TDCM Chapter 92: The Temptation That Men Cannot Resist

“But at places where father and the rest cannot see, there are still many people who are waiting for a chance and in order not to cause trouble for father and the rest, I’ll try to put up with it as much as I can. It’s just that…just that I’ll feel sad whenever I recall these things, when will these days come to an end?”

Ye Chenyuan didn’t know what to say. He leaned back against the large tree and raised his head slightly. He was secretly glad that others probably wouldn’t be able to find out his master’s physique that easily.

Master, master. He suddenly smiled wryly. He didn’t expect that he’d already be missing her so badly when they’d just separated.

He heard splashes behind him, then the sound of footsteps coming ashore. Thinking that Wan Ling’er had finished bathing, Ye Chenyuan turned around but unexpectedly, he was met with the sight of Wan Ling’er standing there in her snow white inner garment, dripping wet.

Her eyes and the tip of her nose was red and her long black hair stuck to her chest. The young girl’s vaguely hidden amorous demeanour gave off an enticing inexperience and charm.

But Ye Chenyuan immediately shut his eyes, “What are you doing?!”

Wan Ling’er trembled at Ye Chenyuan’s cold words. She believed that she still looked beautiful and the temptation of advancing by a realm just by having her was impossible for any man to resist.

So she gathered up her courage and said.

“The reason I’ve had eyes on me for so many years is because my true Yin has yet to be taken. All of them want to obtain my first time but I do not want to give it to them!”

Seeing that Ye Chenyuan’s eyes were still shut and that his brows were tightly knit, she said anxiously.

“But you’re different. I can see that you’re an upright gentleman. I would rather give all of this to you than to give those bad men any advantage! Please help me! As long as I lose my true Yin, they’ll definitely not bother me anymore, please.”

Tears fell from her beautiful eyes. Once she loses her true Yin, the pink gecko cinnabar on her neck would disappear. At that time, her Pure Yin Physique would lose its appeal to many people. Perhaps this was the only way to resolve things once and for all.

For so many years, she had never met anyone who didn’t covet her, so she had a good impression of Ye Chenyuan. If she really had to choose someone to give her true Yin to, she hoped that it would be Ye Chenyuan.

So she took a few steps forward and stood right in front of Ye Chenyuan. However, she didn’t dare to reach out to touch him and she shivered slightly, her body still dripping wet.

“Please, I won’t ask you to take responsibility. Just treat it as doing me a favour. After this, we can pretend that nothing ever happened!”

If it were some other man, with a beauty coming up to offer her body without asking for any responsibility, and most importantly was the fact that he’ll be able to advance his realm, few would be able to resist this temptation.

Hearing this, Ye Chenyuan suddenly opened his eyes.

In the next second, a black robe was draped over Wan Ling’er, bundling her up tightly.

Wan Ling’er was taken aback. She raised her head only to be met with Ye Chenyuan’s overly cold and unusually bewitching pupils.

“Do not do this again in the future.”

His voice was calm. He suddenly smiled as he thought of something.

“A girl’s body can only be shown to the person she loves the most. Others do not have this right.”

He already looked extremely elegant. Now that he was smiling, his god-like looks instantly became full of life, making people forget other ordinary people once they saw his face.

She clearly knew that his gentleness wasn’t because of her and that his words were directed at someone else but Wan Ling’er’s heart started racing the moment she was wrapped up in the black robes.

It was at this moment that she knew that Ye Chenyuan had someone in his heart. Although she felt sad, she was also curious.

Who could that person be? The one who was able to obtain his rare and deep affections.


The faraway Yuan Chu suddenly felt an itch in her ear, someone was talking about her?

But none of this was important! With the Heavenly Ship set to the maximum speed, she finally reached Xuyu Summit after three days.

Xuyu Summit’s entrance was a mountain that towered high above the clouds. The mountain looked like someone had striked it right down the middle.

Standing between the mountains and looking up, one would only feel that the sky had become a line but after crossing this vertical skyline[1], the view would be totally reversed.

What was originally a sweltering summer day gave way to a snow covered forest after crossing the vertical skyline. Past the trees and snow was a tall mountain. That was Xuyu Summit.

Not many had found this place yet and no one had seen her entering but she still made haste because this mystic realm would be disappearing in three months.

Her Nascent Soul aura seeped out as she flew across the snowy plains, scaring any and all living beings, so much so that none of them dared to approach her. The wind brought large pieces of snowflakes as it blew but Yuan Chu wasn’t bothered by it. Soon, she reached the foot of Xuyu.

In her last life, that person had obtained the Morning Spirit Pearl at Xuyu’s summit. This time around, the spirit pearl was hers!

With the spirit pearl, they’ll be able to find the Morning Mirror even more quickly.

Yuan Chu arrived at the foot of the mountain, brimming with confidence. However, before she could ascend, a man dropped down from the sky.

“Weisheng Ji?” The moment she recognised who he was, Yuan Chu caught him without a second thought.

Weisheng Ji was also wide-eyed when he saw Yuan Chu, “Elder Yuan Chu?!”

After the both of them landed safely, Yuan Chu stared at him, “What are you doing here?”

Weisheng Ji immediately stood up straight and greeted her with a bow.

“I heard that a new mystic realm had opened here so I came to take a look.”

But he hadn’t seen anything throughout his journey and it was only this mountain that looked strange and could possibly contain hidden treasures.

However, there was an added gravitational force on this mountain that prevented him from flying on his sword so he could only climb up it. When he was halfway up the mountain, he was attacked by a winter beast and ended up falling down accidentally.

After finding out the reason for his fall, Yuan Chu craned her neck to look up at the mountain above her that towered high above the clouds. She gulped.

Going up on foot? Are you kidding me?!

“Elder Yuan is also here to look for treasures?” asked Weisheng Ji who was dressed in black.

Yuan Chu smacked her lips, “Ah, yeah. There’s a small treasury up there. Let’s go, how about splitting the things we find, three to seven?”

Weisheng Ji’s eyes immediately lit up and he asked in all seriousness, “I’m taking seven and you’re taking three right?”

Yuan Chu looked at Weisheng Ji in shock. Did she hear it right? Someone actually dared to make such an unreasonable request?!

But when she recalled that besides the Morning Spirit Pearl, there probably wouldn’t be anything else that would interest her in this treasury, she grudgingly obliged in the spirit of caring for the younger generation, “Alright. Seven, you can have seven! Let’s go!”

She’ll just treat it as spending money to have someone to chat with, otherwise it’ll be too boring to climb up the mountain alone.

The two clicked easily and continued up the mountain.

However, they had only gone a few steps before Yuan Chu became unhappy. How long had it been since she walked with her own two feet?

1. 一线天:

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  1. I think ‘vertical skyline’ is a fairly accurate description and translation… which is more than I could probably do at midnight, lol. A skyline is “an outline of land and/or buildings defined against the sky”. When viewed from afar, city skylines (or outlines) typically spread outward horizontally. The opposite can be said for a skyline viewed from within the city. The tall buildings and skyscrapers block most of the sky, so the skyline is mostly vertical- like shown in the example picture of a mountain.


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