Weisheng Ji thought that it made sense, but the moment he lifted his clothes, Yuan Chu was shocked to find over twenty interspatial rings under his coat. She then heard him say.

“The Cold Rock Lizard’s meat can improve one’s constitution and make people resistant to the cold. Although I don’t need to eat it, it’ll be good to dry and sell it to the mercenaries that are heading for the cold regions.”

Yuan Chu felt sorry as she looked at him. This child must have suffered a lot before, so that he wouldn’t even let the meat go.

So she didn’t say anything else. She had to respect others’ way of life, right?

So she obediently sat back down on a rock at the side and waited as Weisheng Ji cut the lizard meat into strips and stuffed them into an interspatial ring.

There was just a pile of entrails left on the ground. They could go now right? Yuan Chu heaved a sigh of relief and stood up, only to hear Weisheng Ji say.

“Don’t rush!” He rolled up his sleeves, looking like he was getting ready for a big fight. “The Cold Rock Lizard’s heart and liver can be used as medicine! The intestines are also very tough and many people use it to make bows and arrows. As for this kidney, it-”

1. 轻身 translates literally to “light body”. Basically, this is a talisman that makes the person weigh less so that they’ll be able to move faster during fights. That’s why Weisheng Ji reacted that way to Yuan Chu using stacks of it just to climb a mountain 😅

– A little refresher in case it’s been too many chapters: Weisheng Ji is the guy that wanted to choose Yuan Chu as his master but was bribed by Ye Chenyuan with two spirit weapons. In the novel, he’s the villain that blackened after unsuccessfully chasing after the male lead’s woman.

Sugakookie’s Note:
I can’t with Weisheng Ji, this has to be the funniest chapter. Yuan Chu is so done with him, and it continues in the next chapter, please look forward to it 😂
With the title of this chapter, I feel like he’s doing it on purpose? To bankrupt Yuan Chu? 🤣

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