TDCM Chapter 85: Killing the Demon Serpent


Before Ye Chenyuan could reach out to grab her, Mu Jinrou had already been completely swallowed up by the meat grinder-like soft flesh.

Venerable Li managed to control Ye Chenyuan’s movements after using all his strength, shouting loudly, “Run, hurry! She had a Blazing Pearl in her hand!”

It was at this moment that Yuan Chu managed to press the Demon Serpent to the ground with brute force, preventing it from biting down so it eventually spat out the prey that had already entered its mouth.

Seeing this, Yuan Chu quickly flew over and helped Ye Chenyuan up. She noticed that the Demon Serpent’s oppressive force was increasing steadily and knew that it had already digested Hunyuan Demon Patriarch. With this, the Demon Serpent could very possibly recover eighty percent of its power.

At this thought, for the first time, Yuan Chu had the thought of fleeing with him. However, Ye Chenyuan suddenly grabbed her and teleported away.

In the next second, there was a loud sound. The Demon Serpent who had been releasing a terrifyingly oppressive force suddenly had a hole blown through its stomach.

Everything that its blood landed on was burned and black smoke arose from it. The shrill wail that it let out could be heard throughout the island.

“Leave, hurry!” Yuan Chu transmitted this message to Wan Feng and Wan Ling’er using her spiritual energy. This wasn’t a battle they could involve themselves with.

Wan Feng and Wan Ling’er also didn’t dare to remain here any longer and they quickly withdrew with their men, intending to look for help.

As for the Hunyuan Sect disciples that were still alive, for some reason, after hearing the Demon Serpent’s blood-curdling scream, they felt an intense pain all over their body before they finally died by bleeding from every orifice of their body. Their blood then turned into a black smoke that streamed towards the Demon Serpent’s wounds, causing the Demon Serpent to become increasingly larger and its aura to become stronger once again.

“D*mn it! We must not let it heal from its injuries! Little Yuan, use Dragon Language!”

Hearing this, Ye Chenyuan nodded and stuffed a bunch of medicinal pills into his mouth. This Demon Serpent that had eaten his mother, he will make it pay with its life!

Yuan Chu also became larger again. Once she was about the same size as the Demon Serpent, she immediately reached out and grabbed its heart.

The Demon Serpent’s strength was originally at late stage Nascent Soul but after being held captive for so long and having a hole blown through its stomach, there was a huge decrease in its current strength so Yuan Chu could engage it in a battle. If they waited for it to recover, she might not be able to do so.

So they will have to seize this opportunity to take its life when its unwell!

Anyone who should leave the island has left. As the two giants battled, the earth shook with their every move.

Ye Chenyuan seemed to have received some sort of stimulation and his aura suddenly rose until he actually broke through mid stage Foundation Building in one go!

With a grim expression, he uttered the Dragon Language for control and the Demon Serpent slowed down visibly. Yuan Chu was in a hand-to-hand fight with it and without caring about the danger of getting bitten by it, she inserted her hands into its rapidly healing stomach and ripped open the hole that originally hadn’t been too large.

The Demon Serpent raised its head towards the skies as it let out a loud cry. It was clear that it was in extreme pain. Yuan Chu was no better off, with the flesh on her hands corroded by the Demon Serpent’s blood to the point where her bones were visible.

Her pretty face was tense but at this moment, a black smoke was released from the Demon Serpent’s body and it rushed towards Yuan Chu like a roaring blaze.

Yuan Chu wanted to avoid it but was unable to because it had wrapped its tail around her. As time ran out for her to avoid it, Ye Chenyuan swiftly leaped into the air and enveloped Yuan Chu with his Dragon Shield, preventing the black smoke from getting anywhere near her.

The surrounding plants, and even stones, became non-existent the moment they came into contact with the black smoke. Its destructive power was actually this terrifying!

Yuan Chu noticed that Ye Chenyuan was currently using up a large amount of spiritual energy so she took the twelve flying swords she had used before, combined them into a single sword and hung it high above the Demon Serpent’s head.

“Power that breaks a thousand Jun[1]!”

Seeing this turn of events, a flash of black light came from the Demon Serpent’s body and its scale seemed to have become an extremely hard armour that Yuan Chu’s imposing sword was actually unable to pierce through.

Ye Chenyuan kept away his Dragon Shield and ate another handful of medicinal pills like it was candied snacks. He instructed Venerable Li to use the spirit congealing needle to interfere with the Demon Serpent as he recited a complicated Dragon Curse.

This was a terrible curse and he wouldn’t have used it if he hadn’t been forced into a corner. This curse could trap the other party and cause their strength to fall by half in a split second. This was the same spell he had used to kill the Ice Wyrm. However, this curse had a very huge disadvantage, which was that if the other party wasn’t dead after three breaths, he would receive a very powerful backlash.

Moreover, the stronger the prey he was trying to weaken, the more spiritual energy will be consumed.

Although he had already unsealed two meridians, his spiritual energy had been emptied out the moment he used Dragon Curse and he could even feel that a crack had appeared on his dantian.

They worked closely, using a three pronged approach. The Demon Serpent wanted to resist, but it was restrained by Ye Chenyuan. It wanted to attack with its divine sense, but Venerable Li kept interfering with it. And if it relaxed even slightly, Yuan Chu’s sword would pierce its heart.

With a “crack”, Yuan Chu’s sword finally pierced through its armour the moment Dragon Language weakened it by half, but that wasn’t all.

Yuan Chu was furious when she saw Ye Chenyuan’s extremely pale face. Her body suddenly shrank, then golden rays were emitted from her body.

“Vajra shield, power that crushes ten thousand Jun!”

The light on her body had suddenly formed a huge phantom! The phantom wielded its sword in an imposing manner, then in the next second, its sword overlapped with Yuan Chu’s huge sword that was hanging upside down, before it finally dropped down with tremendous force.

The moment the sword’s tip penetrated the serpent’s body, a destructive spirit explosion surged from the island in all directions. With the small island as its epicentre, formidable tidal waves surged across the ocean.

With a crack, the island was suddenly split into pieces. As for the Demon Serpent that had a sword pierced into its death acupoint, its tail gave off an unyielding spirit, smashing everything in its surroundings as it flailed about.

Yuan Chu was bleeding from the corner of her mouth but still, her and her phantom above her stood tall and motionless like a lofty mountain as they pinned it down with their swords.

After three breaths, the Demon Serpent let out a long cry and its head that had been held up high, fell down heavily. It had finally died.

After escaping with much difficulty, it was killed before it could wreak havoc in the human world. That huge resentment turned into black smoke that dissipated and its serpent body disappeared, leaving behind a black core.

Yuan Chu lost all strength in her body and fell to the ground but Ye Chenyuan managed to catch her at the very last second.

“Master!” Ye Chenyuan was worried and wanted to tend to her injuries in spite of his own condition, but Yuan Chu stopped him.

She heaved a long sigh before looking at Ye Chenyuan weakly.

“It’s fine, I-I’m just exhausted.”

She caressed Ye Chenyuan’s face, a frown forming on her face, “Treat your wounds first, you look so ugly with this disfigurement.”

Saying this, she lost all strength in her hand and fainted.

“Master? Master!!”

Ye Chenyuan was torn with anxiety and quickly brought her into the Sky Pearl.

There was a spiritual spring inside the Sky Pearl that could nourish all living things. He jumped in together with Yuan Chu and the black smoke on his body dissipated. Yuan Chu’s frown gradually faded.

1. [1] 钧 (jūn) – Ancient unit of measurement
1 Jun = 30 Catties
1 Catty = 1.323 pounds / 0.6kg

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