TDCM Chapter 83: Another Child Must Not Be Harmed

Venerable Li initially felt like he’d been put on the spot but he breathed a sigh of relief upon seeing that Ye Chenyuan knew how to differentiate between good and evil. It was fortunate that although Ye Chenyuan was sentimental, he still knew how to distinguish between right and wrong.

On the other side, both Yuan Chu and Hunyuan Demon Patriarch had exerted their full strength.

However, Hunyuan Demon Patriarch cultivated evil magic and his foundation wasn’t as stable as Yuan Chu’s so it wasn’t long before his body was full of wounds.

“D*mn it” Hunyuan Demon Patriarch’s snake tail had also received many injuries and from it, came a foul fishy smell that filled the whole air.

Although Yuan Chu looked relaxed, her face was slightly pale. However, she acted as flamboyant as before, saying loudly as she laughed, “This is the limit of your capabilities?”

Hearing the fighting and screams that came from below, Yuan Chu said with ill will, “Look, your snake sons and grandsons are all about to be killed!”

Her words caused the burst of anger in Hunyuan Demon Patriarch’s heart to reach its peak. Today, even if he had to risk his life, he will drag this d*mn girl to hell for destroying everything!

So he used his blood as a sacrifice and there was a red flash of light. He was instantly wrapped up in the strange red colour and enclosed in the red light, he fully turned into a snake.

Giant eyes opened to reveal fury in its bloody pupils and the black snake spoke.

“I’ll devour you!!”

Its huge fangs shot towards her at a speed that was even faster than teleportation. Yuan Chu was flustered and in the next second, it had bitten down on her. Faced with this imminent peril, she propped open the snake’s mouth with her magic treasure but she choked on the stench that attacked her nostrils.

The giant snake twisted around in the sky like a dragon before realising that it was unable to swallow her. In a last ditch effort, it used a forbidden technique to enlarge itself even further.

In the next second, it let out a roar and Yuan Chu was caught off guard and swallowed into its belly.


Ye Chenyuan was about to make a move when Venerable Li stopped him, “Hold on! Little Chu is fine!”

As if in response to his words, the giant snake didn’t even have time to be pleased before it suddenly started to howl.

Its stomach started to swell, growing increasingly larger and heavier. Finally, it fell out of the sky and viciously smashed onto the island.

The people that had been fighting suffered a disaster. Ye Chenyuan immediately grabbed Mu Jinrou and went over, only to see the giant snake writhing on the ground and in the next second, its stomach was cut open and a giant girl walked out of the snake’s body.

“Sure enough” Venerable Li looked at the giant Yuan Chu who had suddenly become many times larger and couldn’t help but to say, “I had previously sensed that her fighting style was very familiar. It’s as I expected! Little Chu isn’t cultivating Myriad Sword Sect’s Wind and Fire Essence Technique, but Myriad Power Vajra Incantation!”

Having emerged from its body, Yuan Chu stepped on the black snake. She was currently as large as the black snake. This scene of a fairy-like child with a hideous black snake was shocking indeed.

The sword in her hand had also enlarged with her and the black snake that had a large hole on its stomach struggled for a while before it gradually stopped moving. With a twist of her sword, Yuan Chu aimed for its heart.

“Die! Scum!”

She wielded her sword angrily, but it was then that she heard a sharp cry.


It was Mu Jinrou.

Yuan Chu halted her actions. It wasn’t because she thought highly of Mu Jinrou, but because Mu Jinrou had taken out a sword and placed it at Ye Chenyuan’s neck.

Not just Yuan Chu, Ye Chenyuan was also dumbfounded. Although he was heavily wounded, Mu Jinrou still wouldn’t be able to do anything to him. He was just baffled by Mu Jinrou’s actions.

“Let it go! Otherwise I’ll kill him!”

After Mu Jinrou said this, Hunyuan Demon Patriarch became small again due to exhaustion. He returned to his human form and Yuan Chu also became small again, the sword in her hand never once leaving Hunyuan Demon Patriarch.

“Go on, I’ll see if you dare to kill him!”

Yuan Chu’s sword pierced into Hunyuan Demon Patriarch’s chest and he let out a groan, unable to avoid it.

“One is your son, one is your current husband. I don’t believe that you’ll really kill him!”

Yuan Chu felt confident because of this fact, even tigers wouldn’t devour their cubs! Not to mention such a weak person like Mu Jinrou.

Mu Jinrou became worried when she saw that Hunyuan Demon Patriarch was really about to die and that Yuan Chu wasn’t the slightest bit threatened by her. She suddenly said something that stunned everyone.

“You’re wrong! Ye Chenyuan isn’t my child!”

“What?!” Yuan Chu’s eyes were wide open. Ye Chenyuan’s hands were clenched into fists, no one could know what he was currently feeling.

Yuan Chu couldn’t contain her curiosity, “Then whose child is he?!”

Mu Jinrou said nervously, “I can’t tell you, I’ve already harmed one child, I c-can’t harm another!”

Yuan Chu was on edge. Moreover, this scene was something that had never appeared in the original story line! In the original version, Mu Jinrou had died not long after Ye Chenyuan found her, so how could there have been such an unexpected situation like finding out that Ye Chenyuan wasn’t her biological child?!

“Speak! Otherwise I’ll kill this snake!”

“No-” the hand that Mu Jinrou held at Ye Chenyuan’s neck trembled, “I can’t, I can’t hurt that child! Let go of my husband, or else I’ll really kill him!”

Yuan Chu frowned, but before she could speak, the earth suddenly quaked.

An evil aura filled the air and the Hunyuan Sect disciples that were still alive suddenly shouted and desperately ran towards the outside.

“Oh no! Ancestor has escaped!”


Just as Yuan Chu recalled what that was, a black shadow rushed towards her.

“Master, watch out!” Saying this, Ye Chenyuan pushed Mu Jinrou’s sword away, dashed towards Yuan Chu and threw himself at her.

At the same time, the black shadow grabbed Hunyuan Demon Patriarch in its mouth before turning to leave.

“It’s the Demon Serpent!”

It was only then that Yuan Chu recovered from her shock. It must’ve been their fighting just now and the Kun’s collision with the islet that loosened the barrier that imprisoned the Demon Serpent, allowing it to escape.

They must not let it escape! A rank seven Demon Serpent was equivalent to late stage Nascent Soul, which was very close to Astral Realm! If it managed to escape, it would definitely wreak havoc in the human world after it recovers from its injuries.

“No!!” Unexpectedly, Mu Jinrou was the first to rush out, and with courage that no one knew the origins of, she used a fishnet-like magic treasure to net the Demon Serpent.

But how could Mu Jinrou pin it down?

The Demon Serpent twisted its huge serpent head and swallowed Hunyuan Demon Patriarch, biting into Mu Jinrou at the same time.

It was at that moment that Ye Chenyuan suddenly made his move, using Thousand Silk Poison Insect to bind Mu Jinrou before leaping over and grabbing her hand just as she was about to be swallowed by the serpent.

His other hand was on his sword that had grown longer and was propping the serpent’s upper and lower jaws. However, the serpent’s tongue had coiled around Mu Jinrou and Ye Chenyuan was unable to pull her out even after putting his full strength into it.

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  1. Not so surprising for his so called mother was a fake all along… a phoenix cannot bear a mere bird.. for an outstanding individual like Ye Chenyuan, it’s definitely a product of some weird godlike parents.

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