TDCM Chapter 82: A Strange Meeting Between Mother And Son

The demon concealing array had just been completely destroyed. The array that could trap even Astral Realm cultivators and had helped Hunyuan Sect to remain hidden for a few hundred years without getting caught. The stone array’s golden rays flashed once before breaking to pieces. Without this array, Hunyuan Sect’s good days have come to an end!

Seeing that the islet was exposed, all the other Hunyuan Sect members who hadn’t dared to come out and had been hiding in the buildings, trembled with fear. Hunyuan Demon Patriarch couldn’t care less about getting tangled up with Ye Chenyuan anymore and he promptly burst out of the water. He wanted to see who it was that dared to destroy the foundations of his Hunyuan Sect.

Not long after the islet emerged, Wan Feng and Wan Ling’er arrived with Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom’s soldiers and surrounded the islet.

When Wan Ling’er saw Yuan Chu, who had resumed her own appearance, she shouted happily, “Yuan Chu, our Patriarch and the honoured Nascent Soul from the neighbouring kingdom have confined the first elder and second elder. I’m here to give you a helping hand and attack their lair!”

Yuan Chu gave her a small smile, “You’re just in time!”

She pointed at the scums that were afraid to come out and were hiding in the building. She said with a sneer, “I hope that you can dispose of those things, in case they dirty my hands!”

Wan Feng didn’t expect Yuan Chu to look so young but after knowing her actual strength, he treated her with reverence and respect, “Yes, many thanks to your honour for coming to our aid, I’ll kill them now.”

“I’ll see who dares to do so!” A black figure emerged from the water and the snake’s long tail created a large wave that crashed towards them. Yuan Chu blocked it with a barrier before putting her hands on her hips.

“Why wouldn’t I dare to do so? Wait and see, I’ll let you witness with your own eyes, all of your subordinates getting slaughtered!”

Hunyuan Demon Patriarch gasped in shock when he sensed Yuan Chu’s frightening aura. That was because he had recognised Yuan Chu’s bone age with one glance and realised that she was only ten!

Where did such a monster come from?!

But now wasn’t the time for hesitation, especially when he saw the tied up Mu Jinrou behind Yuan Chu, his snake-like eyes became vertical slits!

“I’ll kill you!”

Saying this, he went all out and charged at Yuan Chu.

Yuan Chu told Wan Feng coldly, “Leave this old monster to me. There’s many women and b*stards on the island. I’ll leave them to you.”

“Yes!” Wan Feng moved swiftly. Although the other party was very scary, he felt very safe with Yuan Chu here. Instead, it was the Hunyuan Sect members who were terrified when they saw that they had been surrounded.

But at this point in time, they were unable to escape and had no choice but to fight to the death. The islet was soon filled with sounds of fighting. Wan Ling’er took this chance to rescue the women that had been confined.

Hunyuan Demon Patriarch was furious when he saw the chaos on the islet. He wanted to grab Mu Jinrou who was behind Yuan Chu, because the island could no longer be saved. If he also lost Mu Jinrou, without her Pure Yin Physique to aid him in suppressing the evil aura, he would experience Qi deviation.

However, with Yuan Chu’s tyrannical power, he was stopped time and again.

“Husband” Mu Jinrou tried her best to struggle free from Yuan Chu’s restraints but was unable to and could only look at them with tears running down her face. At this moment, Ye Chenyuan broke out of the water and Yuan Chu’s eyes lit up. He’s just in time for her to throw this troublesome woman to him.

“Little Yuan Yuan, catch!”

A woman was thrown at Ye Chenyuan the moment he surfaced. He reached out to catch her and was dumbfounded when he finally saw who that person was.


Mu Jinrou’s mind had been on Hunyuan Demon Patriarch and she was stunned when she saw Ye Chenyuan.


Immediately, she started to cry even harder. She still had affection for Ye Chenyuan who was very lovable and knew to take care of her when he was just four or five years old. For the past few years, although she had been living quite well, she had thought of this child many times.

It’s a pity that although Hunyuan Demon Patriarch spoiled her, but for some reason, he refused to bring Ye Chenyuan over. Now that she finally met him, he had actually grown into an elegant and beautiful young man.

Without a second thought, Hunyuan Demon Patriarch flew towards them once he saw Mu Jinrou in Ye Chenyuan’s hands, but he was stopped by Yuan Chu.

“Your opponent is me, where are you running off to? En?”

Hunyuan Demon Patriarch knew that he was currently at a disadvantage. Not only was he surrounded, a very powerful person was also in command.

In the air, he said through gritted teeth, “Whatever benefit Phoenix Dynasty Kingdom gave you, I’ll double it. As long as you return that woman to me and let us leave!”

Yuan Chu gave him a mocking smile when she heard his words, “Although I’m a money grubber, I do not want anything from you, it’s dirty!”

Seeing that discussions were out of the question, a murderous look flashed in Hunyuan Demon Patriarch’s eyes and their fight continued.

Seeing that the powerful Hunyuan Demon Patriarch was in a rather disadvantaged position, Mu Jinrou became anxious. She tugged on Ye Chenyuan.

“Yuan er, Yuan er, can you go and save my husband? He has treated me very well and if it weren’t for him, I would’ve died a long time ago!”

Ye Chenyuan didn’t expect that his mother would ask him to save a demon, but he could also understand it when he looked at things from her point of view. After all, Mu Jinrou had a very weak character and would devote herself to anyone who treated her well. So although Hunyuan Demon Patriarch was making use of her, she still hoped that Ye Chenyuan would save him.

She could be ignorant, but Ye Chenyuan couldn’t.

“Mother, I can’t save him.”

Mu Jinrou’s cries ceased, “W-Why?”

Ye Chenyuan’s expression was grim, “Because it is second nature for Hunyuan Demon Patriarch to kill sadistically. If I save him, the spirits of the women that he murdered wouldn’t be able to rest in peace.”

“You!” Mu Jinrou glared at him angrily, “Yuan er, are you not even going to listen to mother’s words?”

She grabbed onto Ye Chenyuan tightly, “He was the one who saved me! I don’t care how he treats others but he has saved your mother’s life! As my son, shouldn’t you repay him?!”

Venerable Li couldn’t help roasting her, “Little Yuan, are you sure that this is your mother? Is she sick? It’s obvious that Hunyuan Demon Patriarch had used her body to refine his evil aura but she actually looks like she whole-heartedly adores him! I think she’s very sick.”

Ye Chenyuan didn’t say anything. Mu Jinrou was slightly annoyed to see that Ye Chenyuan didn’t move.

“Fine, since you refuse to help me, I-I’ll go save him myself!”

For the past few years, in order to increase Mu Jinrou’s effectiveness, Hunyuan Demon Patriarch had piled magic treasures on her to make her reach Foundation Building. Seeing Mu Jinrou move towards him, Ye Chenyuan grabbed onto her.

Mu Jinrou thought that Ye Chenyuan had changed his mind and was delighted but she turned around only to see Ye Chenyuan’s exceedingly cold gaze.

“You can’t go.”


Ye Chenyuan had a firm grip on Mu Jinrou’s hand. He had a perplexed expression on his face but his gaze was especially resolute.

“Because, he’s the person that my master wants to kill!”

Mu Jinrou was dumbfounded by this. So, that strange Nascent Soul girl in the sky was Ye Chenyuan’s master?!

1. That ‘er’ (儿) is just a term of endearment, similar to the ‘Little’ (小) in “Little Yuan”

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  1. I really hate her but at the same time I can understand her actions? Very few people will actually bother with the sufferings of others if they can live a peaceful life themselves.

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