TDCM Chapter 86: Settling Accounts When the Time is Ripe

Yuan Chu had sustained serious injuries this time around. Although the Demon Serpent was rank seven, equivalent to late stage Nascent Soul, its body was very strong and it was very close to Astral Realm. Even though it was injured, ordinary Nascent Souls wouldn’t be a match for it.

For Yuan Chu to have killed it, she was formidable indeed.

Ye Chenyuan’s damaged dantian had already been repaired by the spiritual spring but Yuan Chu still showed no signs of regaining consciousness.

Venerable Li floated over. His soul was a little faint because he had overexerted himself when using the spirit congealing needle and he had expended a lot of soul force.

“Is Yuan Chu alright?”

Ye Chenyuan closed his eyes and examined her twice before he breathed a sigh of relief, “Although master had sustained serious internal injuries, there’s a ball of life energy in her body that’s currently repairing her body. I don’t know what technique she’s cultivating, that would actually have this effect.”

Hearing this, Venerable Li smiled suspiciously, “Ah, this, I’ll let her tell you about it when she wakes up.”

With a twist of his hand, the Demon Serpent’s core appeared in his hand, “Okay, I’m passing this to you. It has an evil aura and cannot be left lying around.”

Just after he said this, a white dragon egg appeared suddenly, jumped up to grab the core, then disappeared into Yuan Chu’s sea of consciousness. This whole episode happened as swiftly as the wind and both Ye Chenyuan and Venerable Li were dumbfounded when they saw this.

Venerable Li looked at his empty hand and couldn’t help asking, “Goodness gracious! It doesn’t even have hands, how did it grab it? And this trait of seizing someone else’s belongings is exactly like Yuan Chu!”

Ye Chenyuan looked at this joker and couldn’t hold back a sigh. The corners of his lips raised slightly.

“There’s nothing wrong with being like master, very cute.”

Venerable Li felt stifled when he heard this. Cute? In what way is being like Yuan Chu cute?!

This annoying bunch. Sure enough, not one of them saves him from having to worry!

It was seven days later that Yuan Chu finally regained consciousness. In this period of time, Ye Chenyuan had gone out once to aid Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom’s Ancestor in killing Hunyuan Sect’s second elder. However, the first elder had managed to escape and emergency measures had been implemented in the whole of Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom.

Ye Chenyuan noticed it the moment Yuan Chu opened her eyes.

“Master?!” he was pleasantly surprised and swiftly jumped into the spiritual spring, “Master, are you feeling unwell anywhere?”

Initially, Yuan Chu was slightly dazed but she soon recovered, “How long have I been asleep for? That serpent is dead right?”

Ye Chenyuan could finally put down the stone that had been weighing on his heart, “It’s dead, you’ve been asleep for seven days.”

Yuan Chu nodded. She then recalled something and said apologetically, “Sorry about that, um, I couldn’t save your mother.”

Although Mu Jinrou had already said that she wasn’t Ye Chenyuan’s mother, she had raised him for five years and even though she was a little muddle-headed, Yuan Chu had still wanted to save her.

Ye Chenyuan’s smile faded a little, then he stroked her hair.

“You’ve already done very well. Master, thank you.”

He embraced her and gently settled his chin on the top of her head as he closed his eyes.

“It’s just, don’t do this again alright? Although I really want to find her, but I-” even more than that, I do not wish to see anything happen to you.

Held in his embrace, Yuan Chu felt that something was strange. Had Ye Chenyuan been too worried for her? He was hugging her too tightly.

“Cough cough!”

Venerable Li suddenly let out a few coughs and Yuan Chu quickly burrowed out of Ye Chenyuan’s embrace. Venerable Li looked at them with a very worried expression as he said in a serious manner.

“Alright, you are familiar with each other, what’s the meaning of thanking each other like that? Right now, there’s a very important thing that we have to discuss.”

Yuan Chu climbed out of the spiritual spring and used spiritual energy to dry herself. Hearing this, she leaned over excitedly, her feet bare.

“What important thing?”

Ye Chenyuan also came over. He had a focused expression on his handsome face, his long eyelashes drooping down[1].

“It’s about my identity”

Yuan Chu was astonished. After all, back then, only Ye Chenyuan and Venerable Li had heard Mu Jinrou’s words.

Mu Jinrou said that Ye Chenyuan is the Empire’s Crown Prince’s long lost son, which meant that he was the Empire’s eldest imperial grandson, a direct descendant of the imperial family! As for how he had ended up with the Ye family, it was because he had been swapped with Ye family’s child.

After Venerable Li briefly explained all this to Yuan Chu, Yuan Chu’s jaw dropped.

How did things get to Ye Chenyuan being the Empire’s heir? There wasn’t such a plot in the original story line!

Shouldn’t the male lead be focused on his cultivation, then he’ll become the first person to ascend? Why did such a powerful background pop up so suddenly?!

Yuan Chu couldn’t understand it no matter how she thought about it. She felt a little uneasy, feeling like things had gone out of control but she also felt like this was normal. Didn’t she already know that this world was real? Just because she didn’t know about something, didn’t mean that it did not exist.

After he was done speaking, Venerable Li continued angrily, “Back then, after leaving the Ye family, there were numerous times where Little Yuan had been chased by people. I had thought that it was strange then, because those people didn’t look like they were from the Ye family. Besides, if Ye family really wanted to kill Little Yuan, they would’ve made their move while he was still with them, and they wouldn’t have let him leave.

Now that I think about it, those people could’ve been sent by that guy who took Little Yuan’s identity!”

“Is that so?!”

Yuan Chu’s expression turned serious, “In other words, besides Mu Jinrou and a few important Ye family members that know about this, that guy that took your identity also knows about it? He even sent people to kill you? This is simply outrageous!”

Ye Chenyuan said, “Things have yet to be confirmed, all this is just Venerable Li’s conjecture.”

Venerable Li nodded, “Although this is just a speculation, I think that the truth won’t be too far off. Little Chu, Little Yuan, what do you think we should do next?”

Ye Chenyuan pursed his lips. He had no intention of acknowledging or returning to them because being heir to the Empire’s throne meant shackles and he also didn’t need those relatives. Having master was enough for him.

But Yuan Chu immediately said, “What do you mean by what we should do? Of course we have to snatch it back! It’s something that belongs to Little Yuan, even if he doesn’t want it, others cannot take it!”

“Master.” Ye Chenyuan didn’t want her to get involved with this issue. After all, there were many experts in the Empire and they weren’t on the same level as Hunyuan Sect.

He said, “If you want me to snatch it back, I will go, but you must not make a move.”

Yuan Chu said indifferently, “Why? An extra person is an extra help, isn’t that good?”


Ye Chenyuan interrupted her unsmilingly, “You’re not allowed to go anywhere! You previously got yourself kidnapped by Hunyuan Sect without giving us a heads up, then was placed in a dangerous situation all by yourself. I have yet to tell you off and you want to be unruly again?!”

This time, he will not let master stir up trouble again. After all, she had a special physique and he wouldn’t know what to do if she was found out.

Yuan Chu panicked. She looked at Ye Chenyuan miserably, “Little disciple, you cannot treat master like that.”

Ye Chenyuan turned around and refrained from looking at her in case he became soft-hearted.

“You have two choices. One, you stay in the Sky Pearl to self-cultivate for a period of time, and I’ll help you to do anything that you need to get done. Two, you return to Myriad Sword Sect, I can only be at ease with Sect Master around.”

1. In case it isn’t clear, he’s looking down, at Yuan Chu’s bare feet. (at least that’s the vibe I’m getting from the raws)

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