TDCM Chapter 84: You’re the Most Honoured Person in the World

“Husband!!” Mu Jinrou’s voice was hoarse as she shouted but even after putting in great effort, she only managed to grab onto a corner of Hunyuan Demon Patriarch’s clothes and she could only look on helplessly as he slid down the Demon Serpent’s throat.

Tears immediately fell down her face.

How could she not know that Hunyuan Demon Patriarch was only using her? However, it was still a fact that he was the only person in this world that treated her well.

When she was young, ever since news of her Pure Yin Physique was exposed, her family had sold her to the Ye family. Her first husband didn’t love her and she didn’t get to see him often because he was the leader of the Empire’s Crown Prince’s guards. Even if she saw him, he treated her indifferently because he had only married her for her physique.

Later, he went missing together with the Crown Prince and her days became incomparably miserable. Ye family had then sold her to Hunyuan Demon Patriarch for benefits. After going round and round, she still couldn’t escape her fate of being treated as a commodity.

But what she didn’t expect was that she would finally receive protection from a demon. Although this demon had committed all manners of evil, although he looked strange and was only making use of her, she still felt grateful to him and truly treated him as her husband.

He was now dead, swallowed by the Demon Serpent he had tormented and reared. Could this be retribution?

At this thought, Mu Jinrou’s heart became hopelessly apathetic and she inadvertently loosened her grip.

“Don’t let go!”

Ye Chenyuan clenched his teeth as he said this. He was already finding it difficult to hold onto her because the Demon Serpent was currently shaking its head vigorously and if she were to let go, she would be done for.

“Hold on for a while longer!”

His expression was tense, “I’ll bring you out!”

Mu Jinrou froze when she heard Ye Chenyuan’s words. She looked up, her cries forgotten.

The muscles in the Demon Serpent’s throat had twisted around the bottom half of her body and this immense pulling power could very possibly drag Ye Chenyuan in with her.

Moreover, the Demon Serpent’s blood had corrosive properties and although Ye Chenyuan protected himself with spiritual energy, blood still trickled down his sword from where he had pierced the Demon Serpent’s mouth and the moment it touched him, a black hole was burned onto the back of his hand.

Even so, he refused to let go. He clearly didn’t have to take this risk, he would be able to leave if he just let go of her!

“W-Why?” Mu Jinrou choked out as she looked at him. She had already told him that she wasn’t his mother, why was he risking his life to save her?

Ye Chenyuan understood what she was trying to say but he remained silent. In any case, this woman had taken care of him for the first five years of his life so regardless of what her identity was, or her stance on things, he couldn’t just watch her die.

At this moment, Yuan Chu was also feeling very anxious and to save Ye Chenyuan, she took out twelve flying swords and blocked the Demon Serpent’s path.

The Demon Serpent was trapped in the sword array but the evil aura that it emitted was too pressing and Yuan Chu was actually unable to get close!

“Little Yuan, are you alright?”

Yuan Chu’s anxious voice travelled over but Ye Chenyuan was unable to reply. To buy time for Ye Chenyuan, Venerable Li worked together with Yuan Chu to attack the Demon Serpent, striking it with his divine sense.

After a huge quake, the Demon Serpent’s hold on Mu Jinrou seemed to have loosened and seeing this, Ye Chenyuan did everything he could to drag Mu Jinrou out, the veins on his arm popping out.

But at this moment, she started to cry as she said, “Give it up. Even if you save me, I won’t tell you who your birth father is!”

Telling him meant that her own son would probably die and Mu Jinrou didn’t want to hurt anyone, or to even hurt one more person.

Besides, Hunyuan Demon Patriarch had been her emotional support for many years and the collapse of this pillar, coupled with her weak character, brought about a death-wish in her.

Rather than living and having to face Ye Chenyuan with a guilty conscience, it’ll be better for her to die.

It was then that Ye Chenyuan finally spoke.

“It’s fine even if you don’t tell me!”

He gritted his teeth and dragged Mu Jinrou out a little more, pulling out the sword in his hand and stabbing it forward with all his might. The serpent’s red blood fell on his exquisite God-like face and immediately burned it, leaving gaping wounds on his face.

He spoke, pausing after every word.

“I’m indebted to you for raising me, I’ll look after you for the rest of your life!” It was that simple.

With this one sentence, Mu Jinrou’s eyes turned red again and she suddenly started to cry loudly, crying and laughing. Although the lower half of her body was bound by the muscles in the Demon Serpent’s throat, although she could very well be dying in the next second, she could still laugh, only that her tears were falling like pearls on a broken string.

For so many years, she had never met a good husband. She had only taken care of Ye Chenyuan because her then husband had made her swear to look after him no matter what.

But because she had lost her own son because of Ye Chenyuan, she did hate and resent him before. But at times, she had also truly loved him dearly because he had been clever and sensible since he was young and knew to be filial towards her and take care of her.

As for her, the vow she wasn’t able to hear from any man, she actually heard from this adopted son of hers whom she owed too much to.

Her heart was filled with complex feelings but in the next second, because the serpent had smashed the lower half of her body, she spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Little Yuan.”

In the end, she reached out her other hand towards him, her eyes filled with tears, a sad smile on her face.

“Did you know? Both men that I’ve married are not good husbands. I’ve also given birth to an ingrate that refused to acknowledge me because he thinks that I’m a disgrace. He had visited the Ye family before but he refused to even spare me a glance.”

Ye Chenyuan had managed to haul Mu Jinrou to the edge of the Demon Serpent’s teeth and he hooked its sharp fang as he exerted all his strength.

A bit more, just a bit more and he’d be able to bring her out!

“Little Yuan.”

Mu Jinrou let out a soft laugh. She didn’t expect that just before her death, she’d be able to see someone work so desperately to save her, treat her like she was someone precious and be willing to take care of her for the rest of her life. She suddenly felt like this was a worthy death. From the power in the lower half of her body, she could sense that the Demon Serpent had already digested Hunyuan Demon Patriarch and that it was rapidly healing from its injuries. Once it recovers, no one here would be its match.

At this thought, she gazed intently at Ye Chenyuan who refused to give up on her despite the dangers, and a gentle smile emerged on the corners of her mouth.

“Remember, you’re the most honoured person in this world, you’re the Empire’s eldest imperial grandson! The one favoured by the Gods! That son of mine isn’t worthy to take your place.”

All her life, she had been unwilling to hurt anyone. Her whole life, she had been bound by chains, without the freedom to act as she wished. But in this moment, she suddenly didn’t feel like caring about blood relations or someone else’s life anymore. She just wanted to make amends to the only person in this world who was willing to give up his life for her.

So before Ye Chenyuan had time to react, she used her spiritual energy to shake off his hand.

In front of Ye Chenyuan’s terrified gaze, she took out a pitch-black round bead and clasped it in the palm of her hands as she closed her eyes.

At the very last second, a thought flashed in her mind. How great would it be if she really had such a good son.

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